Saturday, January 30, 2010


What It's Like

This is a local Salisbury video. I agree with this woman's take about the idiots who go out in the middle of the snow storm to shop. If I did not have to work today, my ass would have been home. Well my ass is home now and I ain't goin' no where. I even canceled my prepaid pedicure at Designer's Edge. Those bastards refused to give me a refund. I guess that they expect me to risk my neck, just to make my toes purty. I'm writing an email to Joe Albero. I bet he will post it and get my damn $161 back!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010


Well some say life will beat you down
Break your heart, steal your crown
So I've started out, for God knows where
I guess I'll know when I get there

"She Threw Your Pictures Away".

kid Rock & Sheryl Crow - Picture

wangotango | MySpace Video

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I lost to a robot!(such is life)

I'm Sooo Bored!!!

I am so bored...How bored am I?
I am so bored that I am going to to play gin!

Crazy Good!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Same Old Same Old

I know that I have posted this video a couple times before and I really should not be doing reruns with all the good music available on the internet. But hey, this is my blog and I do what I want. I am feeling very nostalgic at the moment. I am freakin' fifty freakin' five years old! Where in the hell did the time go? If I had known that I was going to live so long, I would have taken better care of myself. I can hear my daughter now...There is no time like the present, so stop freakin' smoking! (I'm thinking about it). Actually, I am pretty cool with my age. It's the aging that sucks!
Here is to memories...past...present...and future.

Monday, January 25, 2010


This will have to suffice, until this old man receives instructions on how to capture a photo and put it on his blog. Some people think that I know about computers because I have a blog. A girl at work wanted to pay me to set up a website for her. I just laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed.
Until then, I have stolen this from my buddy Bill's site.
I have seen Permilla Project several times. They are worth the price of admission alone. I am interested in hearing Reconcile520 and Bluelight Special play. I understand that the latter does a mean cover of one of my favorite Cheap Trick songs!



Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's A Nice Day To Start Again...

I am off to church again for the first time in a week of Sundays.
Maybe I just need a tune-up.

Church was inspirational as always. Pastor Reid even used a musical reference(see below) in his sermon about God in the workplace. What are you working for besides a paycheck? Are you working to move up the ladder as a way of stating your self worth?
The most gratifying part of my job is my interaction with customers and fellow employees. I think that is what God wants me to do, thus that is what I do best.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's All Gray On The Inside

Is it just me, or does this man remind anyone else of the asthmatic, black kid on Malcolm in the Middle?
And before I get any "you're a racist" comments, let me say that I do not see color...
only character.
By the way, I think that Dr. Ben Carson is freakin' awesome and we are lucky to have him in our backyard!

***Comments Disabled***

Damn Plastic Packaging!

Well, I finally decided to "open" my Christmas present from my daughter. Oh, I removed the wrapping paper and my new wireless mouse has been sitting on my kitchen counter for over a month. Today, I had had enough of my sluggish wired mouse and decided that it was time to tackle the inevitable: opening that damn plastic packaging!
I have always said that if I could get my hands on the person who invented zip-lock bags or saran wrap, I would be doing 15-20 in the local slammer. After considerable mangling with a pair of scissors, flat head screwdriver and serrated kitchen knife, I finally "opened" my Christmas present. But not before first cutting my right index finger. This new wireless mouse is extremely sensitive. And with a band aid on my mousing finger, my web surfing experience is rather slow and awkward. It is like trying to eat soup after your dentist gives you a shot of novacaine. Blubbb...Blubbb!

Friday, January 22, 2010


* Rolling On Floor Pissing My Pants!

The Magic That Is Music!

I found this video on a friend's facebook page. Michelle and I grew up on the same street in Milford,DE. This is her daughter performing at Newark Idol '09. I think that she did a great job. It is a shame that they could not have cleaned up the background noise. Turn that brown hair blonde, and I see Michelle all over again.

Mackenzie Winn from drew cline on Vimeo.

Lonnie Mack

I have gone back to the "Bat Cave" for this post.
I inherited my late brother's cassette collection. Some factory models, but mostly
homemade tapes from his immense vinyl collection. His youngest daughter took possession of that. I only hope that she still has it and that she cherishes it.
Music was a much bigger part of his life than it is of mine.
The artist(not the song) comes from his recording of various artists, titled "Postmodern Blues".


Music is like a time machine: It can take you back many years to a more simple and peaceful time in your life. The trouble is that sometimes we don't realize what we have until it is long gone.
Thirty some years ago, I dated a girl named T.J. She was everything that a guy could hope for. Cute, smart and very ambitious. The only problem was me. For some odd reason, I started thinking that I was "missing" something. I grew unattentive and she eventually found someone else that gave her the attention that she deserved.
Don't get me wrong. I am not wishing that my life played out any differently than it did. Maybe life is like a sailboat on the water. You can steer it all you want, but the wind is going to take you were it takes you.
Every time I hear this song, I think of T.J. We both done good.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Check Out the Pixels On This Sucka!

