Friday, July 31, 2009

I Can Tell

This is the last post for July. I came in like a lion and went out like a lamb.

I like that number...111. Has new significance to me. You do the math!

One more song before I go. You can never have enough Santana in your life.
I can't wait until tomorrow. A new month...I got a good feeling about August.

Feeling Stronger Everyday





"The Wait"

I finally went to the eye doctor today after waiting almost 10 years.
I have worn contact lenses since 1977.I also wear glasses,usually at home.
The contact lenses have become such a pain in the butt lately that I decided to not even wear them.The sun and the wind either drys them out or blows little specks of dust into them that it feels like I have a rock in my eye. I guess vanity is not that important anymore.
I thought that I had the formation of a cataract in my left eye along with an occasional 'floater'. I was amazed that after a complete exam(dilated eyes and all)that my current(10 yr.old) glasses had only diminished my vision to 20/30.
No cataract and the 'floater' is nothing serious,just comes with getting older.
One thing that has changed over the last ten years is the price you pay to see clearly:

Progressive lenses-$260

They did give me a 20% discount for buying the eye wear on premises,instead of going to Wal-mart or the like.I would not buy a perishable grocery item at Wal-mart. I damn sure would not trust them with my eye care needs!

I have not received the bill for the exam,as it is being submitted to my insurance company.I think they pay a one time yearly benefit of $100(unless they cut that out also).

Who cares? What ever the final cost is,it has to be cheaper than food and veterinary care for a seeing eye dog.

On the down side...a pair of glasses won't keep you warm on a cold winter's night!

Y E S !!!

My mother just recited the last verse of this poem by Alfred Joyce Kilmer and the voice was her own.

Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.

Our house is as one again!


Someone recently told me that this blog contained mostly music and lessly reading.
That is probably true.
However,there is a lot of "reading" in the music if you can read between the lines.
I get it because I "wrote" it. What others "see" in the music may be my interpretation or better yet,their interpretation.
There are also many "messages" in my comments. A girl at work,who frequents my blog told me the other day that she only saw videos. I told her that she needed to read the comments also.
To make a long story short,you have to read,listen and contemplate the whole ball of wax.Or just enjoy the music!
Maybe there was a reason that I started this blog several years ago."Afterthegoldrush" was not the first choice for the title.It was "Dadsdying" or "Daddysdying"(I think).Try and set up a blog using that title and I think that you will find that Blogspot will come back with...SORRY THAT NAME IS ALREADY TAKEN.
If I can reach just one person with my blog than all was worth it.

'Through Every Step In Life,Freedom Comes From Within'

Last night,I felt myself "back sliding" already into that old way of life. I was all over "winking" at every pretty face within a 50 mile radius. So far I have not received any responses and I hope that I don't. I really have to be strong and fight the demons that friends say will now try twice as hard to infest my life with that hell again. I have to change my evil ways one step at a time. This morning I awoke and it is a brand new day. I am thankful to be alive and able to get back on the right path.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Everybody is Asleep:The Bewitching Hour

Nobody Wants to Play...I guess I will Just Play with Myself!

Reverend Goldrush:Preaching to the Choir

Off to the salt mines-have a good day

Stretched out in Room 404

My Chemical Romance

For years, I have been taking Loratadine for my allergies. It made my nose run constantly.I stopped taking this drug the other day and I have not had to reach for a kleenex since.
My next project is to put down the nicotine. I know that I can do this with a little help from my friends.
My ultimate goal is to become completely chemical free: no BP medicine and no cholesterol medicine. A healthy lifestyle is a godly lifestyle(1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

It's a brand new day!

Wake Up...the dead

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One For The Road (& I'm feelin' Greatful!)

Ya Gotta Luv It....

when late 1980's "Goth-Rock" is playing on the Muzak at work.

Get on with it

You can tell a lot about a person just by looking them in the eye.

Have Faith

My daughter just emailed me because she is freaking out that the weather is very bad between there and here.she asked me to ask the spirit in the sky to help out with things(already making jokes about my new perspective on life...little stinker)!
I replied with 2 words: Have faith!

