Thursday, January 31, 2008

toPs 40 for the month

Got this song in my head yesterday. Could not remember the version that I heard back in 1964. I called my "music mentor", aka my brother and he set me straight. That man is a "human record guide". Here is to January. I don't like you, but I hope to see you again next year.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I Went...

( and did it).
I got bored.
I opened up my blog to the masses.
I posted a comment with my blog name.
I wanted to stir up some shit, so to speak.
I wanted to spread my insanity and point of view a tad farther.
I did not comment using this blog, as this is for family and friend only.
I used my other blog, as my insanity could be easily confirmed on afterthegoldrush.
I told myself, please don't go. Baby, please don't go. But I went.
I hope my family and friend will not reveal my identity, i.e. this blog.
I will refresh your memory as to my other blog with comment #1
I will entertain you with the following songs.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dear U.S. Corporations, I'm Dumb Enough. Please Don't Compound The Situation By Outsourcing Customer Service!

How dumb am I ? Read on.

In 2002, a friend of mine gave me his son's old computer. I guess it was easier than carrying it to the landfill, since the county dump was a good ten miles past my house. My daughter(the one of us with a brain) hooked it up and installed the AOL dial up. Welcome to the 21st century, Dad! This computer was so old and so "screwed up". I think Bill Gates built it in his garage back in the 70's. His name was on it, Gateway(?). To make a long story shorter, the Gateway ended up in the "Land of Dead Toys" aka, the unused third bedroom.

Off to Circuit City and a real big welcome to the 21st century and not a late 1990's poser. Unfortunately, my daughter could not come back home to "hook" it up for me. I assured her that I could handle it and that dear old dad was not dumb. First mistake! I should have waited until the next day and had her "hook" it up.

Oh, I "hooked" it up just fine. Green cable goes cable goes cetera. Insert AOL disc and follow instructions. Bingo! I was on line in minutes. Old dad was not as dumb as he and she thought that he was when it came to tech stuff.

That lasted about 3 weeks. Then I got my AT&T long distance bill. Almost 500 freakin' dollars! Yours truly had clicked on the first # available to use to access AOL. If I lived in Annapolis, it would not have cost me a cent. But I live near Salisbury and every minute we spent on line cost me a bundle, as it was a long distance phone call.

I immediately called AT&T and got no answer from customer "no" service. I followed every prompt and pushed every # on my phone that the computer voice asked me to, but I never reached a real human being. I then remembered that I had an AT&T credit card and I called it's customer service number. The lady that I talked to said that the credit card division had nothing to do with the long distance division, but she did patch me through to the appropriate # and with a bit of advice that I will always remember. Her advice: Do not say a word and do not push any will appear to be a rotary phone # and a real human voice will pick up.

I followed her instructions and she was right. A real human voice did pick up, but I could not understand a thing that she was saying. I think she was from an Hispanic country. I could not understand her , nor she me. I hung up and dialed again with the same " silent treatment". This time I got "Stephen". Yeah right! What's your last name bin Laden? CLICK!

Finally, I reached someone on the other end that spoke my language. She understood the mistake that I had made while installing AOL. She retroactively reduced my per minute rate and instead of $500, my bill was about $300. Still a hard pill to swallow for my stupidity. She told me that in her home state, AOL had only one phone # to use and if it was not your local # and wanted internet dial- up access you had to pay the piper.

Six years later, my "new' computer is as outdated as that Gateway was then. At least I now have high speed cable "hook up". I hope that the gal from AT&T( that helped me out 6 years ago) also now has cable internet access in her hometown and state.

I don't know what town she was from, but I was glad to hear a familiar voice from this state and country 6 yrs. ago.

Ya'll Come Back Now!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

B.T.O. / T.C.O.B.

I finally got a call from a telemarketer that I was more than willing to talk to. On my caller I.D. was GOODYEAR...(something or other + a phone #). The soft spoken girl (I could barely hear her) was conducting a telephone survey about my recent visit to one of their affiliates for service on my vehicle. She asked me if I had a minute or two to answer a few questions. Why not! On a scale of 1-10, I answered 10 to all but one. "Would you recommend them to a friend or relative?" I answered 15! Seriously folks, if you need new tires, an oil change or anything else related to maintaining your vehicle, I give Carl King Tires in tax free Delmar, Delaware a big thumbs up. In fact, I will give them 10 thumbs up( as I am all thumbs). Unlike most cookie cutter businesses around today, these guys specialize in QSC. In other words, they are Takin' Care Of Business!