Apparently, YouTube has made some changes in the way we view their videos.
Instead of just HD quality videos, you can now pick the # of pixels that suit your fancy and the size of the screen on which you view them. Not all videos come with this enhancement, but I will definitely add this criteria to my "Q.P.C." aka "quality posting checklist".
Check out this Allman Brother's tune. It's as if you are in the $100 seats!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back To The Music

(There are enough "political" blogs dotting the local blogosphere. I will get back to what I do best. One thing that I will not do is keep my head buried in the sand anymore. I have been non-participating for the last year or so, in regards to politics.
I don't know what one man can do, but I do know what one man can't do. And that is nothing.)

Today in 1964, Meet The Beatles! was released by Capitol Records. Even though it was touted as "The First" album by the Beatles, it was not. Ten days earlier, Vee-Jay Records released Introducing...The Beatles.

As I have stated before, my father owned a small c&w radio station in Delaware. He gave us kids all the rock 'n roll demo records that his station received, thus making us the trend setters on the block. So when the Beatles appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show three weeks later, we knew all the songs by heart.

"I Want To Hold Your Hand" and "I Saw Her Standing There" were the big hits from the Beatles second U.S. album, but I always liked the last song on side one best.

The Beatles Top Selling Single(12 million in sales).

B Side of previous song on Capitol Records(I guess that this could be considered the "Top selling Beatles flip side").

Mr. Brown Goes To Washington

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This is Priceless

I guess that we will all know soon enough. I may even put my retirement funds back into the stock market. I said may!

Robert Edward Lee

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

"Your Word" Game

I started this game on facebook.

If you aren't a "facer", you can find out "Your Word" by following these instructions:
(If you are you can check out my page for instructions by searching "Ridgely"~I think that my name pops up numero uno).

1) Take the last three numbers of your birth year and reverse them.
2) Turn to that page in the dictionary.
3) Add the month and day of your birth and divide by two.
4) Count down this many words and you will find "Your Word".

My word was EXEMPLIFICATIVE, meaning "providing an example". Hey, I try, I try!

Here is another "fun" game from the sixties, with a favorite show of mine from the same era. Hey ya'll, you have to realize that I found my word on page 459 in the dictionary!

It's a Beautiful far!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Money is worth nothing right now. Water is the new currency".
-Aid worker in Haiti

Teddy P.

I remember Teddy Pendergrass from the early 1970s when he was part of Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. When I heard the news this morning that he had passed away at the age of 59, I could not believe that he was that young. Or, it could be that I am just getting old too fast. I did have a customer today that remarked that I was "well preserved" for my age. Hmmm? must be all the beer.
Rest in peace, Teddy. Thanks for all the years!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hold The Presses!

It wasn't Zsa Zsa. It was Dyan Cannon who had the cat in her lap. The clip is unavailable, but she is obviously remembering the "petting" here:

We will be right back, after this word from our sponsors.


Which one of the four words does not belong in this group and why?


God, Help Us All

According to latest reports, it is possible that upwards of 500,000 may have perished in Haiti.

Urban Myth?

I swear that I saw the episode of the Tonight Show that Jane Fonda is referring to, but I would not stake my life on it.
There is another episode that I recall involving Johnny and Arnold Palmer's wife. When Mrs. Palmer was asked if she had any pre-tournament routines, she said that she always kissed Arnie's balls. With that, Carson replied...I bet that makes his putter stand up!
The best part of this clip is the look on Johnny's face, after he hears the question.

I may be mistaken, as that was many years ago.

Let The Sunshine In

***Breaking News***

Heat wave on Delmarva...Yay!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Something Different

Mark-Almond (Band)
"The City"

"Take ten minutes out of your busy life; put on a set of phones and enjoy this amazing piece of music". - ATGR

Molten ROCK!!!...This SHIT is HOT!!!

More Amazing Mark

The Fine Art of Lip Syncing

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sam Cooke on PBS Tonight at 9PM

After that, Marvin Gaye.

(I'm Having A) FlAsHbAcK

Drugs And Sports Just Don't Mix (Well, maybe only once)

I agree that Mark McGuire's home run record should be stricken from the books, now that he has admitted what we all already knew.

But, please do not take away Doc Ellis' no-hitter. I know what it is like and believe me, what he did that day is freakin' unbelievable!

"No Call" Was A Good Call

I was really hoping that the Packers would some how pull out a win last night, but it was not to be. There is some controversy surrounding the last play. After review, I do not think that the Packers would have retained possession of the football and that the best that they could have hoped for was that the Cardinal's kicker would have missed an easy field goal for the win. It looks to me that the ball was already fumbled before the hands went to the head. You be the "Booth".

Ice Cream Cakes

Man, is it cold outside...15 degrees! But, it is warm and toasty, where I sit. It was not always like this.