Listen to The Words

I am not going to reiterate the experiences of the last three days of my life.
I believe that those who were here yesterday(record day:23 visits)know where I am coming from and where I am going. And those who have followed my blog for the last several months may have picked up on the "Hell" that had infested my life.
All is well again in the house of Ridgely. My blood pressure and heart rate have never been more stable. I have seen the light and wonder why it took so long to shine down on me. The Lord works in mysterious ways. I guess that he was waiting for me to make the decision. I am not going to turn this blog into a pulpit. I always thought that "Born-Again Christians" used their religion as a crutch and if one only followed the Golden Rule that was all that mattered. That is a good rule to follow and I did my best at it. I never was one to worry about what other people thought of me and I don't plan on starting now. I remember in High School that some people thought I was gay because one of the cheerleaders wanted to go out with me.I was not gay,I was just not attracted to her.
So listen to the words of this song and always remember to just "Be Yourself"!

Price Change Day

 3...get one free

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Couldn't Get A Cab?

In that Ambulance...

there was more than me and the EMT. Call me crazy if you want but, I felt the presence of Satan.He thought that he had won,again. Well,the mother fucker thought wrong.He picked on the wrong one this time. i had a long conversation with a girl at work and she said that what I experienced was quite possible. She said that I had to accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I told her that I always believed but I never went around preaching it as that is one's personal business.She said that I had to say it out loud! So I did,right there in front of the customer service desk. You won't hear me preaching to anyone,although I may want to tone down the foul language that i sometimes use.Hope ya'll will still visit my blog?

Man in the Mirror

Tune for Tuesday

good morning ;)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Time to Go To Bed...Hope I Don't Have Night"Mere"s.


Speaking of Grocery Stores...Here is a good one-

Good Luck,Buddy!

The Call: I had just shaved,showered and dressed for the twenty minute trip to the Food lion in Delmar.I was scheduled to work the 10:30am-7;00pm shift. I felt fine.I was a little hot so I took my temp and all was normal. I decided to take my blood pressure/heart rate.190/160+ with a heart rate a of 150-160. I assumed that one day I would call "911". I just never thought that I would be the transportee.
Traveling down Nanticoke Road watching out the rear window was sort of like watching my life in rewind mode.I was just waiting for the tape to go all white with only the collated holes on the sides before It all went black.Th song accompanying the credits was Nowhere Man by THE BEATLES.I told the EMT in the back that I did not think that I was going to make it.I told him that I was going to die on the way.He said that he would not let that happen.
The Nurse:I remember when all settled down, a girl who was taking down my vital statistics(Name;address;SSN and next of kin came in and we were talking about how she had a 5 month old boy named Jacob and how 22 years ago my daughter was born in this same hospital and how I cryed when they placed her in my arms for the very first time.The nurse said that I was a good person.Just then, a man was rolled but the door on a gurney and I lifted my thumb up and said "Good Luck, Buddy".
My nurse looked at me and said(with thumbs up)"and Good Luck to you buddy!".
Well I made it back,with a little luck from my friends(most of whom I have never met).I have taken the advice of a dear friend of mine whom I have yet to meet.She said in a nutshell:STOP ABUSING YOUR BODY AND STOP SMOKING! In my mind and out loud I said...Yes Dear!!!

Bird Watchers,inc.


Music is what feelings sound like.(ridgely griffith)

The First Day (of the rest of my life)

Alarm clock says(now set to radio mode).....

"Lucky Man '09"

Music is what feelings sound like.(author **known)

Today in History: July 27, 1987

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Life is Short(127/79-92)

sunday paper-reality check

(no time for caps etc)

my blood pressure has been up as has my nicotine consumption(i'm weak).

i will take my bp monitor to work and leave my cigs locked in the car.

i will call my dr. in the morning and try to get an appt.

he will probably suggest less stones more beatles.

wish me luck.

C S N(noY)

One Cup of Coffee and It's Time to Wake Up!


Q:Can I have another?

A:Sure.But only one cup of coffee.

Sunday A.M. Music

Jeez! When did all my old favorites suddenly turn into Country Music songs?...Whatever!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

W.E.A.K. Internet Radio is Signing Off...

