Friday, February 29, 2008

Dreams To Remember

Down the Road a Piece

Happy Intercalary Day

Every 4 years, we get a day that does not exist in normality. Somewhere back in history, the Sun God told us mortals that we had to keep up in regards to the rotation of our orb, as we were falling behind several hours each year. Us mortals are anal when it comes to perfection, so we corrected the problem and created Leap Day.
I was not born on the 29th day of February and have no idea of the pain that those "intercalactic" babies have had to endure.
Get used to it Elizabeth...cause life ain't fair no matter what day you are born.

Steph-Look on the bright side: by the time you are legally old enough to get your license,the insurance rates will be really low and affordable.

Enough of this SHIT!!!

I was trolling and found a good song that led me to a great singer.

The Eagles

Etta James

Thursday, February 28, 2008

You Can't Please Everyone, So You've Got To Please Yourself !

In a nutshell, here is my advice. Fuck the gov't, the corps. and everything else. The only entity that cares about you and matters is family:

"And You Wonder Why I Drink At Night " - Bob Barker

I searched for this audio clip on youtube that was stated by Mr. Television. I ain't in television, but I understand where he is coming from. In the lowlife job that is my livelihood, I have to deal with the same fuckin' thing: Dimwits! The difference is that he is a multi-millionaire and could have retired years ago and I barely scrape by with the pittance that I am paid.I am about at the end of my rope with the situation that I have had to endure at my job site.I have excelled at any job that I have undertaken, but I don't want to be job hunting at this stage in my life. However, if the Company does not step up and enforce their own rules, I have no other alternative.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Where Are Our Heroes?

First of all, I have no heroes. I have had people in my life that have taught me things in business and in life, but I don't consider them heroes.

People in the public eye are expected to be held to a different standard than the head fry cook at the local greasy spoon restaurant. Why? Because the public pays them big buck$ to perform on and off the field.


Congress is sticking it's imperfect nose in to every sports venue that you can imagine. My advice to Congress is this: Butt out! "People in glass houses should not throw stones".

If I was to pick a sports hero it would not be Clemens, Bonds or McGuire. It would be Mays, Ripken or Cheeks.

Cheeks? Who is Cheeks, you ask? He was an NBA point guard for 15 years. He ranks 8th in assists and was considered an "unselfish player".

Maurice "Mo" Cheeks is my sports hero. The following video ranks 1st in assists in my book!

Monday, February 25, 2008

My Last Editorial : It's Fictional, Not Factual!

I read on the internet about a scandal in the county of Parody. It has been alleged that the operator guy of the county dump had an arrangement with the owner guy of a local "Rent To Own" store. Whenever a county truck brought in a couch, chair or mattress that had been dumped on the side of the road, the operator guy would call the owner guy to send over a truck to pick it up. It is alleged that the owner guy of the "Rent To Own" store paid the dump guy pennies on the dollar for the value of the merchandise and then charged 1000% to lowlifes without credit to sit and sleep on throwaways. Don't miss a payment or your neighbor will have your shit.

Not much of a story, huh? Over the weekend the story took an unexpected twist.

The dump guy's boss, public works guy went to his boss, county exec guy and tendered his resignation.

I have the video here. Is he referencing the mayor guy while accepting his underling's resignation?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My First Editorial : It's Personal, Not Political !

Actually, this entire blog is an editorial if I understand the definition of the word. If I am the sole publisher, editor and writer, then everything here is my opinion (and I am very opinionated).

First of all, YouTube is not cooperating today. Since posting music videos was not an option,I had three choices. Clean the toilets, clear my "bookmarks" of old vids or just write a post about something in the news that I have an opinion about. #1 will have to wait.#2 I took care of.On with #3.

The local County District Attorney was arrested and charged with DUI. The local internet was abuzz with opinions and mudslinging. The mudslinging was basically of a political nature. The D.A.'s foes, whether due to the fact that they want him and his political party out of that office or due to the fact that they lost a case that his office prosecuted are just wrong.

