Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kinda Like This...

Dig It

Back to the Music

Lawyer(s) in Need

Is there any lawyer in the area that will still do an initial consultation for free? Or for just a few dollars with a coupon? How about if I wash his Mercedes and install one of those scented pine trees on his rear view mirror? Could I get some advice then at a reasonable price?
Here is my dilemma(without giving away too much information that may jeopardize any future case or embarrass me, because I did not do well in life in the job market).
I was belligerently threatened today at my place of employment if I did not use a specific 7 letter word when greeting each and every customer. I was told that if I did not do this..."I might as well go home and look for a new job in the newspaper!".
First of all, there is not one person at my store that gives better customer service than I do. You do not have little old ladies bring you homemade chicken noodle soup or (virgin) pina coladas because you are rude.
Secondly, of the approximately 75 employees, maybe 10 tow the line and utter THE WORD.
The other 85% do as I do: They give a genuine salutation and are mostly helpful.
I am being singled out because I speak my mind while the others nod in agreement to the "Bosses", but then refuse to use the impersonal greeting as well. I guess that I am the 'shop steward' in a nonunion store.
If I were fired, it would not hurt my feelings one iota. I have worked for this company for 22 years and what they have become recently, when it comes to valuing their greatest asset: their employees, makes my stomach turn.
I just want to know my rights and the rights of my fellow associates and friends when it comes to how far an employer can go in their demands in regards to freedom of speech. A lawyer will probably tell me that they can fire me if they do not like the color of the tie that I am wearing on a particular day. That is fine. I just want to hear it from a "legal" type.

It's MY Life

Saturday, August 29, 2009

How Long ???

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

I went to this "church thingy" today. This was phase two of my experience with 'Pentacostals'. I am sorry if anyone that adheres to this particular avenue of Christian religion is listening, but let me say it again: I AIN'T THAT KIND OF CHRISTIAN. Oh yea,you say,there is only one kind of Christian. If you don't read the entire bible and follow every letter to the "T" you are not a Christian. If you allow yourself to question any passage in the Old or New Testament, then you are not "Saved". If you...BULLSHIT! You people have not walked one inch in my shoes,much less one mile. You have no idea what this man has gone through over the last few years.
So go ahead and speak in your tongues and wave your arm all you want.But don't shove your antiquated ideologies down my throat. My Lord is well aware of what I am doing to spread the word and He backs me 100%. So,don't expect to see me at any more of your functions. I have bigger and better things to do and it does not include judging others,because they don't swallow your practices hook, line and sinker. I am doing this my way and with His full blessing!

These Two Songs Remind Me of 1973

Sweet Jane- Lou Reed

Mot de Oople

Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

There is Something in the Air...I Can Feel It!

Here Goes 1/2 My Computer's Memory

Everybody Must Get Stoned

2 from "Some Girls"(1978)

Acoustical Tiles

It Was 2.0 Years Ago Today

(actually it was 8/25/2007...but who is counting)

that I started this web log. It has changed and so have I and change is good.
My first multiple day posting was 2 years ago today and my very first comment was from
Creepy McGee in response to the following video.That song is so relevant in my life today that it is almost scary! But a good kind of scary.

Here is to good change. If I had a wish for 8/27/2011, it would be that this web log was a distant memory from my past. Here is to good change.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For Schmitty (my sister's bud)

Nelz Lofgren

Happy New Day's Eve

Gotta Run...

That video was pissin' me off!
Every time I went to my blog it would start if possessed. I don't tolerate possessed any more, so I sprinkled oil on it and told it to GET OUT !!!
I thought that I saw Robin Wilson's head spin???

Gin Blossoms - Found Out About You

Earlier This Morning

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Behind Blue Eyes

Something Different

Yoko Ono?