I left my American flag outside and it is raining a cat and dogs.The following will be used to sign off in the event of rain:

Fo Little kANEESHA

She be hidin' unda da cubbers.She be fraid of thumberstorms


Yusuf Islam


This One Is For Suzanne

Last One Before I Google Hypothalmic Tumour

The Request Line Is Rockin' &


I Said The Request Line Is Open

As it is Saturday Nite, yours truly assumes that everyone is out and about enjoying life. Be it out on a date or watching your son play in a Little League ballgame or out to the store to buy dental floss.And I sit here all alone waiting on a friend to call or email. I am home,yet nobody home. This Pink's for me.

Request Line Is Open

Here is the first one (maybe?).

Survey Says.......

Friday, July 24, 2009


Sleep Tight...
Don't Let The Rose Aphids...

a smidge manic

i m a little bit manic as of late now i know how my sister felt but without the depressive part if i stay on my regiment i will not suffer a relapse

being a smidge manic is cool a little like being on crank same feeling but you can pass a drug test anytime any day

had one hit lost all his money listened to his wife NEVER LISTEN TO YOUR WIFE!!!

Morning Thought

Get Busy Living...or Get Busy Dying.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

a gotta hankerin' fo' so' mo' Stones!

I saw the Stones in 1981 in Philly, along with Coast Guard Gal,BAT and his "FF".
I wrote about it several years ago. If there was ever a better live band, let me know as I would like to go see them.(all from '81 tour. This last one was in Philly. You can see me if you look real close).


Ladies or Gentlemen, The Show is Over.

Something weird happened at work today that has made me reconsider this
experiment. First of all I was not even supposed to work the evening shift. I was originally scheduled the day shift, but a pop visit from the District Manager forced a change in my and my manager's schedule. When the visit was canceled, my manager said that we could go back to the original schedule. I said no, I will work the late shift(I have no idea why I said that because I hate working the night shift).
About 20 minutes before I was to get off I noticed this girl working in another area of the building. She was not an employee,she was an outside sales rep from another company. I had seen her in the store several times over the last year,but I never spoke to her. Today,in passing her I remarked that she was working rather late. She replied that she had a lot to do.
I like to kid around at work a lot and especially with the assistant manager. I motioned her over and jokingly said: "See that girl down there.She is really cute. Will you do me a favor and ask her out for me,as I am really shy".
She replied as usual "You're crazy"!
As I was about to leave the building,I saw the assistant manager and the sales rep talking. "Here he is,here's the guy that thinks you are cute"(She had already asked her if she was single).I told the girl that 'yes I did think she was cute' and as she looked at me, 'Mr.Shy' said,"Well,what do you think?".
We talked for several minutes and she gave me her business card and I promised to call her. As I have said before and as I told her...I'm not looking for a wife,girlfriend or even a so-called date. I would just like to meet a cute girl to take out to dinner or a ballgame or whatever for some female companionship.She pretty much was looking for the same thing.
Between my two wives,one fiancee,one live-in and the assorted girls in my life, I have never stared into the eyes of a "Brown-Eyed Girl". That has always been one of my favorite songs of all time. Probably,because I saw so much promise in it.
There is one thing that I will definitely not tell her about myself, until she gets to know the "real" me(genuine,honest,warm and caring);and that is the address of this blogsite! By then she will "Get It!". Who knows, that first phone call may lead to my "soul-mate" after all?
P.S. Thanks TTF on the advice to "wait three days"...she knows it's been a long
time! LUL(love ya lots)!!!!!!!

"Get It"(yet)?

The Supreme Court reversed the earlier decision in Case# 1749372 yesterday,when a new piece of evidence surfaced.
In this historic reversal(9-0), Chief Justice Roberts ruled that the previous Court could have avoided all of this if they had gotten a very large Q-tip.


Morning Sermon

ROUND TWO (10:28:46 PM): I'm Game(RU?)

"A" Side

"B" side

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"stacilynn03" (pt.2)


An Oldie...But Goodie(Feb.14,1982)

We reach into the vault for this next one.