Also wrong are those that call for his resignation under the "How Dare He" umbrella. How dare he have the nerve to get behind the wheel of a car after consuming alcohol. He should know better because he is the "top" law enforcement official in the county.

Of course he knew better! We all know better. I knew better almost a decade ago when I was arrested and charged with DUI. My case was put on the stet docket for lack of evidence. I was guilty of getting behind the wheel of a car after consuming alcohol and I admitted it to the Officer. I had spent the previous two months ferrying my sister back and forth to the hospital for a multitude of tests that confirmed her original suspicion: terminal cancer. She died. The following week was spent making arrangements and notifying friends and family. The Saturday after the family buried my sister, a good friend of mine called. He knew what I had been through and we went out for a few drinks and dinner. It was on my drive home that I met the Officer.

Shit Happens! Some people drink alcohol to relieve the pain. Some people do drugs to relieve the pain. Some people over eat to relieve the pain. And, some people blog to relieve the pain.

My point here in my first editorial is that people make mistakes because people are human. After all, we don't elect robots, we elect human beings.

I will try to post a song that my sis liked, if youtube is cooperative.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Willie Cobbs/Duane Allman

Willie Cobbs wrote a song called "You Don't Love Me". It included the line: "What those young girls will do to you". I will not elaborate on this point. I will elaborate on this point. DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!. Stay home and drink. Stay home and leave those young girls alone.Stay home, and listen to some Allman Brothers.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Label me what you wish.
I am a rock?
I am a brother?
I am an anchor?

Every family needs an anchor, and I am that rock. I did not ask for this task , but I accept it.

Salisbury is Nifty, But China is More Thrifty...

But God is on our side!
(This post is gonna suck, but it's all I've got at the moment).

There is a "Flophouse" of a motel on Rte. 13 in the middle of Salisbury and they advertise. Not on T.V., radio or in the print media. They use a point of purchase sign. I was stopped at the light by this travel lodge today and was intrigued by the advertisement on their sign. I read-

God Is Good
$4 And Up

I can't argue with the first line. God is good if that is what it takes for you to walk the straight and narrow.

The second line threw me off.

What is $4 and up? If I was driving thru town from out of state and was drowsy (how else would you have missed the Bypass signs) and I came to a motel who's rates started at $4, I might pull in. I assume for $4 you would sleep in a broom closet and your complimentary "continental breakfast" would be an out of date Twinkie.


Are they advertising for the real business that keeps this "Flophouse" afloat?

If I was ever lonely enough to pay for sex, I would not go to this area of town looking for some crack 'ho. I would go to China and pay 25 cents on the dollar. Actually, I would go to a local bar and look for a "fat chick", as I am a thrifty guy and I ain't paying no airfare to get laid.

Damn, when did Eddie cut his hair? I need to read the newspaper more often!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Opinions Are Like Assholes, Everybodys Got One !

I was listening to "The Don & Mike Show" today and they had a bit about the "Worst Songs Ever". Granted it was a thesis by a college student who pretty much hit the nail on the head for an early twenty something. His #1 pick for the "worst" song ever was "Honey" by Bobby Goldsboro. If given time, I could argue the point and find a "Worst(er)" song. But the song "Honey" did suck. The college student mentioned a few others. One by Nine Inch Nails that I will give him the benefit of doubt on, as I am not a fan of that genre. I do take to task his inclusion of the song "The River" by B. Springsteen. How can you include the title song to one of the greatest albums by one of the greatest songwriters in my lifetime in your list of "worst " songs ever? How? Because you are still wet behind the ears. One of his top "worst" songs is probably my favorite by Kenny Rogers and the First Edition. What the hell do kids know? Creepy, you're a twenty something. Does this song deserve to be on that list? Listen and enjoy, I will!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Firsts" : A Series (Pt.2)

My first car and the first episode of "The New Price Is Right" collide!
My first car was a Chevrolet Vega Hatchback(1972).
Connie, the first winner on that show, was either lucky or the "fix" was in. I think the "fix" was in to jump start the ratings. I think a congressional hearing is in order. Connie, after picking the #5 and the #3, one # away from winning the range, miraculously chose the 4 #'s that won her that piece of shit car. I will post the previous, but I need a really good song from 1972!

