Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Good Bye, My Friend

I was shocked to read in today's obituaries that an acquaintance of mine had died.
I really did not know him that well.
In fact, I probably only spoke to him a dozen times or so.
For a short period of time,we both worked for the same company and held the same position.

This past Thursday I saw him for the last time.
I knew he had been ill, but I did not think that he would pass away so quickly.
He always had a smile on his face, even last Thursday.
And he never called me by my name.

It was always...
"Hello, my friend."
"How's it going, my friend?"
"Take care, my friend."

"Take care, my friend" was the last thing that I ever heard him say.

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Tim Chaney said...

My condoleneces. I had a friend die about 10 years ago at 45, just fell out of his computer chair, heart attack, and nobody found him until his girlfriend came over about 12 hours later. That really hurt. I lost a great arrowhead hunting buddy.