I just got an electronic message from an old friend of my sister, who I found on Face Book. She mentioned that she had often wondered how I was doing and fondly remembered my penchant for selecting Yoko Ono on the jukebox at Benjamin's on the Plaza.
I remember Benjamin's and their jukebox in 1971, but I do not recall any Yoko that would make me willingly cough up 10 cents to hear. If that story is true...then I am sure that I did it to "piss" everyone off, so my sister would take her friends and ME home! The only Yoko Ono worth a dime would be from "Double Fantasy"(1980) and she would be seen and not heard.peace

Cruisin' the Pocomoke Forest (circa 1973)

*** but not to this ***
(betcha no one lasts more than five minutes)

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus...

...but a good jukebox is worth it's weight in gold.

Track 5

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Whatever Your Conviction,

you have to admit that this is a good production.

6 Best Pick Up Lines,

according to eHarmony staff(oh no,not those idiots again).

1) Are you Laurie James?

2) Hey, nice shoes!

3) Don't I know you from spinning class?

4) What kind of dog is that?

5) Let me buy you a drink.

6) I just got out of a Mexican jail.(no,I did not make this up)

If one of these lines might get you a second look, then all six rolled into one would have to be a sure fire winner. Right?

Hey,nice shoes! When you are done with them could I have them, because I just got out of a Mexican jail and all they gave me were these paper flip-flops. By the way, aren't you Laurie James from that spinning class? Because I would like to thank you for keeping me company all those lonely nights in that dark cell. All I could think of were your thighs wrapped around that loom. What kind of dog is that? A mastiff?
That thing could feed an entire cell block for a week. You did not have to spit in my face! Why don't I just buy you a drink! Hey bartender, do you take pesos?

Crossroads Concert 2007

Back to Irreality /vacation over/ Reality is Back


I'm Not That Kind of Christian, Either

I'm Not That Kind of Christian

Last week I checked out a church in my first attempt to become connected. Not to step on anyone's toes, but this non-denominational is a bit too far out there for me. No sappy organ music for me and absolutely no speaking in tongues(I am not at Cinema 16).
Today I visited a house of worship that may be my choice for the future. There is at least one more place that I need to investigate in Salisbury before I make my decision. It will probably be #2; it will definitely not be #1.

When Collective Soul released "Shine" in 1993, many regarded the group as a Christian band, because of the mention of the word heaven. When asked about it, front man Ed Roland retorted, "Well so does Led Zeppelin and I don't remember anyone saying they were a Christian band".

The moral of the story is that there are many different types of Christians and churches. One must just find what type that they are and where they feel most comfortable.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Permilla Project (an evening with)

Last night, I was just going to stay home and chill. I had thought about going down to the Third Friday event in SBY, but decided against it. About 7 o'clock, I just got the urge to "fly", so off went I.

I first stopped at Brew River and had an O'Doul's. I have lived in this town for over 40 years and I did not recognize a soul. I did however see my old "new" friends, Eden(like the garden) and her 'soulmate', Andrew from the other night. Good people.

Next, I went to Break Time for a burger. I struck up a conversation with a man sitting next to me. He was down here from Virginia, helping his son move back to SU. It just so happens that his son is the place kicker(#97) for the Seagulls. The burger was tasty and I enjoyed talking to the proud dad. I just keep finding new friends at every turn. What is that saying?...a stranger is just a friend that you have not met yet.

The idea of hearing a "live" band was just too much for me to pass up. I was drawn to Flavors like a moth to a street light. I got there about 15 minutes before the first set. I noticed a gentleman standing up against the wall and I ventured over. I asked him who was playing and what kind of music was on the playbill. Rock,Jazz,Blues and originals was his answer. He hooked me at the Blues. He also commented on the tee shirt that I was wearing (Neil Young's third solo album) and I was pleased that the younger generation was appreciative and knowledgeable of my generations music (I should not have been surprised, as good music has no boundaries). His name was Pete and I gave him one of my new blog business cards and told him to check it out. When the band started up, I was surprised to see Pete pick up a guitar.

Set One:

My Blues appetite was quenched with an extended version of Sam Cooke's "Bring it on Home to Me". Dumb me thought that it was a Willie Dixon song(my brother is looking down from above and just shaking his head. I can hear him now, "did you not learn anything from me over the last 5 decades!).

