Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spoken Word @ 5:28

Tomorrow, I must go to WCSSD to apply for medical assistance (Medicaid) for my mom. I was told today that that process may take months. In the meantime, Medicare will no longer pay for her stay at Coastal Hospice and they charge $220 per day. My only hope is that a nursing facility will accept her while the application is being processed. If not, I am expected to take a terminally ill person, who is not ambulatory and at times does not even recognize me, back into my home. I am not qualified, nor am I physically/emotionally able to take on this 24/7 task. A country that cares more about a dollar than it's elderly is not a country that I want to grow old in. Enough said.

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citymouse said...

You're going through some pretty difficult things right now... death isn't easy but especially when it's someone close to you. Your mother's physician or hospice should be able to help on some level. Ask for a social worker to work with. Take things one at a time. Hope things get better soon.