This was sent in by "Roast Beef Boy" to "Coast Guard Gal":

I am sorry that all of this did not work out. I can't join you in your new assignment as I do not "do bridges"(sober). Besides, you are a Gemini and I can not support myself and two other people. Have a good life and always remember to...

Request Line: 266-6368

That last one was sent in by "RG" to his "Work Wife" with this note attached:
Don't worry Baby, our "Little Girl" is gonna be alright; Lithium is a real wonder drug!

This next one goes out from "Scooter Hair Pie" to his main ex-squeeze,"Flat Tire Harley Mamma".

The time is 9(somethin' or other) o'clock and the temperature in the studio is a cooooool 75 degrees.

If you gotta song ya wanna hear,just reach for your cursor and dial 266-6368(com-ment).

Hey, Sandy Girl

The Secret To Life: Common Sense

Morning Music

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Daughter The CAPITALIST!

In my quest to post some photos on pending approval),Facebook(evidently no approval necessary) and this blog(approved by me),I needed a digital camera. Easy enough!
I went to Best Buy as I am their "best buyer" over the last several weeks. Being "all things computer-challenged", I immediately went to the customer(no)service desk for some qualified help.
After about 15 minutes and several bewildered stares in the direction of said desk, a very unqualified sales associate strutted over. "I don't no nothin' 'bout no blogs or no facebook or how ya hook it up to no 'puter". One thing he did know(and was required to try and sell me) was (again) ADD-ONS. He tried to sell me an extended warranty-No Thanks,extra batteries-No Thanks and a carrying case-I told him if it left the house that I would carry it in a paper bag! Sales people and people in general, generally don't like dealing with me because I always say whatever is on my mind. He did succeed in selling me a memory card,stating that it did not contain one(it did).
Back at home,I successfully set up the camera and downloaded the disk. When I tried to set up the computer to upload pictures I ran into trouble. I called my daughter several times and asked for help. She acted like she was too busy or too bothered by my pleas for help. On the last call I told her that I would give her $20 if she came over and took care of my dilemma. She was there in 1/2 an hour.
She set everything up and even posed as photographer. She uploaded to all three sites.
When I went to hand her the $20 she said "Or you can keep it and consider this my first payment($30) on the new computer that you bought me".
Slick ain't she! That's my daughter!
My daughter the Capitalist...and you call yourself a Libertarian!

*That pic(I'm the one in the middle)on this blog was taken several decades ago as you can tell by the length of my hair. Once approval is granted on the other site, a more recent pic(s)will appear. Today my hair would make my "running buddies" look like Curly and Eisenhower.
** THE album cover will soon replace one of my fav pix.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I Smell Cookies!

Survey says...

Nothing As It Seems

This is a good vid to post for "The Day of".
I think it is's anniversary?
If I am not mistaken, the site was founded in a basement in Pierce County,Washington by a 14 yr.old kid while on summer vacation from Kurt Cobain Middle School about 13 years ago.
You really have to be careful about who you meet on these dating sites.
Nothing (is) as it seems.

; )

I had to go up to the attic to retrieve my trusty Ouija board to do a little research for this post. The pointer kept wanting to hover around the F and the M. I immediately thought of Steely Dan and the song "FM". Just did not fit. I think I found a more appropriate find for the F and the M. Here is my best shot!

Sail On Old Self

After the debacle at eHarmony, I decided to look for a soul mate the old fashioned way:
I finished my profile section and picked a plan(3 months for $19.99)and started the search. On the first or second page I came across a girl from up the road a ways and clicked on her profile picture(hey,she is cute). I read her profile and what she was looking for in a guy and thought that maybe I was not her cup of tea. I scrolled down a few more pages and came across the profile of a girl from down the road a piece. After reading her rather tongue in cheek responses, I "winked"at her and sent her an email. Later last night I got a "wink" from some girl from Utah? She was drop dead gorgeous,blonde and young enough to be my daughter. I believe that she was a "Ringer" for that I mean she was trying to get me to spend more money for one of their add ons: for only $3.99 a month I could receive an email letting me know when "She" read my return email(I don't do add ons unless there is a coupon involved). I "winked" back at her and sent the following email(in my best Travis Bickle impersonation):

"Are you winking at me?
You must be winking at me(I look around the room)...because I am the only one here".