Set Two:

Jim, a friend of Pete's arrived and added a new dimension to the band: A horn section. They opened with AWB's "Pick up the Pieces".

During the set, I was shocked to hear Pete mention me and this blog by name and the band broke into a great version of this Johnny Cash classic in my honor. Thanks, I loved it!

Set Three:

More screaming guitars,blaring trumpet,driving bass and pounding drum kit kept the small venue hot,sweaty and reelin'. The crowd was as eclectic as the band's play list. All walks of life were represented and not a hint of trouble in sight. Heck I was not even the oldest person there(but damn close). The place kind of reminds me of Salisbury's own little Greenwich Village. The last set included a great original by the lead guitarist, a rendition of "Billie Jean" and a promise by Pete to me for some mo' blues.
Before I leave you with my final request, I would like to complete my review and critique of The Permilla Project, but I only type with one finger and there are way too many superlatives.

Warming Up Backstage

This unfulfilled lead guitarist turned writer, is limbering up his finger for a performance.

(flavors of) Sam Cooke

Friday, August 21, 2009

Funny Animal Clips!

Motivational Words of Wisdom for the Younger Generation...

Funny Stuff

I ripped this from TTF's blog. Sorry... but you owe me... but just small time:)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

U H ?

Don't suppose it had anything to do with that gold paint that was covering his shirt and face do ya?



VIDEO SEARCH: man catches fire after taser shock


Charles Manson's 3rd illegitimate son was treated for 1st degree burns and jaundice.
He was released and quickly hailed a taxi to the nearest Benjamin-Moore paint store.

Arrested Development

Bar Hopping

An old friend and I got together tonight and went out on the town. We went to three different Bar & Grills in and around Salisbury. Most of the people that we met were between the ages of 22-26. After talking with five of my new friends(Bartender,Waitress,Eden(like the garden),Andrew and Kendra, I must admit that the future of this country will be in much better hands when they take over the wheel from my generation. I had just picked up my business cards for this blog and carried five with me. I passed them out to each and asked if they had any requests.
The previous posted videos are what they wanted to hear, except for Kendra. She was such a sweet,dear girl and she reminded me of Kate Hudson in "Almost Famous"(thus my pick for her).
There was another girl that I will call "Stevie Nicks" at Karaoke Night in one of the bars. She did such a perfect 'spot on' rendition of Stevie that I was so impressed that we signed up to do a duet. However, the waiting list was so long that we never got the chance. I think that I could have pulled off a decent Kid Rock and she would have been awesome as Sheryl Crow.
Here is what everyone missed.

Kid Rock-Feat. Sheryl Crow-Picture

Dear Kendra,


DARYL HALL unplugged - Sara Smile - MyVideo

Tip Your Waitress 20%(they earn it).

From 1985

Hey, Bartender

For: Eden (like the garden) & Andrew

Always be best friends and always remember that 'the love you take is equal to the love you make'.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Word of the Day: Proactive

I can't wait for my new buddy, Mark Casem from ComcastCares1 to request a song,so I will pick one that all generations and all peoples can appreciate. I got stuff to do today, so I am being "proactive". Hey dude, if you are the alpha,don't allow M&Ms at work stations and nail those keyboards to the desks!

Vacation 1/2 Started

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

and the Winner is............................(drum roll)

And my prize is the following video: I LOVE IT !!! TURN IT UP ALL THE WAY !!!

Y O U A R E T H E 1 0 0 0 TH V I S I T O R !!!

It is a Wee,Small World

Libby York is a friend of a friend on Face Book.

Forget all your troubles...Forget all your cares...

A Toast to Dusty's Soul

Runaround # 2

Face Book gets a 0.0 grade point average for making me wait for hours and hours on end to upload a new pic.

Thank God for tabs!

We Want You Back!

How I Spent My Summer Vacation(at least one day of it).

I spent a good part of the day today dealing with customer service reps.

