Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I stumbled upon his comedy special last night on HBO.
I know, I know, I'm the last person on earth to discover this great comedic mind.
Better late than never.


Tim Chaney said...

LoL The funny's I often forget. I'm up at an odd hour, soon to go back to sleep soon, had to get up and fill the humidifiers with water.

I did the Career Firefighters last night forum last night. Man I aced it. That was an issue that was on the forefront when I worked to help get Terry Cohen elected, once again not even crib notes. I've had those issues burned on my brain since 2007.

I went 5 for 5 and felt like I had hit 4 home runs and a triple. After what happened after Louise Smith this is just great, a few are even going to hold signs for me on election day at the polls.

They won't endorse anyone until after the primaries however I was told straight up I'm the #1 candidate and I felt like one of the guys. I've also been invited to take a ride with them some night soon. I need to schedule my Sheriff's ride one night soon.

These guys were great, made me feel like part of the brotherhood. Man what a feeling, I finally made my best performance hands down! That's what I really needed more than money, a good shot of confidence!

Nite my freind.....

Tim Chaney said...

Going to take a ride with Firefighter's Union "C" shift tonight. Messy weather I bet there are a lot of accidents. My biggest fear is rsponding to a bad accident with children involved. I must man-up and see what these guys have to do on a daily basis.