...I wish that I could have found a better audio/video version of BTO / TCOB but I was getting an ocular migraine and picked the following for the sake of my sanity. Enjoy none the less.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Trash is Trash: There is No Free Ride!

(first of all i have no idea how gannett knew that i was going to bash them on my blog today.i had no intention of naming them per say but they made me do it.i went to their local online newspaper and was interested to see if i had been arrested for a dui.i mean if i am dumb enough to drink one beer and get behind the wheel then maybe i downed thirteen kamikazes and drove my car into their building on carroll street.i guess if that did happen i would be in jail without internet make a long story short and put a ) at the end i will make this quick.dui list- this week's arrests now reguire authentication.FUCK THEM!!!)

Driving home from work today, I got an idea for a post. Along the roadway, next to every other mailbox was an orange bag about 12" long and 6" in circumference. I have told these people to stop littering in my yard on several occasions. The littering stopped for a week or two, but resumed unabated. If I was to throw a gum wrapper out the window of my car and a cop happened to witness it, I would be paying a $1,000 fine. What the hell is the difference? The next time that I want to dispose of my old, worn out sofa, I will wrap it in orange plastic and throw it next to somebody's mail box.What the hell is the difference?

Trash is trash!

I want a free ride, too!

Friday, January 25, 2008

You Talkin' to Me?

My job sucks! Don't get me wrong. I am not a doctor who specializes in liposuction. I am an uneducated (no degree) service(retail) manager(overpaid stocker). My job sucks! It is a repetitive exercise that could qualify me for a disability check (cranial tunnel syndrome) in the future. However, there is one part of my job that I relish. It is the interaction with "my" regular customers. I have one favorite customer in mind. He is a doctor, but not of the medical profession. He has a Ph.D in Sociology (I think). He started the Conflict Resolution Center at the school that he taught at. He thinks that I have an intellect, and he said today that he would like to see me and my daughter, both receive our college degrees at the same time. My first thought was the following video.

Out loud I said, "That is not possible, as my daughter will be graduating in December".

I do have an intellect, if that means that I have got a brain cell or two rattling around in my noggin'. My purpose in life at this point is to learn something new everyday.I gotta keep that squirrel chasing that nut,so to speak.If the posting of the next video tells you otherwise,I say to you:"Even a blind spider catches a fly every now and then"!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Little HELP From My Friends - THE BEATLES

I am pissed. I am pissed at my lack of internet skills. I am pissed at the lack of compassion by the younger generation who run the internet.I am pissed at Bill Gates and Al Gore who started this whole thing. All I want to do is play spades on my computer. Is that too much to ask? If I could play card games online, I would not waste your time with this "piece of crap" of a blog that I call home. Can someone HELP me find a free Spades site to occupy my mind? If not, you will be subjected to more of the same crap.

Life is Full of Mysteries

For every question there is an answer. In some instances there are many answers. Until the one definitive answer to any one question is answered, we have a mystery. We have several mysteries in the news today.

What were those mysterious lights in the sky the other night? UFOs or USAFs?

What killed Heath Ledger? Overindulgence or the "When everybody loves you, you will never be lonely" conundrum?

What the hell is going on in the mind of the Redskins owner, Daniel Snyder? Would an MRI brain scan reveal an overdeveloped frontal lobe or a squirrel on a treadmill chasing a nut on a string?

The biggest mystery today (since today is Neil Diamond's 67th birthday) is "The Mystery of 'Sweet Caroline' and the Sox."

I'm back ( The phone rang and the only way to stop the annoying ring is to pick it up and say "Hello". If an Elizabeth Shaeffer is reading this blog, your glasses are ready at Sears Optical).

Google npr+sweet caroline and you will hear first hand what I'm talkin' 'bout.

Here a few tidbits that I gleaned from Susan Orlean's investigation.