First I called my second mortgage rep and tapped into my equity to pay down a credit card balance that was picking my pocket at a rate of over 20%. There outta be a law against this form of highway robbery. All the details will be handled on their end and I will only pay an interest rate of 3.2% and can itemize the interest on "Schedule A".
I give Wells Fargo Bank,N.A. an A+ for service.

Next, I called Eye Med to find out why my claim for last month's eye exam was denied.
The CSR told me that I had to call my major medical carrier to take care of the problem. I did not argue with him(as I would have a year or so ago)about the fact that my major medical provider had nothing to do with an eye exam. It's not like I had a cataract removed or LASIK surgery performed.
I give Eye Med a B- for runaround #1.

Then, I called BCBSNC (as I was instructed to) to find out why my claim for an eye exam was denied. She told me that no exam was ever submitted for payment and that eye exams were covered by Eye Med. She kindly contacted another woman from Eye Med and we had a 3-way (never done that before) on the phone. I listened and remarked
(just can't keep me quiet) as the EM rep tried to tell the BCBSNC rep that she had to send out an "explanation of benefits" statement for a claim that was never submitted in the first place. After several EM initiated "can I put you on hold,please", we finally figured out what the problem was. The provider had submitted the claim to Eye Med with BCBSNC printed on the claim. Of course, I was at fault for this entire FUBAR, because I had left my Eye Med card at home that day and I only had my BCBSNC card on the day of the exam. To make a long story short, I will get reimbursed $110.00 after I take the problem back to the eye doctor and they resubmit the claim after whiting out BCBSNC.
I give Eye Med another B- for putting us on hold twice.
I give BCBSNC an A for sticking up for an employee of one of their biggest clients.
I give myself an F for forgetting to carry my Eye Med card in my wallet.

I was going to call Comcast to ask how I can lower my monthly bill, but I figured that I needed a break and so do all customer service reps on my Rolodex.
I figure that they could all use some quiet time with their fellow associates.

The Real Deal (from 1972)

Longer,newer version.

'Whatcha Get is Whatcha See'

Monday, August 17, 2009

Last Call...

Three...2...One (decades descending)

Go Ahead and Jump!

(This Blog and) I CAN DIE HAPPY!

I have finally found the video clip that I have been looking for since May 18,2007(3 months before I started this blog).
Please search (He is the man that got my blog on the road both spiritually and technically).
After you have found Oceanshaman, search his blog for "On Children".
Please read the 4 comments. I am the anonymous commenter.

The following clip always makes me tear up. Is it because I am a weak man or a strong man or possibly both? I do not know the answer to that question. I just am what I am and I am not ashamed.

WHITESNAKE...(Great Song,If You Like This Kinda Music)

Where Did This Crap Come From!

Sis (1953-2000)


To Friendship

Sunday, August 16, 2009

One for Me; One for Dee

To: A Natural Woman Who Inspires Me...PEACE

Good song...Bad Choices

But that is just me talking. Everyone must live their life as they see fit. I am still not convinced of this "fate" thing. I guess that is the pragmatist in me.

Have We Learned Nothing in 40 Years (of course not!)

This is How I Blog...

I am sure that some bloggers think about what their next post will be days or hours before they write and post it.
I never did operate that way. An idea pops in my head and I run with it. Even as I am typing, I never know how the post will end. Most times it ends better than even I expected. Many times I pick a video without even watching it all the way thru. At times that video is so perfect for the post that I could not even imagined it if I had recorded the song myself. Of course,most viewers do not even play the songs and most viewers have know idea what the heck I was even thinking.That is for me to know and for you to contemplate.Life after all is a game to be played to it's fullest(and overtime if necessary).
A "friend" of mine said to me today that she could not wait until summer was over.I agree 100%.This year for some reason has been VERY hot for me. Even the air conditioned environment of my place of employment has seemed almost unbearable.

In 1972,the Edgar Winter Group released the album titled "They Only Come Out At Night". I had it on 8-track. Most of you older folk will remember the biggest hit
"Frankenstein" off that album.But it was the slower songs that I loved the most.Two of those songs: "Autumn" and "Round and Round" were featured on my last post. Here are two more of my favorites from 1972.

