Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spoken Word @ 5:28

Tomorrow, I must go to WCSSD to apply for medical assistance (Medicaid) for my mom. I was told today that that process may take months. In the meantime, Medicare will no longer pay for her stay at Coastal Hospice and they charge $220 per day. My only hope is that a nursing facility will accept her while the application is being processed. If not, I am expected to take a terminally ill person, who is not ambulatory and at times does not even recognize me, back into my home. I am not qualified, nor am I physically/emotionally able to take on this 24/7 task. A country that cares more about a dollar than it's elderly is not a country that I want to grow old in. Enough said.

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Forty-two Years Ago Today

And four years later, my number came up: December 19th is 365.

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40 Years Strong and Still The Best!

Update: The Larks

I went to Market Street Inn last night with the intentions of getting a bite to eat and to catch the first set of The Larks jazz band. I ended up closing the place down.
This band was so good that I kept telling myself, one more song and I've got to go. After all, I did have to get up at 5AM. That inner voice finally won out and persuaded me that "I can sleep when I am dead"!
The reason that I keep posting about and promoting my friend, Pete's band(s) is twofold. First, this is a music blog and second, I think that "good things should happen to good people". And Pete is good people.
As much as I like The Permilla Project(Pete's other band), The Larks are in a much better position to "make it" in the music business. The jazz genre is a smaller venue and thus has less competition. Good groups only need a "break" to get noticed. It is possible that The Larks may have gotten their "break" last night.
Sitting next to me at the bar, when she was not up grooving to the music, was the cousin of today's premier bassist, Christian McBride. Faye was so enthralled with the band, that she wants to send her cousin a sampling of their music. She told me that she thinks that it would be so great if Christian gave them an opening slot at one of his concerts. I think that it would be "good things".

Christian McBride (interview)

The Larks (live)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Classic Movie Scenes

I was only looking for the first scene and one of my favorite movie lines:

"All this time, I was afraid you'd find out I was irresponsible".

You would probably have had to seen the movie to appreciate the line.

Chestnut Mare

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Larks

This is another local group that I hope to hear "live" for the first time tomorrow night. Jazz is American in origination. I assume that Rap is also, but I don't do Rap.

The Larks will be playing "live" tomorrow night at Market Street Inn about 8:30ish. Bring a friend.

Life Update(s)

I had my "interview" that I spoke of yesterday. I have known the store manager for years, but I have never worked for him. Out of the 12 respondents, he chose 4 applicants to interview. He actually had a list of 20 questions that he asked me. It was akin to one of those internet personality quizzes. Q: What was the biggest failure in your life (and why)? A: Being a husband (It's not my daily chore to make someone else happy in life. That should come from within). Q: What was the biggest accomplishment in your life (and why)? A: Being a father (Have you met my daughter?!)
Some of the things that made me not want the job turned out to be hearsay. No, I did not have to work "open til close" several days a week to staff the department, nor was it impossible to ever get a weekend off. I could make the schedule as I saw fit, as long as "the work got done". As far as rate of pay goes, the company has a policy of only increasing a "step up" by 10-15%. I asked for 25%. If I am chosen, I will probably take it. I need to see some fresh faces anyway.

I had my first doctor's appointment since last June. They had finally computerized their office and for some reason I was not in their files. The good news is that I had my best readings(BP,cholesterol and sugar level) in the last 10 years. Maybe I am de-aging(I wish)? And the fact that I sometimes get numbness in the last two fingertips on my left hand is NOT heart related NOR life threatening. It is NOTHING but a nuisance that I can live with.

(Disclaimer: The following video(s) may or may not have anything to do with the post)


Monday, March 8, 2010

Rick Nelson

Just Say No!

Tomorrow, I have my interview to move back into management with the LLC that I have been affiliated with for 23 years. I have thought about the pros and cons of taking the job if offered and to be quite honest, I really can't find a pro besides more money. As a rank and filer, all I have to do is show up and give them an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. And with what they are paying me at the moment, that honest day's work does not require me to work up much of a sweat. I pretty much have it made right now. I am getting every 3rd weekend off, I do not have to do any computer bullshit, attend any bullshit meetings or be responsible for anyone but myself. I would be crazy to say yes!
Since I stepped down about a year ago, my life has changed in many ways. I will not elaborate, as the people that really know me know what I am talking about.
I guess the best way for me to say no without really saying no is to ask for an exorbitant amount of money. Watch the bastards give it to me!

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Lynyrd Skynyrd Ain't The Only One Pissed Off At Neil Young!

In late 1972, me and a couple of buddies traveled from Salisbury to the Baltimore Civic Center to see Neil Young perform. Earlier that year, Young had released "Harvest", which became the best selling album of 1972 and his show was a "Hot Ticket" at the time.
As soon as the show started, two guys in the front row kept pestering Neil to take a sip of whiskey from their bottle. Why those two idiots were not escorted out is beyond me, but after 20 minutes of harassing, Neil Young walked off the stage and did not return. So instead of one pissed off singer, there were many thousands of pissed off ticket buyers.
I have long ago forgiven Neil Young for not giving me my money's worth in 1972. I am not so sure about Lynyrd Skynyrd though.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New, Again!

I have just finished listening to Jimi Hendrix's VALLEYS OF NEPTUNE that will be released in the U.S. next Tuesday. I am not a music critic, but I can concur with one, Joe Bosso, when he states "...that one of the best albums of 2010 was recorded 40 years ago". He goes on to say..."To listen to Jimi Hendrix is a sensation that never gets old. As it is in all art forms, or even in sports for that matter, witnessing fantastically gifted people, wound up and at the peak of their powers and displaying feats of magic that we can only marvel at, fills the senses with all kinds of possibilities. Hendrix was one of those such people..."
I particularly like the final track and previously unreleased "Crying Blue Rain".

For Deadheads and Dylan Fans

This should cover just about everyone.

Were they breaking into another song at the end? I wonder what it was?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Hear My Train A Comin'"

Well, it appears that I will be the first kid on my block to have the new Jimi Hendrix CD.
I was the 15th and only correct caller to answer the BIG CLASSIC ROCK/98.5&103.5 trivia question as to who wrote and first performed the song "Hear My Train A Comin'".
It was in a way a trick question (as Ryan put it), but not for the kid that has the "Best Local Music Blog this side of the Wicomico River" AND access to the internet!
Actually, the song was also known as (by Hendrix) "Getting My Heart Back Together Again".

Public Service Announcement # 1

I just got an email from Blogger.cum stating that..."In order to comply with recent FCC changes pertaining to bloggers, you must insert a PSA once every 30 days". I certainly don't want to piss off the FCC (as my family has had a run in with them once before).
This should cover me until April.

"Uh...thats a firebird, non-reverse, not an sg"...

I don't know a Gibson from a Fender, but I do know what I like.
In addition to liking many, many YouTube videos, I also like to read the comments that accompany them.


"Buddy has so much fun playing Carlos's SG! Gate is great! Thanks for posting."

"Uh...thats a firebird, non-reverse, not an sg. And I know it's just me but do the horn players just ruin this?"

"Yes, I agree about the horns."

Monday, March 1, 2010

Classic Movie Scenes


Dorothy Moore

This song has been done by many artists, but no one can touch this lady.

"Misty Blue"