This morning when I got up and sat down at the computer to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a cigarette(I really am trying to quit,but it is just so darn hard!)I noticed an email in my box from I figured that it was from the girl down the road a piece,returning my email from last night. To my surprise, it was from that cute girl from up the road a ways. I returned the email and she did in kind also. We'll see where it goes.

I am too damn young to spend the rest of my life sitting at this keyboard typing away with one finger and always having to go back to capitalize i because my mind out races my finger. If 59 yr.old Tom Watson can go into the final round of The Open Championship with a chance to win, why can't a young looking 54 yr.old find a cute girl to at least take out to dinner or take in a ballgame with? I think i can!

So...Sail On Old Self...there is a great big world out there(as long as it does not require me to drive over any bridges taller than my house)!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Here's To's been a long time

I am posting this video on the merits of the introduction alone. I have never done that before. I hope that when the last note is played, we can all sit back and say...
That was a damn good version!

Diagnosis: I'm Just An Excitable Boy

Dr. Hackenbush confirmed my mental malady as a mild case of "Reverse Dangerfield Syndrome-3".
My symptoms are typical of a man my age who has gone through a bad divorce in which he is left with very little money,a pickup truck camper for his home and a daily supplement of beenie weenies and kool-aid. "RDS-3" is preferable to the more commonly seen "DS-1", as he is still left with his self respect.
Dr.Hugo gave me a prescription for a new,"just on the market" chewable anti-depressant developed by Bayer Health Care. They come in 3 flavors. I chose "What's Eating Gilbert GRAPE".

He recommended starting off with a 1/4 dose twice a day and to avoid alcohol or swimming for 1/2 an hour. He also said to never exceed 5 doses in a weeks time,or I could develop a case of the "Gobels".

In case of accidental overdose,he suggested that I immediately go to a flea market or take in a ballgame(the larger the crowd the better). Staying home alone could result in a psychosis called "Wright's Palsy(simplex 7)". Although rarely fatal, this condition has been known to result in multiple phobias such as fear of shaving,fear of shiny shoes and the fear of Chinese restaurants.

As I was attempting to cut the prescription into quarters with a dull steak knife, my mom asked me what I was doing. I told her the whole story of what I had been going through for the last several years. She smiled and said, "You don't need any pills to cure what ails you. You are just being your old self again. After all Son,you have always been just an excitable boy!".

Friday, July 17, 2009

Breaking News From HNN: Heaven's #1 All News Network

Evening anchor,Jack the "K",announced the death of Walter Cronkite at 218706542:01 CHT.
The "K-man" came directly from the 8th green of his charity golf event at the Burning Bush Golf and Ark Club as soon as he heard the news.
"It was the least I could do.I owed him one",he said.
When asked if he would be at the Pearly Gates to welcome Cronkite,Jack replied,
"Hell yeah,the son of a bitch still owes me $20 bucks from our bet on the '63 World Series!".

*For full effect please mute the sound, Moses is trying to take a nap.

Doctor/Doctor...gimme the news

I have an appointment this evening at Wal-mart in Pocomoke, Md.
In their quest to become America's "one stop shopping destination",and having already cornered the market for low priced vision care and pharmacy prescriptions, Wal-mart is now branching out into the field of Psychiatry.
I am scheduled to meet with a Dr. Hugo Z. Hackenbush in his new refurbished office right past the tire department,just before you enter the oil change area. I think that it may be located in that old,unused broom closet.
I have tried to search for Dr. Hackenbush's resume on,but have had no luck. I need not worry about his background. Wal-mart would not hire someone who was not qualified or not a real M.D. specializing in Psychiatry. Besides,for only $19.98 I can get 1/2 hour of a trained professional's time to try and figure out why I have changed from a meek and quiet introvert into a "rapid fire one liner of a machine" extrovert?

My part-time researcher just texted me about a possible G.Marks,D.V.M. that may have a connection to my new "shrink". Let me google him and see if anything develops!

I will hopefully post the results tomorrow. Even if I am in a straight jacket,I can always type with my nose and believe me it would not be any slower!