Why do people in Boston boil their meat? Why are they so fond of whale embroidery on their pants? And then there is the singing in the middle of the 8th inning at Fenway Park. Of course in Baseball, there is singing at every ball park. The National anthem and "Take Me Out To The Ballgame". But at Fenway...It's not the singing, it's the song!

There are many theories concerning the origination of the playing of "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond at Red Sox home games in the middle of the eighth. Here are three. Personally, I think the last one is closer to being the definitive answer. You decide.

1) It's a Kennedy thing. Boston/JFK/Daughter named Caroline. WRONG! This one is "dead in the water". The song has been played at Fenway since 1998. Not until several months ago, did Mr. Diamond reveal that the subject of the title was Mr. Schlossberg's wife and sweet(ie).

2) It was a tribute for a man that worked in the music programming department at Fenway. His wife had just born him a daughter, that they named Caroline. Hmmm? Makes more sense than 1).

3) Amy, the music director at the ballpark who played the song for the first time, supposedly did so for only one reason and one reason only. She just liked the song. That is definitive enough for me. One less mystery for me to ponder.

Ponder this: One song, 2 vids and multitudes of vocalists. You decide.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Broken Thoughts

I sprained my brain, so I will not be posting any words until further noticcccccccccccccccccccccccccc

Survey says...

"That man is never happy for the present is so true, that all his relief from unhappiness is only forgetting himself for a little while. Life is a progress from want to want, not from enjoyment to enjoyment."(SJ)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Say What ?

I got this shit all figured out. I have deciphered the Holy Grail. I have the answer to the question that has perplexed the human race for generations. The secret of life? Oh, Hell no! I have known that for over twenty years. I have hit PLAY and PAUSE on this song so many times that my fingerprint is permanently embedded. I now know the answer and it is what I thought it crown their asses!

Answer? Nothing! Enjoy none the less...

But It Seems the Good, They Die Young.

I just looked around and he was gone...

Riddles and Answers

1) Q(ueue)- their answer, (aitc)H, my answer.

2) One groove per side- think "scratch" and "skipping".

3) NO! Barfy should not take the bet. Mamie would pick up the bowl, drink the double scotch, and pay Barfy $1 for her $10 drink. (I like T.C.'s Dad's trick better!)

4) 1/4 pound. The easy way to solve this is to remove one can of beer from each side.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Blizzard of '08

Every morning I have my routine. I wake up around 5 a.m., get a cup of coffee, turn on the television and check the "Local on the 8's" weather forecast. Then I press 31 on the remote to see what I missed in the world of sports while I was sleeping. This time of the year, the NBA dominates the scroll at the bottom of the screen. I have never been a fan of professional round ball, but this year is different. I am looking for a Celtics win, a Pistons loss and (I don't believe I am typing this) a Lakers win. Methinks Kobe finally realized that he had four other mates on the hardwood that wore the same colors. Now back to the point(not the point guard). Every Saturday, unless I am on vacation, I go to the grocery store. What the f@#k was going on! The joint was hoppin'. A shopper said that the local weather man had predicted 4-6 inches of snow! Heaven forbid, you would have thought that the end of the world was imminent! I know, I know, any mention of that 4 letter word around here and the stampede is on. Bread, milk and toilet paper are the three must haves during such a disaster. Bread? Sure, it is the staple of life. Milk? Why not. If Cal Ripken, by chance, happens to skid off the road and into a ditch next to your house during this snow storm of the century and knocks on your door. You sure as hell don't want to reply in the negative when he asks, "Got Milk?". Toilet paper? TOILET PAPER? Does a dusting of snow give the normal person the "shits"? Maybe if you ate the "yellow snow", but Frank Zappa told me not to (that and where dental floss grows). I have not lived in any other area of the country except the Delmarva Peninsula, so I don't know if the inhabitants in other regions "freak out" as most here do. Unfortunately, by the time I went shopping, the shelves had been stripped. It was like a swarm of locusts had descended upon the store. So for dinner tonight, I will be having Creamed Eels, Corn Nog and Wadded Beef. All three are "out of date". I hope my dinner doesn't give me the "shits" or I will be wiping my butt with some brown paper towels that I stole from the store's rest room. After witnessing yesterday's stampede (and the general girth of the participants involved) at the grocery store, I have come to the following conclusion about this region that I call home. Eating is not a necessity, it is a hobby!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008

