Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Uh...thats a firebird, non-reverse, not an sg"...

I don't know a Gibson from a Fender, but I do know what I like.
In addition to liking many, many YouTube videos, I also like to read the comments that accompany them.


"Buddy has so much fun playing Carlos's SG! Gate is great! Thanks for posting."

"Uh...thats a firebird, non-reverse, not an sg. And I know it's just me but do the horn players just ruin this?"

"Yes, I agree about the horns."


afterthegoldrush said...

Actually, it was that annoying organ that I could do without.

Twirling Towards Freedom said...

Youtube commentary is a whole secondary echelon of entertainment. I love it.

afterthegoldrush said...

I am glad that someone else appreciates it!

Tim Chaney said...

I'm pretty sure Carlos plays a Yamaha, that's what he was playing when I saw him and it looks just like that.

Hey I was on my way home from work and heard you answer the question and wing the new Hendrix CD. Good job!

Tim Chaney said...

Opps win*

Tim Chaney said...

The guitar he's playing here is a Paul Reed Smith custom. The bird inlays on the neck give it away.

afterthegoldrush said...

That is cool that you heard me!
Also, thanks for the identification on that guitar, buddy!

swampcritter2 said...

Carlos put PRS on the map.Paul Smith had to beg Carlos to try out his guitar. Carlos said OK, the rest is history. Now they're made in China.