Last week I had another visit from my buddy, Ray, who works for a local HVAC company. I assume that when your house (and all it's equipment) is nearing 20 years old, one can expect such visits to become more frequent. Last month, Ray had to come out and replace the blower motor in my air handler. This time it was the outside heat pump unit. I asked him to give me the "best" and the "worst" case scenarios. The "worst" was that I would have to "scrap" the whole thing. The price tag would be about the same as buying a decent used car. Luckily, I dodged the bullet and only needed a $25 sensor(plus 1 1/2 hours of labor @$100/HR.-Boy, I should have gone to Vo-Tech).
Ray also gave me some good advice(no charge). He said that when the temps are only in the 30s during the day and dip into the teens at night, it is best to use the Emergency Heat setting on your thermostat. This way the unit will not run continuously and I do not have to walk around the house in a winter coat or worse yet, a "Snuggly". I don't know how this will affect(or is it effect?) my next electric bill, but it could not be much worse than the $335 that I will be sending DP&L for December.
Now, with my house all warm and toasty, I will have to invest in a "coolie" to keep my beer cold. Chinese laborers still work pretty cheap and between the frequent trips to the fridge, he can play checkers with my mom.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

(One More Time)


We Don't Need No Stinkin' Lyrics!

Well, maybe just this one time.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

And Justice For All...

I guess that it was about this time in 2007 that I started getting interested in the local blog scene. I do not recall how I stumbled upon one of Salisbury's first blogs. It was written by a local lawyer who went by the moniker, Hadley v. Baxendale. His site was called "And Justice For All". The blog owner even ran as a write-in candidate for County Executive. He received quite a few votes for a write-in. I know that I and two of my family members voted for him.
Then one day, I clicked on his site and it was gone! I never did find out why he vanished. Maybe he just got tired of all the backstabbing and bullshit. I know that I did and eventually started my own little space to amuse myself.

The previous was just a set-up for the following clip. It is possibly the greatest courtroom scene in cinematic history (well, in my opinion anyway). It is also the reason that I could never be a lawyer. I just could not defend a slimeball!
(By the way, I lived two doors down from the "victim" in the mid-seventies and she was always a "looker").

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fuh the Gun Nuh the Gy

Now one more time with feeling!

A Shitload of Dimes!

Damn It!

I really miss my older brother. Why did he have to die so young? I lost my brother and my best friend both on the same day!


I am allowing myself one day of celebration until I slip back into anonymity.
I don't know if I should party like it is 1981 or 1891?

You tell me!

Oops! Shit Happens!

Oh, Hell Yeah!

As Promised

Several weeks ago, I promised a "friend" that I would post a song for her. I just did not have the perfect song. I think that I may have found it. Anyway, better late than never. I know that she comes here on occasion. Maybe she will leave a comment.

Talking Heads - And She Was - The funniest movie is here. Find it

Elvis Aaron Presley

Today marks the 75th anniversary of Elvis' birth.
I remember when he died in 1977. I was working at Arby's and two of our female employees were so distraught that they called out of work.
You have to admit that the man was one of a kind.

***Ladies and gentleman...Elvis has left the building!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Poll: If you were to select the best local blog, what would it be? (Finals)

Granted my blog, afterthegoldrush is by no means the best local blog in the Salisbury area, but it is not the worst one either. I will go out on a limb and say that it may be the best local music blog in the area. It is most definitely the best local blog within a one mile radius of my house.
I do not dabble in controversy, politics or religion. My main purpose, as in life, is to hopefully put a smile on your face and a song in your heart(or head).
At the moment, I am within striking distance of the perennial "Top Dog". I need as many votes(remember, you can vote once an hour)as possible to pull off this upset of the decade.
The way I look at it is...If I am in it, I want to win it!


Poll: If you were to select the best local blog, what would it be? (Finals)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Spoiler Alert!

If you have never seen this movie (The original), I doubt that you ever will. So go ahead and watch the clip.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside.

But don't the water look nice and warm?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Remembering the Seventies

In the early 1970's, there was no deficit of good local music on any given weekend in the Salisbury area.
Several churches in the area would open up their doors and offer us teenagers a venue to "bang our heads" so to speak.
Asbury Church usually had the best bands and definitely had the largest of the concert/dance halls.
Me and a couple of my buddies would sometimes arrive early and hang around the side of the building. When the band arrived we would offer our help as impromptu "roadies". When the last piece of equipment was in the building, we would just mix in with the paying crowd. Of course, we were no where to be found at the end of the gig to reload the band's equipment(the shit a teenager does to say a $1).
One of the local bands was called Southern Iron. I believe the drummer was Barry Lokey and the lead guitarist was named Roger Johnson.The reason that I bring this up is because a Roger Johnson passed away the other day. He was 59 years old, so it is possible that they are one and the same. Roger played a mean guitar and the band was very adept at covering the Allman Brother's Band.
Two of the Baltimore bands that played Salisbury back in the day were Cherry Smash and Blessed. I think that Blessed was my favorite band that played the "Church Circuit". They did awesome Jethro Tull and James Gang covers.
Here is to Remembering the Seventies...