Basic Algebra: c+c+r=(c/r x r)

Mrs. DiMucci's Son

July 17, 1999

Thursday, July 16, 2009

F.U.Chase Bank

My interest rate on my Chase credit card just went thru the roof(17.24%). I called them and told the dude that I was not going to pay loan shark prices to use their card. I told him that I get offers every day in the mail from other companies and that he had two choices: Give me your best offer or they could expect the balance paid in full come August 8. He countered with 17.24%. I countered with "Later,Dude"!

What I Believe In...

Speakin' my mind...

Puttin' in an honest day's work...

Keepin' it real...


This encore is dedicated to my once girlfriend(Karen "Six-name" S.), who was appalled that I did not have any Pearl Jam in my cassette case back in the day.
Good things come to those who wait.

One more time...R.I.P.


Back in 1987, I had a cavity filled in the front surface of tooth #10(and all this time I thought that it was #7). After several years the filling turned from "pearly" white to "tar and nicotine" brown. Every time that I went back to the dentist, he would say that he would correct that stain at no charge. I would always reply: "maybe next time".
The reason that I never got that tooth repaired was because I love my daughter. And what does that have to do with the price of eggs in China,you ask (.35 yuan or a bit less than 4 pennies for one fresh egg) and who doesn't love their children,you ask (Joan Crawford for some reason comes to mind)?
When my daughter was small,she used to have two specific nightmares. One involved wolves chasing her and the other involved her abduction by an adult male that looked exactly like me. The wolves never caught her and she was never abducted and forced to live inside the false wall of a basement somewhere in the suburbs near Akron,Ohio by a thirty-something man who wore a woman's evening jacket and red pumps. In her dream, she would always insist that my lookalike smile at her. If that stain on tooth #10 was present then she was in the clear. From day one, if I told my daughter once,I've told her a thousand times...Never trust anyone unless you do a complete background check that includes at least one verifiable source.
In less than two weeks my bundle of joy will turn 22,so I decided that today was the day to be "maybe this time". Honey,if you have that dream again,I suggest that you ask that man what his mother's maiden name is!

Actually, I went to the dentist today for an entirely different procedure. I told the dentist about the blemish on my incisor and that he once said that he would fix it for free. After checking my history,he did recall the procedure but not the free part. He was some what amused that I remembered that. I told him that I had a very good memory(a blessing and a curse). He agreed to do the repair for 1/2 price.
With all of the drilling and all of whirling of the suction devices employed by him and his assistant, I could not make heads nor tails of what was going on. I did hear the chatter between him and his caddy though. I heard "wedge","pick up" and "bite". I was waiting for him to call in a PGA official for a ruling.

My tooth looks great again! I did inquire about the cost of a gold inlay of the initials G R(or R G?), but the cost was not in my budget at the moment. Oh well,"maybe next time"!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Sun spots prohibited me from posting this vid earlier.
Head phones required.
HQ recommended.
FULL screen for concertification.
Comments appreciated.

Thought for Today: "When Life Gives You Lemons,

immediately notify your credit card company and have them withhold payment. If this does not work, return the lemons to Life and make them pay the postage. If they refuse and the lemons come back to you, repackage them and address it to yourself with Life's address as the return address(do not use postage). I am sick and tired of Life thinking that they can push you around just because they are larger than life. Excuse me! The last time I checked you were still second to Exxon Mobil. And besides, if I had wanted lemonade, I would have ordered lemonade!

Monday, July 13, 2009

In This World,

you must be oh so smart, or oh so pleasant. Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant.
(You may quote me).

Two Ted Nugent References In One Day

I just took two of those online quizzes: Are you left-brain or right brain?

The results were quite interesting as were the 2 tests themselves.