How about the #1 song from 1972?

"Firsts" : A Series (Pt.1)

I was a real devil when I was a kid. I guess my family could have benefited by a daily dose of Ritalin in my breakfast orange juice. I thank the Higher Power that this medication was not available 40+ years ago. I have polled my existing family members and they feel the same way as I do: They would not have wanted to miss any of my antics!
My father, who always liked to have the latest gadget that money could buy, came home one day with the first television that included the first wireless remote control. It was a beautiful Zenith cabinet console. After the original electronics died, my parents gutted the TV and inserted portable televisions into the cavity. My mother loved that mahogany cabinet.
Back to the real story. The Zenith Space Command was the first wireless remote control. The features were minimal : ON/OFF, CHANNEL UP/DOWN and VOLUME UP/DOWN. It was the last feature that brought out my impish personality. I would hide behind the sofa with the remote in hand when my Dad was watching T.V. I would systematically turn the volume down until he got out of his chair and walked to the set to turn it up (muttering curse words about the $$ he paid for a state of the art television that didn't work worth shit). My mother finally hid the remote from me after catching me in the act. My dad died in 1981. If he was alive today and had internet access, he would comment on this post as follows: Give Him A Double Dose Of Ritalin!

"Firsts" : A Series (Pt.O)

"Firsts" is a series of 'firsts' in history and their relevance in my life. The following music holds no relevance to me, as I possess not a single album, cassette or compact disc that this band recorded. However, they are still going strong almost 3 decades after this 'first' song from their 'first' album premiered (the fact that I never purchased what they were selling does not mean that I don't like them).

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Springsteen At Seventeen ?

If Bruce Springsteen had had a garage band, I assure you that they would not have sounded this good. However, I would almost bet that their song list would have included some if not all of these songs. Check out the band's headgear. The Boss' garage band could have been named "Woolly and the Pimp Daddies"!

The Good Red Book (Pt. 2)

If at first you don't succeed, then try try again.

What I found on youtube while searching for the J. Geils Band sucked. I will post one of them performed by J. Geils. The music is "Give it to Me" but the video, let me put it this way. Click play and go wash the dishes while you listen to it.
The other videos are songs that J. Geils recorded. They were covers that were written by the likes of John Lee Hooker, Smokey Robinson, Otis Rush and Eddie Floyd.

Like I said, if at first you don't succeed, then try try a different route.

Here is the real music that the Nicholas Brothers were dancing to in the 3rd video."Jumpin'Jive" by Cab Calloway.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Good Red Book

Nothing exciting or noteworthy happened today. The day went rather smooth, considering the fact that I was off yesterday. No inspiring post came to mind on the ride home from drudgery aka work. I did collect some groceries and plan on a "Stir-Fry" for dinner tonight that will be tasty as usual.
I got home and after "clearing the house", sat down at the computer. I grabbed the "Good Red Book"(The Rolling Stone Record Guide) and randomly opened it up. I said to myself, "Self, you will post the best entry on the two pages that you randomly selected". I got lucky. I happened to open the book to pages 146/147. The "G's"! (Crystal) Gayle, (Gloria) Gaynor,Genesis etc. Actually Genesis was not that bad of a band. They just weren't my kind of music. On page 146, I did find a band that played my kind of music: "Rock and Soul". This band was a staple on every 8-track and at every party in the mid '70's. If you put one of their songs on, even the shyest of wallflowers could not stop themselves from getting up and cutting a rug on the dance floor.
This band's first albums included very good covers of some very good songs by some of the greatest "Black" songwriters in our lifetime. I just hope that I can find what I am looking for on youtube. Wish me luck!