September 22, 2009 @ 5:18 PM EDT (can't come soon enough)

(Edgar) Winter: December 21, 2009 @ 12:47 PM EST

Off to Church

I believe that the last time that I was in church was when my daughter and her cousins were christened. I hope that I still remember all the words.


My sister passed away from cancer nine years ago tomorrow. I have been thinking about her lately.
In 1968 when our parents told us that we were moving to a new town, she took it the hardest.She had just turned 15 and that is a tough age to adjust to under normal circumstances,let alone new ones.
I remember praying that it did not matter if I found new friends as long as she did.
Well those prayers were answered,but were not necessary in the first place.
My older sister was accepted from the git-go and never did have any trouble assimilating to a new environment.
My sister suffered from bi-polar(ism) and what she did have trouble with was adjusting to life in general.
Hey,Sis. I love you!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

More Uncle Kracker (ala Dobie Gray)

Uncle Kracker - Drift Away

A Couple of Gems from 1964

A side

B side

It's Saturday Nite...Do You Know Where The Young'uns Are?

You Ain't Woman Enough To Make My Man(a ham and cheese omelet)

A "Sign" ?

I am waiting for a sign from above,but it does not look like anything of a religious nature will develop(no apparition of Jesus on the cross or of the Virgin Mary weeping).
I am talking about the red splotch that appeared on my forearm after the EMT tried to insert an I.V.(twice) in my forearm three weeks ago. The two veins that he "blew out" were like stone.
Soon thereafter, a red bruise the size of a dollar bill appeared and has diminished slowly a bit each day. It is now the size of a nickel and a dime and resembles Australia(sans New Zealand).
I am a tad disappointed(not about New Zealand),but I will take what I can get. Actually,if I was thrown out of the United States for some strange reason, I would most likely move to Australia. I think that the locals and I could communicate just fine(think Eastern Shore dialect with a British twang...and visa versa).
Oh well, I guess my Oprah appearance will have to wait for a miracle of another sort.

Back on the Road

Run for the Road

i am not going to sit here all week at this keyboard. i am going to get busy...starting right now!

Vacation (nothing to see. hear.)

(insert text here)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Some Funny Sh*t

There are way too many funny green-eyed gurls out there in cyberspace!

The last one I just saw had a cartoon on her site that made me Laugh Out Loud!

The caption read:

"I've been in love six times during my life. Does that count as a history of mental illness?"

What Year Was this Song?

1964...1965 or 1966? I get them all mixed up!

(I've got the) Key to the Highway

2 Great Quotations to "Live By"

I copped these two quotes from an old acquaintance from my "home town" in Delaware.
I requested her to "friend me" on Face Book and she kindly accepted. I was not that close to her back in the late sixties when our family moved south to Salisbury, but her parents and my parents were good friends and her family was like a second family to my older brother.

"Never let anyone take more happiness out of your life than they bring into it."
(I will keep that in mind in the near future)

"Expect nothing and you will never be disappointed".
(That is pretty much the way I have lived my life up to this point and I do not plan on changing)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Go back to FB and link to ATGR and search my blog for "Pay It Forward"(3 words).Talk to you Tuesday!

Lost & Found

Have you ever lost something and searched all over for it, only to find it in the most obvious of places!
I was searching yesterday all thru my archives and all over You Tube for a certain video that I had posted quite some time ago. It was in an attempt to broaden the musical horizons of some of my new listeners.
Today,I found it in the most obvious of places: My late brother's cassette cases. Those cassette cases contain a treasure trove of music that any diehard blues fan would die for.
The following song,"Icicles in My Meatloaf" is performed by Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials at what looks to be a resort get-together for 40+ singles.
They still can't dance after all these years,but damned if they can't book a mean band!
I hope that y'all enjoy the vid and this band that I assume you have never heard before(outside of one old dude down in the swamps of that other county).
P.S.-I never noticed that cross the first time. I notice a lot of them lately!