First is test #1 and a sampling of the questions. My score was L=52%...R=48%

1) I wear a watch.
o Yes
o No
* I have never worn a watch,but I do watch a lot of clocks. (No)

2) I keep a journal.
o Yes
o No
* I do not keep a journal of my day to day life (this blog is not my diary,dammit!). (No)

5) The expression,"Life is just a bowl of cherries" makes no sense to me.
o Yes
o No
* I love cherries but I never buy them because of the pits. (Yes)

12) I'm often late getting places.
o Yes
o No
* I am disgustingly, always on time...who needs a watch! (No)

15) & 18) If someone asks me a question,I turn my head to the left/right.
o Yes/yes
o No/no
* I have no idea, you would have to ask the asker. I would think that I keep my head centered on the head of the person asking me the question. Hold on.....I just went to the bathroom and asked myself a question. I did not notice if my head turned left or right or spun like Linda Blair. I was too concerned about the zit on my forehead. That's my answer. I tend to stare at the strange blemishes on peoples faces and usually respond with: "What was that you asked me?". (No/No).

Test #2 (R=55%,L=45%)

11) You are more:
o Mathematical
o Musical
* Neither of the above. It is mathematically impossible for me to play any musical instrument sans a cow bell. I picked Musical because I like to wear album cover tee shirts.

8) You think in :
o Words
o Pictures
* I chose Pictures. When some one asks me if I have seen Joe Blow lately, my thought process immediately focuses on his face. But then I usually respond with: "Do you mean Joe Blow or Jo Blowe?. So I guess it is actually both, but Pictures first.

14) When you have a lot to do,what do you do first?
o The hard things
o The easy things
* I usually do the hard things first to get them out of the way. But sometimes I do the easy things first and take my sweet ass time getting them done. Eventually, someone else will do the hard tasks,all the while muttering under their breath..."that lazy bastard!".

7) You tend to:
o Lose things
o Keep things in their place.
* I keep things in their place, except when it comes to my eye glasses. Case in point: This question should have been 1st and 1st should have been 3rd.

16) You are better at remembering:
o Names
o Faces
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So, I have decided that I am neither a Left-brain or Right-brain. I am a Center-brain. Actually, I think I'm a nut!

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Classic Rock ? (headphones required)

Various-The Music People
Catalog#:C3x 31280
Style:Folk Rock,Country Rock,Pop Rock,Prog Rock,Blues Rock,Hard Rock,Classic Rock(?)

Back in 1972,when I bought this album at a record store in Baltimore,I had not even heard of some of the artists. It turned out to be a primer for a young man who loved to hear a "screamin' guitar". Back then we had no idea that the songs we "banged our heads" to would someday have it's own classification. We just enjoyed it in the "here and now".

In 1972,I was a senior in high school and a member of the Key Club. I don't even remember what the Key Club was all about,except that we met once a week in the "A" wing of JMBHS and had paper drives and road rallys. That year we went to the regional convention that was held at the Lord Baltimore Hotel in downtown Charm City.
Me,Bird,Twink and Snowball thought that we would be cool and smuggle several quarts of beer into the hotel. Once in our room,we got scared that the chaperones might search our rooms, so we hid the contraband inside the wall in the bathroom(balanced on the pipes). They did search our room and we felt real slick that we got away with bringing some beer to the "Big City".

Slick? You wanna hear slick! Those Key Clubbers from the "Big City" had more alcohol
in their rooms than the hotel had in it's liquor cabinet and half the "titty bars" on the "Block" combined.

We all partied like it was 1969,until someone threw a television set into the atrium from the 21st floor.PARTY OVER!

I still have the album and the memories from 1972. I have shared the memories. Now I will share the music.

Winning Formula?

I was listening to the end of the Orioles game and heard the following gems by the radio announcers during the wrap-up. We won the game and our record going into the All-Star break is 40-48(the following is not verbatim).

"I think that they have found a winning formula".

"The All-Star break is gonna feel real good".

"It's not about the first 1/2 of the season,it's about the second 1/2".

Gimme a fuckin' break!!!

The Orioles have not had a winning season since 1997. I think that may have been the
year that I last went to a Baltimore Oriole game(they lost to the White Sox) with my daughter's 6th grade class as a chaperone. The kids behaved wonderfully,but there was one other parent who made me think that buses that ferry school children on field trips to destinations that serve alcohol should come equipped with a "drunk tank".
This father never made a peep on the way up to Oriole Park at Camden Yards. But when I saw him stumble back on the bus for the return trip home with a stack of souvenir beer cups,
my first thought was: there goes my afternoon nap! I was right. That guy never shut his mouth from parking lot to parking lot.