Who Do You Like? (tomorrow's post today)

Who do you like on Sunday? The home teams or the point spread? I don't bet on games of sport because it is illegal and immoral. Pick a frickin' team and cheer for them. If you want to make money with no sweat involved, then fake an injury and collect disability or get knocked up every other year by a different sperm donor and live off of the backs of those of us who do sweat out a living! Enough of my anti- Democratic (socialist) rant. Back to the Games!
Last weekend, I picked all the homies to win, but not by the spreads. Two homies won and I was 1-3 against the spread. Those dudes in Vegas know what the hell they are doin'! Of course they do, that's what they do for a living. I will go out on a strong and sturdy limb here and pick the next winner of Super Bowl XLII. But don't bet on it! My pick is the New England Patriots over the Green Bay Packers by 8. I usually pick a song to end my worthless posts with. Today my pick was "Who Do You Love" by Quicksilver Messenger Service. I could not find exactly what I was looking for, but I did find the following on youtube that reminded me of myself at 15, playing along to Savoy Brown. Shit, if I was one-tenth as good as this kid is I would not be amusing myself on this blog today.Here is the future and the past...but don't bet on it!!!


What is a five letter word in the English language whose pronunciation isn't changed by removing four of it's letters? (note: I got this one wrong,but at the same time I was right.I am going to write a letter to this company's head quarters and let them know that they were only half right).

How many grooves are there on a standard 33 1/3 record album that has six songs on each side?

Mamie and Barfy sat down at the bar. Mamie ordered a double bourbon and Barfy ordered a double scotch. Mamie bet Barfy $1 that she could put a bowl over Barfy's scotch and then drink it without touching, directly or indirectly, the bowl, the scotch glass, or the bar. And, Mamie added"I will not have anyone or anything assist me." Is this a good bet for Barfy to take and why?

A balance scale is perfectly balanced when there are three cans of beer on one side of the scale and one can of beer and a one-half-pound bar of gold on the other.Since all the cans of beer are exactly the same size and weight, how much does one can of beer weigh? (note: explain your answer in the most simplistic reasoning).

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Fruit Does Not Fall Far From The Tree? (?)

I may be wrong here! I read on the local online version of the local newspaper about a duo from Salisbury that has been invited to play their musical parodies for the Huckabee campaign in South Carolina. I know nothing about Huckabee or South Carolina. And honestly I could care less.The fact that a local boy with a local musical background peaked my interest, because his last name was spelled with only one "b".
A lifetime ago, my brother (who was home from college) heard the previous music coming thru the bathroom window one summer day.He asked me if Jimi Hendrix had rented the mansion behind our house.I replied that it was probably Stan,who lived on the other side of the mansion.A decade later, Stan and his younger brother Bart formed the band: Crash Davenport.They were pretty good, but never made the big time.Stan returned home,got married and went in to the financial biz.I have no idea what biz Bart went into.Is it possible that he is the father(and professional musician) of 1/2 of this duo? I may be wrong, but the one "b" makes me think otherwise.Either way, here is RobinsMatt from Youtube.

Good for them. I prefer the following 4 songs that I wish that I could find on Youtube.

Side 1

Side 2

That's O.K.
My cassette player works just fine!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm Outnumbered!

There are only ten numbers in existence, a shit load of words in the dictionary, more songs on the internet than you can shake a stick at and I have only one life that I have lived.I need to take a vacation just so I can reread my entire blog, so I don't retell a story from my past. Have I written a post titled "Fast Food Trippin' " or "The D.J. that could not say NO!"? I have searched my blog and I think that I have two more stories to tell. Until then, enjoy forty % of those numbers!!!!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008


"The memories of a man in his old age...are the deeds of a man in his prime." I can't recall who made that quote, but I venture to say that it was an old man. A "running" buddy of mine used to say it back in the day, when we were in our prime and quite foolish. In the early 1970's, when I still lived at home, he would call the house to make plans for the evening. My mom would answer the phone and would holler that it was for me. I would holler back, "who is it?". Her pat reply was "It's Trouble McGee". I guarantee, that when I called his parents house, his mother had the same reply. They knew! They knew that when both their sons got together, all rational thinking flew out the window. Together, we would do things that neither would do individually or with another buddy.But, when the 2 "Troubles" got together, it was Katie bar the door! On with the memories.

