Thursday, January 15, 2009

Giving'em The Business

Some say that defense wins football games.
Others say that offense wins out.
I say that penalties will determine the outcome for the last four teams standing.

I did an exhaustive search of NFL statistics concerning offense and defense for all four teams.
My conclusions:



The higher the better.

But when you put in the penalty factor,the lower the better.

PHIL +154
ARIZ +198

PITT +203
BALT +217

My prediction is a Pennsylvania "Lombardi Trophy".

I pick Philly to take it all!

But don't bet on it...and don't give 'em the business or you will lose!


Tim Chaney said...

I had this post already to send this morning and lost everything, cable TV, Internet and PHONE. I need to get this cell phone activated, I couldn't even call to tell them I didn't have squat.

Anyway, I have been a long time Eagles fan, Cunningham, Clyde Simmons, Jerome Brown, Reggie White and Al Harris.

I was born in Baltimore and when the Colts were hijacked I just wasn't going to Indiana. Before the Raven's most people here were Redskin fans, and of course I have to be different so the Eagles it is.

If the Raven's and Eagle's square off in the Superbowl we might have a 3-0 or 6-3 game, the David Ackers/Matt Stover show. I've seen Ackers kick 60 yard field goals with room to spare. In Tampa he'll be hitting them all day from 50 yards, Eagles are better in tough weather, maybe it will rain!

I also think the Eagles have been one of the best teams in the second half of this year. Have a good one.

Twirling Towards Freedom said...

I just hope the Ravens go to the Bowl [F Pitt!], and after that, I don't care.

Tim Chaney said...

I think the Raven's are got to drop Rasputinberger like a bag of dirt.

Raven's VS Eagles may be bloody! I'd bet the house on that, somebody will get busted up, just who I don't know!