Monday, February 16, 2009

Where's Don Williams?


Tim Chaney said...

I thought the guy with the red guitar was Joe Walsh for a minute. Don't think I've ever seen Clapton in shorts.

12 days until election day Yeah! I'm taking one weekend off damnit. If I win that is!

Goldrush... you know just from most posts how long I have stressed over the upcoming ServSafe test on 3/5 and 3/6. LoL today I found out there is no test after the classes WTF?

This class is more focused on how to teach the course and a lot of mock classroom and powerpoint presentaion experience. At the end I will recieve the books, instructor handbooks, two CD-ROM's and all the materials and tools I will need to teach the class.

I will have to take an online test when I'm ready, that will give me ALL the time I need to prepare and watch the CD-ROM's. Play them while I'm sleeping too. When I take the test it is an open book exam from right here at home.

Crap I should have been over this, all that worrying for nada. Life is good and may even get a lot better!

afterthegoldrush said...

Was that Albert Lee(not to be confused with Alvin Lee)?
I was channel surfing last night and happened to land on Pac14,just as you were beginning your interview.I stayed for the entire hour.
Of the four candidates presented,I would have to rank them in the order of their appearance.

Tim Cheney(not to be confused with Dick Cheney): A-
*Knows what he is talking about(well informed).

Eugenia Shields: B+
*Knows what she is talking about(well rehearsed).

Ralph McIntire: C-
*I have no idea what he is talking about(but funny as hell).

Cynthia Polk: D
*No one knows what she is talking about and no one ever will(as those records are sealed).

Tim Chaney said...

LoL I had to call and tell them my name was spelled wrong, my fault for not proof reading what Tom wrote down.

It also affects people trying to get to my web site when they have it spelled wrong.

That was my best performance so far, no crib notes either! Today was the Chamber of Commerce, a lot of big dogs there money wise and the questions were a lot harder than I expected but didn't do bad for a nobody!

It was just myself, Jim Ireton and Debbie Campbell today (Intentional no opposition, not a debate) and that's why I thought it would be a crapshoot. NOT~!

As a watchdawg it was easy to cherry pick the issues that I cared about the most, now I'm expected to be far more in tune with the council as a whole and that's hard to do when they don't always recieve timely information themselves : P