Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cover Of A Cover Of A Cover

Times Are Tight (as are advertising budgets)

I would applaud the wackos at PETA, but one hand is typing and the other is shoving a ham sandwich down my gullet.
I should not call the good intentioned people at PETA wackos.They have their beliefs and I have mine.
And I believe that a rib eye steak with a side of crab imperial rocks!

At 2.6 million clams for a 30 second ad on Super Bowl Sunday, PETA pulled the ultimate in advertising stunts.
They produced an ad that was so racy(I was waiting for a cucumber to appear) that they knew that CBS would reject it.
Mission accomplished- Get your point across and save 2.6 million bucks.

Most people would probably have missed this ad if it had made the cut- you know, bathroom break...another beer run...or, stirring the chili.
But the fact that it is all over the media days before the event, makes me want to applaud PETA and run out and buy some asparagus!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Giving'em The Business

Some say that defense wins football games.
Others say that offense wins out.
I say that penalties will determine the outcome for the last four teams standing.

I did an exhaustive search of NFL statistics concerning offense and defense for all four teams.
My conclusions:



The higher the better.

But when you put in the penalty factor,the lower the better.

PHIL +154
ARIZ +198

PITT +203
BALT +217

My prediction is a Pennsylvania "Lombardi Trophy".

I pick Philly to take it all!

But don't bet on it...and don't give 'em the business or you will lose!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Turn This Thing Around

This past year has been one for the record books in my opinion.
I don't have to tell any of my few visitors what I am talking about.

I have informed my superiors at work that I no longer want to continue in my present position.
My position has been posted and if some fool wants it, I will be relieved of my duties and I will move to the other side of the store to put out a "raging fire".

The move out of management will incur a 16% cut in hourly pay.
In actuality, I may take home $20 less each week due to the fact that it was not possible to schedule myself a 40 hour work week due to operating requirements in my department.

I hope this change will make 2009 a much better year.

I can't believe that I have never posted this band on this blog until now.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The fog comes
On little cat feet.

It sits looking
Over harbor and city
On silent haunches
And then moves on.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Greatest Song Ever?

I googled the title on youtube and found the following.
I can't argue with the fact:Can You?