Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Went To A Nail-d Concert Tonight And...

...all I got was a tee shirt, a signed CD and a renewal of my faith that Jesus Christ is my personal savior. In other words, their message came across.

I just have to add a tune. Since nail-d has no videos yet, I'll go with this "heavy metal" favorite of mine.

Salisbury Festival: The Sound of Music.

Last night at the 29th annual Salisbury Festival, I (again) witnessed Salisbury's own version of the von Trapp Family. That would be the von Robins family.
Around 1978, Stan Robins and his brother, Bart, joined with two others to form the band Picnic. According to the 33 year old cassette tape of the band's performance, they were heavily influenced by the likes of Poco, Firefall and Pure Prairie League to name a few.
Last night, the re-formed band that includes Stan, his son, Matt, former member Ted(?) and a twenty-something bass player have expanded their play list quite considerably.
During the two 1 hour sets, the new line-up played anything from Counting Crows to Billy Idol. At one point, they had no less than five family members on stage to do a raising version of the Bangles "Walk Like An Egyptian".
My favorite part was when Matt relinquished his drum kit to his Uncle Bart for a few songs. I was hoping that one of them would be "Amie" by PPL.
It was.

Update: The original line-up for Picnic around 1978 was Ted Hogue on guitar and pedal steel, Dave Hudak on bass, Bart Robins on drums, Stan Robins on guitars, banjo and fiddle and Rick Abel on the soundboard.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Blast From The Past.

Back in the 1960s, whenever one of my great aunts or my grandmother celebrated a birthday, the bash was held at the Tidewater Inn in downtown Easton. Half of the family lived in Washington,D.C. and the other half lived in Delaware. It was the perfect halfway point to meet.
Last night, a fellow music blogger(Tim) and I made the one hour journey to see Hot Tuna at the Avalon Theatre. We had a nice meal at the Tidewater Inn and only had to walk across the street to see Hot Tuna kick off their 2011 CD Release Show. Let it be known that the "Hippie Movement" is still going strong, although a tad slower. The guy sitting next to us was a businessman from Chicago who was in D.C. for the week and made the drive over to catch the show. He told me that he was at the Filmore East in '69 when Hot Tuna performed there for the first time.
I would have to say that everyone, including the band, had a blast!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

STAY !!!!!!!

"The richest person in the world is not the person who has the most, but the person who needs the least".

Today's Thought.

(Actually, this has to be my every day thought.)

Down is bad. Up is good.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

How To Cook The Perfect Rib-Eye On The Grill.

Cook each side for 5:37 until done.


atgr's dilemma.

I hate it when I can't think of the word that I want!

I am looking for a not oft used word that means the same as "the real thing". As if Biden was ACTUALLY running things and no one knew.

It will come to me in time.

Until then, here is the real anthem or theme song of this blog. Sorry Neil.

Stop Living in the Desert.

He is Risen!

The Rising.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Oh, By The Way, I Almost Forgot. It's Earth Day...


What is a "Golden Necktie" and...

*** Reposted from July 6,2009. This was three weeks before my "resurrection".

... what does it have to do with "paranormal prosopopoeia"?
Probably nothing, but my mother whispered it a few minutes ago. She whispers things every now and then and I don't think anything of it. She told me that she does not do it consciously, it just comes out. "Golden Necktie" was the second whispering that I heard today. The first one was the one that still freaks me out.

***What I am about to tell you is the absolute truth. I may be guilty of embellishment on several occasions while writing a post if it adds something to the story, but I have never made anything up or outright lied on this blog for the sake of ratings(LOL) or for sheer thrill factor. I may not be a perfect person, but one thing that I am not is a liar***

This morning when I was previewing You Tube guitar cover solos from the song "Aqualung",
I heard the following words whispered: "Chester the Molester". If anyone reading this does not know the lyrics to this Jethro Tull song, then I urge you to stop and google them.
When I got home from work I asked my mother if she had ever heard of Jethro Tull , the song "Aqualung", or the phrase "Chester the Molester". I knew the answer before I asked her: No.

I am not a person that believes in an afterlife. I believe that when you die that is it. Maybe I should rethink my preconceived notion.

What happened this morning could be explained in several normal ways. I mulled them over in my mind all day at work(I don't have a job that requires much thought).

1) Maybe I have gone off the deep end and have started hearing things. This was the worst case scenario. "Golden Necktie" confirmed that I am not suffering from schizophrenia, even though I may be a tad insane.
2) Maybe this morning's whisper was just a coincidence. If it was a coincidence that she muttered that phrase while listening to only the guitar solo from "Aqualung"(what are the chances: 1 in a billion), then maybe I should ask her for the Power Ball numbers for Wednesday.
3) Or just maybe... the only person that could be channeling through my mother that is related,
knows that guitar solo and from what song (and the lyrics to said song) and was known to me to use that phrase on occasion ...was my brother!

Is it possible that I have been wrong all this time about the nonexistence of an afterlife?
Is it possible that my brother was "here" this morning and just letting me know that "we" do live on in spirit after our body is no longer?