Two more from the "Treasure Trove"

Food for Thought:

Who were you?

Who are you?

Who will you become?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Like Lookin' for a Four Leaf Clover.

I was looking thru my archives for a YT video that I thought that I had posted sometime ago. The guitarist was a short gentleman of African-American descent. He and his group were playing at a resort in the Caribbean(I think) and He was really wailing on that guitar as he ambled thru the crowd of middle-aged partiers(sp).
I could not find it, but I believe that my archive contains well over 1100 posts.
I did come across several funny vids that may bring a chuckle to a few viewers and a shake of the head to some others with the thought:'That boy really needs to get a life!'.

Ask and You(tube) Shall Receive!

So the consensus is that Creed sucks!
I thought that the song and video was pretty cool, considering the meaning behind Sapp's thinking when he penned it.
So if you thought that the last Creed video was bad, try this next one on for size.
Honest to God, when I first saw this group on TV and saw that dance,I was scared!
That is how I danced when I was a 9 year old kid just goofing off.
(I thought that Freddy had been peeping in my window and had stolen my idea.For several weeks I slept with my slingshot under my pillow. Then Herman and the Hermits hit the scene and I forgot all about it)*.

* Everything in parenthesis was made up. But I thought that it added some zip to the story.

CREED (not one of the seven deadly sins)!

The Meaning of "After The Gold Rush" ?

Dolly Parton once commented about the making of the song; After The Gold Rush. "When we were doing the Trio album, I asked Linda and Emmy what it meant,and they didn't know. So we called Neil Young,and he didn't know. We asked him flat out,what it meant,and he said,'Hell,I don't know. I just wrote it. It depends on what I was taking at the time. I guess every verse has something different I'd taken'"

Monday, August 10, 2009

This Is My Life (Summer Rerun)

Since I last played a different version of this Gasolin classic, I have quintupled my viewership. I would like to take this opportunity to turn some of my new visitors on to some music that they may never of even heard before. Did someone not once say that music was what feelings sound like?

Dusty and I are on Speaking Terms Again...

After the aborted lawsuit and after he questioned my taste in music(to a point),I have resolved my differences with that blogger from "West of the Chesapeake Bay" solely on the fact that he made me find a decent version of the following song. Things may go "south" again if he does not hold up his end of the bargain and produce that "redhead".

Two For The Road

AEROSMITH - I D W t M a T (Live NYC 2005)

Play this video. At least for the first :20 (please).

The Dog Days of Summer (don't step in the goo)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weather Report for Monday

Hi: 98*
Mostly sunny
Isolated showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon
Chance of rain: 20%
Heat Index: 108*

The Trouble with Lawyers(this one is for G.Gordon Liddy)

Dusty Sanchez...You are a pain in the...

In order to be "Banjo-ically Correct", I must post the following video just for Dusty. I am afraid that he may sue me and take over this blog for damages and turn it into a peep show. You ain't never satisfied!!!

Now one for the rest of us non-lawyer types!

"Peaches" and Herb

I met a very nice couple today at work. Herb was wearing a neat looking shirt that was imprinted with guitars. He said that he had played in a band for years and that he and the old gang still got together for special events. His pride and joy was his 1961 Fender "Jazzmaster" that he picked up at a pawn shop. Some early groups that used the "Jazzmaster" were the Ventures and The Fireballs in the 60s. It was later re-popularized by Elvis Costello and Robert Smith of The Cure.
I told Herb that I was always looking for musical ideas for this blog and he requested that I play some Peaches and Herb. The following are their most popular songs. The first song reached #5 and the second was #1,both in 1978.
As they were leaving I asked Herb's wife if her nickname was by any chance "Peaches".
She smiled and said no. Herb replied,"but she has been my "Peach" for over 40 years!".
What a lucky couple they are and I am glad that I got the chance to meet them.

Who Said That I Didn't Like Country?

Brooks & Dunn - Brand New Man (Official Music Video) - The best video clips are here