Thursday, March 11, 2010

40 Years Strong and Still The Best!


Blog Editor said...

Back when I was a single man {we used to carry 50-100 pounds of ice, back and forth, to school for no apparent reason}there were several summer acts I would see each year: before multi-act 'Fests.' They included Jimmy Buffet, Allman Bros, Grateful Dead and RUSH...anything on top {Pink Floyd//Eagles/Fleetwood Mac reunion} was gravy.

BTW..Sometimes, lately, I feel like Ize been tied to the whipping'h, been tied to the whiping post..and good lord, I feel like I am dying, lord, dying..

Tim Chaney said...

Live from the Filmore East is one of the best albums ever. The Whipping Post used to fry my brain.

Tim Chaney said...

I'm not too sure if it was this paricular night at the Filmore, but and older friend of mine was there and said the Dead came out and played from 8PM to 12Midnight.

Then The Allman Brothers came out and played until 5AM when the sun was coming up. Mountain Jam on the Eat a Peach album, was also recorded the night of the Filmore East recording, and that song is about seventy minutes or more.