The Saddle Club:
This bar was on N.Division St. across from the current GOB. If memory serves me correctly, it was downstairs in that block of buildings.This was one of the first "juke joints" that I went to. I can't recall any particular performance down there, but Stan may have played.If he did it may have been the following song(?).

Jean Pierre's:
If this joint was not in the basement of The Wicomico Hotel building, then I probably fell down that flight of stairs on more than one occasion, instead of falling up them.They had a drink dispensary at each end of the V shaped floor plan. Southern Iron and The Great Train Robbery were staples there.One of those bands did the following song, but I would not bet on it!

My Brother's Place:
It was a short-lived venture in the early eighties. For me it was nirvana.I went to school with the doorman/bouncer and the bartender.I was out there almost every night and it never cost me a cent. No wonder they were short-lived! I have no idea what band rocked the house in 1980? There was a band whose drummer kept his back and kit to the wall.I will leave you with these two songs from 1980, so I can review the last and possibly the best music bar from my prime.



The Holiday Inn:
Did that place not ROCK in the early 80's!!! No wonder so many "Baby Boomers" who traveled thru the 'bury back then and stayed at one of the few motels in town wanted to relocate here.The livin' was cheap and we knew how to PARTY! The Charles Dickens Band was a regular and so was this song.The leader of the band used to preface the following song with a dedication.He dedicated it to one of our Congressman who had an interest in a page to Congress.I had an interest in the bass player in that band.That chick was HOT!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

... And One Day We'll All Understand...

My sister, in her own way, informed me that Dan Fogelberg passed away on 12/16/2007. Another reason to have that annual prostate check when us guys reach our 5th decade.I have had several of these uncomfortable exams.So far so good! D.F. ain't in my 10, but he may be in my top 20 or so. Rest in Peace to both of you!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Brett Favre for President

So far I am 0-1 this weekend. The Packers covered the spread(-7.5), which means that they won the game. There was never a doubt in my mind that the Pack would lose. After going 1-4 vs the point spread last weekend, I decided to take a different tack today. I think that all the home teams will prevail, but will not cover the spread. Like I said, I am 0-1. NE is favored over JAX by 13.5 points. The game starts in 13.5 minutes. Here is a video that has as much to do with football as do point spreads in January.What ever the hell that means?

the B.A.S.(i )C.S.

(i) am posting my top 5 favorite musical performers of my lifetime.Sorry, Neil ! But I am a Southern man and we don't need you around any how.In fact, you don't even make the top 10.
This band was always a bridesmaid and never a bride. 7 times they reached #2 on the charts. A record for any act that never reached the top of the charts. Anytime that I hear their music, I remember the summer of 1969 and 57th St. in O.C. The family spent 2 weeks at the beach that year and this band was all over AM radio.

This guy was born in the same year as my older brother.My older brother always gave me the best advice when I struggled with life, as he was 5 years further down the road than I.This guy also gave me advice thru his words and music.I listened and both were right.

I have had the pleasure of seeing this band in 3 of the last 4 decades.It is possible that I can go 4 for 4, as they are still performing.They turned me on to the southern rock genre and I thank them for it.

I have two of three things in common with a great aunt of mine(she was born in the 1890's).We are genetically connected and we both heard the following song on the car radio in the mid sixties.This was my favorite song at the time.Her response on hearing this song(for the first and last time,I assure you)was not positive.I think she said something along the lines of "For Heaven's sake".I said,"Shut up and turn it up you old hag".And then out loud I said,ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!Back in the day, kids were seen and not heard.Besides,I would never disrespect my great aunt.This shit is tame compared to what my grand nephews will be listening to.My response will probably be..."What the Fuck is that noise?".Oh yeah, the third thing is that I have seen them in concert and she hasn't (she decided to stay home and play bridge).

