Saturday, January 10, 2009

NFL Predictions

But don't bet on it!

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Tim Chaney said...

I just about have everything I need wrapped up. My treasurer will meet me Monday morning before I go to work to open a bank account. May publicly anounce by Wednesday and I'll be ready for contributions.

Won't take much money, yard signs are about $3 each, I'll need 50 to one hundred. Instead of expensive brochures I'm having index size handout cards, picture and background on one side, platform on the other and they can also be used as mailers, dual use.

If we pull a coupe de ta we really should all dance on the plaza. My first motion will be to cut bottled water in the city offices from the budget, they lied to me about their existance.

If I want to drink bottled water I'll have have to bring it from home, my city water is filtered twice before I will touch it. If city water is good enough for the taxpayers, it's good enough for city employees. If people want a better police force without tax increases, there is only one other thing to do, trim down the fat first!

Ravens Titan game ws good. GOOO Eagles!

Let's Roll! 10-9-8-6-5