Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Interweb

I truly believe that many of society's problems are tied to the internet.
Instead of one on one, eye to eye contact, people tend to take the easy way out, and interact with each other on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and so on, and so on.
I do love the fact that I can communicate on a daily basis with my daughter, who lives seven hours away, and only comes back home twice a year.
I long for the day, when we used to interact in person. I prefer to look into a person's eyes, and read their body language, as compared to an abbreviated message typed out on a keyboard.
I believe that by utilizing the internet, as our main means of communication, we have become a society of suspicious minds. Everyone is a "stalker", or has ulterior motives, or really is not your friend at all.
When I got back on Facebook in July, I had 283 friends. Today I have 391. That is quite an increase in only three months. I did not do this by sending out a thousand "friend" requests. No, the majority of those 108, were added because I ran into them in the flesh.
A case in point; I was at a bargain store and saw a guy, who looked amazingly like a guy that I went to Jr. High school with. I approached him and asked if he was "Tuna". When he replied that he was not, we struck up a conversation, went and had lunch and exchanged phone numbers and Facebook requests.
We communicate via Facebook because he lives in Florida and I up here. So, as with the situation with my daughter, we can touch base over the internet. So, it is not all bad.
Back to those 391 "friends". I would feel safe in saying that a major majority of them are not true friends, but acquaintances. I wonder how many of our "friends" would come to offer us aid, if our life took a nose dive. Not that many.
I found this out, when my life took that nose dive two years ago. And, yes, it wasn't that many.
I think, that if things turned bad for me today, those few would be multiplied 10 times. I even would bet that "Tuna" would, in some way, lend a hand. I know that I would do my best to lend a hand up to Rob Yates, because Rob Yates is my friend.