My father was a radiophile.He came of age in the 1920's when radio was all the rage.After college, he sold advertising in the print and media market in Washington,D.C. His life long dream was to own and operate a radio station.He thought that it would be successful because he was "The Shit" when it came to selling advertisements. Wrong! He was the man that could sell ice to an Eskimo,but he was not a business man.There is a difference. Even though his radio station did not prevail, his kids did get all the latest music via promotion records before anyone else.I can say that I heard this band before Ed Sullivan did!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your relatives.

Blood is thicker than water.Even 1 micro-drop of blood is thicker than the same micro-drop of water. I have a very,very distant cousin that I have never nor, will I ever meet.And I do not care to. If my very,very distant cousin reaches the White House, I will not be dialing 1-202-456-1414 for an invitation to spend the night in the Lincoln bedroom.If I had wanted to be the Prez or a rock star, I would have done my homework and/or picked up a guitar. I would be crazy to consider either.To all my relatives, distant or close:

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Note To Self: I.M.DR.RE:B.P.APPT.

I need to contact my primary physician and cancel for the 3rd time an appointment to re-check my blood pressure.It was higher than he liked when I had my anal complete physical exam back in December (No, I did not misspell annual). Would not your blood pressure spike if you were on the verge of someone about to shove his finger up your butt? My blood pressure is fine most of the time. I have a BP wrist monitor that verifies that fact. The reason that I had to cancel again was because my backup at work has to take her 4 year old child for lab work to check the kid's cholesterol level. Gimme a break! My DR. is concerned about his patient.My backup's kid's DR. is concerned about adding an addition on to his or her house or buying a new Mercedes.Money is the root of all evil. My BP is going UP! Let me find a Band to take the load off (for at least 10 minutes)!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

WE are THE people THAT are PARENTS warned US about!

CLOSED 2 'Till Further Notice

Is this not the worst video ever? Come on now, it is the 1st weekend of the playoffs. Gimme a freakin' break! I am trying to watch the NFL and blog at the same time.I was searchin' on youtube for garage band and heard a cheer from the other room.I must have pressed b after the r and inadvertently hit publish on my haste to see the New York Giants score again.I promise it won't happen again!

The best garage band that I ever witnessed was in my hometown in the mid-60's.My brother says that the name of this band was "The Greenwich Bloos".I always refer to them as "Rat's Band".The first time that I heard them perform this song was in 1967 at The Grange Hall.The last time that I heard them perform this song was at "Rat's" 40th birthday party in 1990.Dammit, that "Rat" could sing! Here is "Rat's Band" signature cover:

Friday, January 4, 2008


this,what and the other

This weekend, in my opinion, is the beginning of nirvana.It is better than March Madness. It is better than MLB in October (and into November). It is better than all the majors in golf and tennis, all rolled into one. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL! HELL YES! This year I am really stoked. The Skins are in and I like their chances, considering the fact that they have been in the playoffs for the last 4 weeks and are the hottest team in the NFL.
Here are my picks for "Wild Card Weekend".
Minus 3 seems to be the theme this weekend in Vegas.
Seattle is a 3 point favorite over Washington.I'll take the Skins to beat the Hawks by 6.
Jacksonville is favored to beat Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh by 3. (Not in my house) I'll take the Steelers in a nail biter:35-34.
Tampa Bay(-3) will beat the Giants of New York in a low scoring game with enough turnovers to make Pepperidge Farm happy, and cover the spread.
The San Diego Chargers are 10 point favorites over the Tennessee Titans. I don't think so! Actually, I do think so! I think that L.T. will take it to the house.After all, he is the best of the rest. The rest being A.P. and C.P.(But A.P. is off work until July).
Here is the betting line, as of today, that I would take in a heart beat. The afc (New England Patriots) is a 16 point favorite over the NFC (no respect). Where do I place my bet!

Be careful what you wish for, it may come back to haunt you!
I have never been a big fan of orchestrated stardom.Either you got what it takes or you don't.I have no problem with a helping hand (think Brian Epstein).I do have a problem with these "create a star" programs that have soured my viewership of network television.I may be the only person unrelated to Britney that feels sorry for her, but I truly do.According to news sources, she is in a hospital on suicide watch.I feel sorry for her,I really do.The girl has looks and a good voice.Is it possible that her mother sold her daughter's soul to the Devil way back when? Is it possible that the Devil is now demanding repayment? Is it possible that said mother is putting her younger daughter up as collateral to keep the cash cow flowing.Only the mother and the Devil know the truth!