No Luck! Ef them! It's a shame that I could not find what I was looking for!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Congress and Sports

Go together like oil and water.
Why are our elected officials "puffing up their chests" and questioning steroid use in MLB and soon to be video taping by the New England Patriots of a walk through before a Super Bowl that they won.I'll tell you why. Because "puffing up their chests" is what Congress does best.

I am afraid that Congress will call me to explain how I was able to throw two consecutive ringers in a friendly game of horseshoes. I arrived a party just as the host was interrupted by a phone call. The other three asked me to throw his shoes, so they could start the next game. The host and his partner were trailing 20-15 and the next throw was a mere formality. Not today,Boys!

I am afraid that Congress will call me to explain how I was able to bowl a 212 game in 1978.Don't bother.I admit that I was under the influence of a mind altering drug.I was stoned,so what? And yes I picked up a 7-10 split.

I am afraid that Congress will call me to explain how I was able to hit a shot out of a sand bunker that was two times taller than me and the ball went in the cup on the final hole. I was just lucky on that one shot.If I remember correctly,I was 17 over par for nine holes.

I am afraid that Congress will call me to explain how I was able to pitch a near perfect game in a Little League game that propelled us into the championship game that we won.Don't bother: I had a mean slider.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love Songs

I've been in love a few times in my life. That's how I can tell you what year and month a certain song came out. I hear the song and think of the beautiful girl that I was dating, engaged to or married to at the time. Beautiful is the key word here, as I never settled for less. That is why I am alone today: I am old and beautiful wants nothing to do with me. That's cool with me.I have my memories and the following songs in order.

This one's for me,

Saint Valentinus Was Buried Today

Google Saint Valentine and you figure it all out. What I read was a bit confusing. I did read just enough to convince me of my longstanding belief: Valentine's Day is just another second tier "holiday" propagated and perpetuated by "Big Business" to propel their profit margins. This day is for those who are in love and/or married. I guess if you are in love and married, you want to make this day extra special for that special someone. If you are /or married, you better not come home empty handed or that special someone will be pissed! had a youtube-like video on their site today. It showed locals recalling their "first kiss". It was pretty cool. Most recall their first kiss in the sixth or seventh grade while playing a version of the game "spin the bottle" or "post office". Do you remember your "first kiss"? Does the recipient of your "first kiss" remember or misremember "it"? I bet Roger Clemens' "first kiss" recipient is in category 2.

I remember my first kiss. I was in the 5th grade. My older sister had a crush on one of my best friends(Gary E.). Her best friend(Joyce T.) had no crush on me nor I on her. But to appease Sis, we all double dated. I remember kissing Joyce T. on the couch in her parents living room. It was my first and last kiss with Joyce T.

3 years later, me, Sis and our family moved away.

6 years later, Joyce T. caused quite a "stir" in my old hometown. She fell in love with another student. He was a star on the high school football team. He was a good student. He was a great guy. But, there was only one problem. He was not white!

They did get married in the early 1970's and moved to California. As far as I know they will be celebrating their "Ruby Wedding Anniversary" soon.

Good for you Joyce T. and to everyone who has found their "true love". This second tier holiday is not for you, as you live it everyday.



Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Clip Show

According to the local internet news, the WCBOE has whittled down to 3 the final applicants for superintendent. None are local (which may be a good thing as we need new and unbiased ideas). Here are the 3 choices for "Wicomico's Idol". You decide!

Idol #1 is from Minnesota and is "old school"(note the use of flash cards).

Idol #2 is from Colorado and the majority of voters in this state's primary last week voted for Tab Hunter.Count #2 out as Mr. Hunter is the only one with a responsive brain scan.Here's the proof-

Idol #3 is from New Jersey. He is 70 years old and is most likely retired and living a comfortable life. Hey Joe,are you bored? (We need you).Do you need a challenge?(We v'e got one). Name your price. We have million$ floating around in cyberspace.P.S.- Bring your bat!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

John Lee Hooker (1917-2001)

" I don't play a lot of fancy guitar. I don't want to play it. The kind of guitar I want to play is mean, mean licks". - John Lee Hooker

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Where's Myday?