As usual, I must post a video to connect to the text. The following song and it's meaning has always been a puzzle to me. Bro, if you are out there, can you ask Jerry to send me the answer through a whisper(we'll be listening)?

early eagles.

Watch Eagles - Doolin-Dalton/Desperado in Music  |  View More Free Videos Online at

In My Place.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cryptic Crosswoad.


novum do vobis ut diligatis invicem sicut dilexi vos."

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yeah....... What He Said (pt. two).

Yeah....... What He Said.

The orchestral version.

The freaky version.

The shitty version.

Working Class Hero.

Food Lion lost one of it's finest this morning.
He was the cheerful, elderly, spry black gentleman that would always bag my groceries whenever I was in the Fruitland store. He would always provide commentary as to what he was doing.

"Now, I'm gonna put your cold items with your cold items in this bag. And, your cookies, I'm gonna bag them separately".

They say that he would arrive to work an hour before clocking in and sit and read his bible.

"If there was ever anybody who deserved a ticket to the other side, it would be that sweet old man".

Friday, April 15, 2011

Rod the Mod.

iConcerts Rok!

For Bluezy.

I have posted this on a couple of occasions, but I don't know if Bluezy was visiting me at the time. If so, it is always worth a second look in my opinion. Enjoy!

I know that I have never posted this Toto original here. This is very good.

To Another Day.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This Just In...

All that other shit that is consuming your life, if you let it-ZERO...

Part Three- My Great Grandfather:The Shortstop...

Baltimore American...Sunday,October 23,1910

During his younger days he was an enthusiastic
admirer of baseball and later wrote a history of
the game as played in the early days.He held many
offices in baseball associations, being at one time
president of the combined associations of the state.
He played shortstop on the Pastime Club,which played
match games frequently with the Washington Club.

Part Two- My Great Grandfather:The Civil War Years...

Baltimore American...Sunday, October 23, 1910. Hung to a Lamp Post Another honor attached to his name was that he was the direct descendant of Reuben Meriwether, signer of the Leeds Declaration of Independence, and also of Col. Nicholas Greenberry, one of the first colonial governors of the colony of Maryland. He had also been secretary or president of many historical societies. During the Civil War Colonel Griffith was employed in secret service work for the Southern Confederacy. At one time during the war he was hung to a lamp post and cut down by a policeman.This occurred in Baltimore.

Part One- My Great Grandfather:The Filibuster...

The following is an excerpt from my Great Grandfather's obituary that appeared in the October 23, 1910 edition of the Baltimore American.

Was a Crack Shot
At the age of 19 Colonel Griffith
became one of William Walker's
men,"the greatest of all filibusters",
who undertook the heroic and fruitless
expedition to Nicaragua in 1855.
Shortly after his arrival in the
Central America state he was
appointed assistant to General
Fisher,who was commissary
general of the army.He participated
in all of the principal battles, and
became famous as a "crack shot".
His strong constitution withstood
an attack of yellow fever and cholera,
which sent hundreds of his comrades to
their graves.Later he went to New York,
where he was delegated to open a
recruiting station.On his arrival he
learned that Walker had died.The
young filibuster could not become
reconciled to the tame and simple life,
so he embarked to Kansas,where he
entered the general merchandise business.
Afterward he was one of the six men who
opened the town of Osawatomie,Kan.,
the name which became famous as the
nickname of John Brown,the abolitionis

That's Entertainment!

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The "ME" Generation.

The average age of our representatives in Congress is probably the same age as me. Senators come in at 60 years old and House members at 55. I would say that their average year of birth was 1955. That's damn near me.

What in the hell has happened to us?

We were given everything that we wanted. Our parents saw to it. They were "The Greatest Generation". They sacrificed so much between 1941 and 1945 to assure that us children lived in a free and prosperous society.

What in the hell will happen to us?

We are in the process of leaving our children a bill that they can't pay.

Come on classmates. We can do better than this.

On Shutting Down The Government.

Shut down the government. I don't give a rat's ass!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Summer of '69.

Name That Drummer?

I Miss Me Some P.D.

I miss the topical posts.
I miss the heated discussions.
I miss the "art of debate".
I miss the craziness.
I miss the characters involved.
I miss the spirit.

"But spirit is something that no one destroys".

to whom it may concern:

Time for a Change: Boda, Cohen & Mitchell.

I believe that the best three choices on Tuesday, and going forward, are these three individuals.
I have never paid city taxes to Salisbury. Of the three homes that I have owned since 1979, not one was in the city limits. The first on was on Regency Drive, which is a county "island" (I had city water/private septic).
The second property had a Hebron postal zip code, although it was actually closer to Salisbury than my current 21801 address.

I grew up in the Camden area on North Clairmont Drive. Most of my good friends lived north of me on Camden Avenue/Smith Street. Their parents were not rich by any means; they were all working class stiffs. All the rich kids lived in Tony Tank or in the Woodland Road area. Their parents were the "movers and shakers", so to speak. This new council will give us the diversity of opinion that this city has lacked for many years.

The #1 problem, as everyone knows, is crime. If we can get a handle on that issue, all else will fall into place. I feel that a council composed of Campbell, Cohen, Boda, Mitchell and (even) Shields will do the right thing for the city.