The other half of my brain is dust in the wind.I took several Right Brain-Left Brain Quizzes and the result was as I expected.I am right-handily,right-thinking politically and right-brained cerebrally.RIGHT ON!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Fine Art of Juggling

2. The art or process of keeping several objects in the air at one time by tossing them with the hands.
I will continue to try and keep 2 blogs in the air at one time with my mind. However this blog is my right hand and I am extremely "right brain dominated".My "left brain" did post a great song that I would like to share with you.

Six "Sense" on the Dollar.

The other day, I was at the grocery store in the express line. The line that clearly states:12 items or less. The intention of this checkout line is for shoppers with a handful of items who want to get in and out quickly. It is not for shoppers with carts over brimming with groceries, 22 year old females with 6 kids and a handful of WIC vouchers and/or Food Stamp recipients who can't remember their PIN code or their EBT card balance. Give me a freakin' break! I was unlucky enough to be behind such a person just the other day.I had 3 items in my hand and was in a hurry.It took almost 10 minutes to get checked out.First of all, she had well over 20 items on the belt.But, she had a WIC voucher for 12 cans of infant formula, that are kept behind the counter.She's up to the mid 30's item count now. WIC and EBT payed for most of her 30+ items.The $7.27 that she had to pay out of pocket, came down to a combination of $1.27 in cash and a personal check written for $5.00 (which includes the usual driver's license check and management approval). I was getting hot under the collar to say the least! And then the BITCH had the gall to ask the cashier..."What's today's date?" Before he could respond, I replied..."Lady, look at the expiration date on your milk and add 1 day!" Oh yeah, to top it all off, beforehand, she had argued with the cashier about a coupon that had expired a week prior. She was pissed because she did not get One "Sense" off the price of a candy bar. As she was FINALLY leaving she dropped a penny on the floor. I called out to her..."Ma'am, you dropped a coin." She looked down and replied to me..."So what, it's only a penny!" Fuck her! I picked the penny up and put it with the rest in the jar that I keep in my kitchen. What did Ben Franklin say..."A penny saved is a penny earned"?

Not in the state of Maryland! A penny earned,saved or picked up off the ground ain't what it used to be. As of day one of this new year, it will cost you one more penny for every dollar that you spend. It does not seem like a lot, after all it is only a penny on the dollar. I hope you have more than one jar full of pennies in your kitchen, if you plan on buying a big ticket item this year, because you're gonna need them just to break even! Better yet, just shop in Delaware. And as you are driving north across the state line, roll down your window and salute those morons to the west in Annapolis with 4 fingers down!

Where will it all end?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Music is what feelings sound like - So turn this Mother Effer Up!!!

Please Come To Phoenix

A month and a half ago, I was calling for Joe Gibb's head on a stick. I apologize for my lack of vision and faith.I have been a fan of Washington's team for near 40 years. I guess that they spoiled me with all those Super Bowl appearances. My brother never lost his faith when it came to our team. I am afraid that he has lost his faith concerning his mortality. After the Redskins trounced the Cowboys, he opined: "Maybe, I will see my team go to the Championship game one more time before I die". God,I hope so for his sake.My brother knows sports and he told me that the Skins biggest opponent in the NFC playoffs was Seattle. He thinks that if we can beat the Seahawks ,then we can go to the "Big Game". Let's hope so!
P.S.-This singer's hair ain't BLUE and SILVER...It's BURGUNDY and GOLD!


Yesterday, I took the day off. Not from my day job, (you know, the one that keeps me from living in my SUV down by the river) but from this part-time venture that pays for my sanity or advances it, I'm not sure which. On January 1, 2008, at my day job, I was getting paid "Double-Time/"Holiday Pay". I told my Boss that I was also going to work at "Half-Speed". That way, it would seem like I was making 4 times my regular rate of pay. He was not amused. Either, he did not like the fact that I was not bustin' my butt as usual or he did not get the joke. I would bet yesterday's pay on the latter. Actually, I was fulfilling the other half of my original intention when I started this blog back in August. I figure I can juggle 2 blogs at the same time. Does anyone recall the name of my new venture?