Sun..Mon...Tues...Wednes...Thurs...Fri...Sat...DAY. Where is My...DAY? I need a day off! If I was elected President, my first executive order would be to change the calendar to include 8 days a week. Myday would fall between Saturday and Sunday and absolutely nothing would happen on Myday. No business, no internet, no nothing. The entire country would shut down. You could sleep in until the rooster crowed. You could read a book by candlelight. You could talk to your kids, instead of letting the T.V. raise them . Oh, what a wonderful world it would be if I was President. Ain't gonna happen, as I have too many skeletons in my closet that 60 minutes could expose in 30 seconds. Like I would ever date you, Katie Couric.( I need a real pretty face-Newman).

Here's the noise.

Even a blind spider catches a fly every now and then

Preface: In my attempt to write grammatically correct and factually correct posts, I am forever clicking File...New Tab to assure correctness. I typed in the title of this post in quotes and found one entry on Google. It was from this blog and a post that I did last month. My .000015 second of fame!

This is my first post in a few days. I went to the Book and started browsing. No, not the Good Book(Bible). Not the Blue Book (AA). The Red Book- The Rolling Stone Record Guide. I opened it up and threw a dart and it landed on page 225 and a group called LOVE. Dave Marsh gave them *****(that's 5 stars) for their only surviving album out of a dozen. The album was titled Forever Changes and the band Love was fronted by singer Arthur Lee. D.M. wrote ..."This is rather like a sound track from an LSD movie...the string settings are among the most gorgeous in rock history...(the album is ) Indescribably essential".

I immediately began to scribble in my note pad. I had ideas for a post about the one and only time that I traveled down that synthetic highway and about the first time that my heart got broke. I even had a title-"The Summer of '73", as both instances occurred during that time period.But why bring up bad memories? The second song of this 8 minute video is titled "A House Is Not A Motel". That brought up a bad memory that turned out good and changed my life. I was going through a tough era in my life and so was a very good friend of mine. He needed a place to stay and I opened the door. We both loved to party and the situation got out of hand. My house had become the "party house" aka a motel. I don't believe in fate, but happenstance. It just happened that one night the phone rang. It was the phone call that I was hoping for. It was the phone call that turned my house into a home.

***** from Dave Marsh warrants a look see. I don't think that you will be disappointed!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired !

What the hell can I say? My city, state, country and this world is going to hell in a hand basket! I don't even have the wherewithal to write a cogent post anymore. Even youtube sucks. All the decent versions are not available. Why do I even bother. I think that I have said just about enough. I think that I have posted every video worth viewing at least once. I think that this video may be my last. You wish! (I wish that I could write lines like this).

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sven Larson says...

I moved here almost two years ago. I was looking to retire to a "small town" that my children and grandchildren would be proud to consider as their home town. I was misled . I attended a city council meeting last night and was appalled. "mayor", please say it ain't so...please give me "a reason to believe"!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Worst Super Bowl Ever ! (Comic Book Guy)

Part 1:
Actually, it was a damn good game. Old fashioned "smash mouth" football. I knew that it would be under 55 points, but who'd have thunk that it would be that far under. I wanted New England to win for two reasons: They are my daughter's team, and I wanted to witness the perfect season, so Mercury Morris would shut up! As a Redskin fan, I now know how a Jew feels at Christmas time. It ain't my boy, but I will enjoy the festivities anyway. With 1:15 left in the game, when Eli Manning some how came out of that "scrum" and heaved the ball that David Tyree some how caught on his helmet, I knew that it was over. With :01 left in the game, I thought that it would never end! The "Hoodie"( I liked the new look) had already conceded. What's the big deal Refs, you don't get paid until the clock reads :00. Here is the play that doomed the perfect season and reversed the brother /father references in the future. I'm Eli's brother/ I'm Eli's father.