Don't get me wrong. I still consider the Orioles my team. It's the management of said team that pisses me off. You can fire the can hire a new G.M. every other can trade players like they were baseball cards,but the problem remains the same year in and year out: Peter G. Angelos.

What this once storied franchise needs is a man that knows baseball inside and out and is never at a loss for words(the following is verbatim)!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Story of Toad Road

I think that I am the only one of my friends in the small town that I grew up in to have a street named after them. Actually,it was not a street it was more like a road.
Who am I kidding! It was an alley way that ran between the street that my parent's house was on and a street that ran parallel on the other side of the block. And the city never erected a street sign in honor of myself and the nickname that I acquired when I was in the 5th grade.
When I was in the 5th grade,one of the popular T.V. shows was called "The Man From U.N.C.L.E.". It was the stereotypical Good vs. Evil theme. As kids would do,we liked to emulate what we saw on television.
Soon on the playground at recess,emerged two opposing forces:The Mongooses and the Toads. I am not sure which faction represented Evil,but I would have to guess that it was the Mongooses as they had triple the membership of my group the Toads. If I recall correctly,our little club consisted of Fred(Toad1),me(Toad2) and some toadette whose name escapes me.The name Toad stuck with me until I moved away from my hometown in 1968.
Before my family moved away when I was about to enter the 9th grade,me and my friend Gregg would pilfer cigarettes from our parents and ride our bikes about 1/2 way down this alley that was across the street from my house. Under the cover of a thicket of trees and hidden behind a large log,we would puff those Kent's(with the Micronite
filter:now known to contain asbestos)until we were dizzy. Then we would pedal over to the convenience store and slam down a frozen squishy until we each had an "Ice Cream Headache". We would ride our bikes all over that town,dodging in and out of traffic. It is a wonder that either one of is still alive today.
Neither Gregg nor I still live in our hometown, but I for one am glad that I grew up there and at that period of time before everything changed for me and the world in 1968.
I am thankful that...I was born in a small town!

Tee # 3

I have ordered my third "album cover" tee shirt. I still have not received #2 and after checking the status of my shipment,I found out that it has not even left the warehouse yet. I will probably receive the "cover" of my favorite album of all time days before the yet unshipped one. This purchase proved to be the most expensive of the three. I could have gotten it for $10 less at another site if I wanted the hem to be hanging down around my knees(XXL was the only size available).
I do not use my regular credit card for these purchases. I always use a special credit card that I call my "special online/non-resident owner-operated convenience store credit card". If there is a problem,I believe that they can only charge me so much for any unauthorized purchases.And if all credit is suspended until further notice, I can still feed the family with my regular one.
I foresee only one more purchase with my so called "special online/non-resident owner-operated convenience store credit card". After I have #'s 3 and 2 in my hand,or should I say on my back,I think that I will try to find (1) medium size "album cover" tee shirt of probably my 2nd favorite album of all time. This one would be offered in only black and white and would picture the 5 band members standing or sitting in front of all their worldly possessions(any guesses to what Goldrush will be wearing in the near future).
Back to Tee # 3. For an additional $9.99,I could have gotten the entire album,but since I am pinching pennies at the moment,I settled for side two(aka "The Medley") only.
I assume if I had bought the whole package,the fellas would be walking in the opposite direction on the back of the shirt(?).

Friday, July 10, 2009

I don't have the time or money to invest in your site.They remind me of my ex-wife.

"Honey, Are we having sex tonight?"
"I don't know,Sweetie.Did you wallpaper the utility room yet?"

I went to Wal-Mart's new dating site that costs only $9.98 and is only 5 questions long. I was honest as Abe Lincoln until the last question: What is your yearly income?

Within five minutes,I had a response in my e-mail box.

1)She hates to take long walks on the beach.

2)She cries at the end of "It's A Wonderful Life",even though she has seen it one hundred times.

3)She loves roast beef,mashed potatoes and coleslaw ALL smothered in brown gravy.

4)She thinks that Van Morrison is one of the most under rated singer songwriters of all time.

5)and...She makes over 100 grand a year.

Screw you,"Save Money.Live Better."