Part 2:
I loved and hated(make that disliked, as hate is too strong a word)the halftime show.Tom Petty sounds as good or better as he did 25 years ago, when I saw him live in Philly. The part that I disliked was the makeup of the audience that raced to the stage.The frenzy was unbelievable.If I had been at Super Bowl XIV and the Beatles had reunited for one last show as the halftime entertainment, I would have been just as frenetic,but I witnessed their rise to fame. My point is that the vast majority of this audience was not even born when Tom Petty was making these hits.I equate it to me racing to the stage in the early 1970's to see Rudy Vallee perform.I guess that I am just a warped, frustrated old man.I guess I need to lighten up. After all, Who sang "Hey,Hey,Bye,Bye...Rock and Roll will never die".Why that was Neil Young. Take it away,Tom!

Part 3:
I sat through the entire game. I did not get up to use the bathroom one time.However, thanks to FOX 21,I missed a lot of the commercials that were discussed around the water cooler today.I didn't see that one! I didn't see that one either! What I did see were bloopers from the Preston Auto Group.You know that goofy looking guy and his young daughters that keep the local media flush in ad revenue.Bloopers? Every commercial that they ever made was in this category. Of the "real" commercials that FOX 21 let me see, here are my favorites: the last is the best(clowns freak me out too!).

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Strike the Bet!

Call your bookie and cancel your bet! I was wrong. A V and an L look similar. Damn Romans! As smart as they were, you would have thought they they could have learned to count with numbers.I looked at the wrong page. My 27-17 sure bet was the outcome of Super Bowl XVII, not XLII. Whatever. If you lose your Double Wide it's your own damn fault. A rule of thumb, when it comes to betting is this: Only wager what you can afford to lose. I can't afford to lose squat, so I wagered nothing.Some chick is singing the National Anthem as I type, so I gotta go. I will leave you with two gems from 1983. And my real prediction: PATS 28 - G.I. ANTS- 20 ?

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Do You Remember the Future?

Imagine if you had a sports almanac that was printed the day before tomorrow. You would know the outcome of Super Bowl XLII.
You could fly to Vegas and "Bet the Ranch".
You could call your boss and tell him or her what you really thought of their management skills.
You could lock the front door, book a flight to sunnier climates and never look back.
I was never a betting man, but I know the winner and the final score of Super Bowl XLII (And what's wrong with making a few bucks on the side!).

I have not gone to
My boss already knows what I think of him.
My front door is always locked, however I am still inside.

Here is tomorrow's outcome for those who want to place a bet. I may still bet the ranch, but I am not sure if all that money would make me happy. I would most likely end up like the typical lottery winner: Double wide to Mansion, then back to Double wide. Oops, I got the book! I could just place another "for sure" bet and be right back in the Mansion.

New England Patriots-27
New York Giants-17

Bet the ranch on the Giants plus the points(12) and the under (55).

See you in Antigua!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Me(n)ta(l)phorically Speaking, I am The Tortoise

O.K., alright, I am a little slow to cross the finish line. I had to take summer school after the 3rd grade. GW Bush kicked my ass on the SAT's. I triple the tax at a restaurant to calculate my usual 15% tip (you servers will now be getting 3% more out of me).

The proprietor of the blog: "Blast From the Past-Blowin' in the Wind" has evidently decided to call it quits. He has not posted since Tuesday of this week. I went back to that last post today and it all came to light. I told you I was a little slow.

If he has called it quits, then I would like to thank him for the enjoyment that his blog brought to me. When I did not have a clue( musically) of what to post, I would go to his blog and find the answer that would jump start my memory. I will also miss his comments here. As long as someone commented, I knew I had at least one reader. Make that at least two readers, as I read what I write (That point is debatable.You read what you write and still click PUBLISH POST?).

It is possible that his blog will return. It is possible that he is converting from dial-up to cable. Anything is possible. Well, almost anything. I doubt that I will live to see the day that a cable company will tell you that your appointment is set for 9:30 am on Feb.27, instead of this 2 or 3 hour window crap. Maybe, their subscribers should have the same deal when paying their bill. It might be this month, next month or the following month. Just wait, it will eventually get there!