Sunday, September 30, 2007

Advise to those still wet behind the ears: I have news for you.

The bad news: You don't know shit!

The good news: You will, one day!

The proof:

How can you have any pudding, if you don't eat your meat?

I'll Be There 2 Thriller

I had the best of intentions to do a post with 2 videos.I wanted to post "I'll Be There" by the Jackson5 and "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. Well those 2 (and YouTube) were not agreeable and that pissed me off.So, I said Fuckit...Gimme some Rock 'n Roll...Gimme some Blue Oyster Cult!!! Let me tell ya- We baby boomers could "bring it" 30 years ago and we can "bring it" now! Like fine wine, you get better with age!


I heard from my childhood friend, Lookin' In, again today. She sent me some wisdom and, in a way, I sent some in her direction also.

" Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow"

From Lookin' In : Log entry (1996)

I want to know why I am here. You have never given me any indication that I know of. I'm 43 years old - pre menopausal. Cannot have children- altho I'm giving that serious thought. I think I want a child and that is really worrying me. What the Hell did you want me to do? I don't know! It's not the normal straight & narrow path of the majority- And boy do I not fit."

To Lookin' In : Thanks for the Shakespeare (it's easier to Youtube it than type it).

"Leader of the Band"

From Lookin' In: Log entry (1984) :

"Sitting here playing solitaire, thinking I must have somehow sold my soul to the devil long ago when I used to pray that my father would die because of his alcoholism. What a satiric, ironic turn of events - that I should be the one to follow in his footsteps. Boy - what a treat! And you know, nobody hates a drunk worse than the drunk herself. It's all so self defeating; but perhaps the worst thing we do is hurt the people who love us."

To Lookin' In:

Maybe you were too hard on him and way too hard on yourself.

Johnny Cash - " You'll Never Walk Alone "

Disregard the video. It is the song and the singer that is of importance.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


I TOOK OFF FOR A WEEKEND THIS MONTH.( to try to recall the whole year).

"If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane".

"If we weren't all crazy...we would go insane".

Mommy 's alright, Daddy 's alright, they just seem a little weird !

What are the four words that a blogger does not want to see or hear besides, "We have a warrant". They are: "Embedding disabled by request". Why is it that most of the best quality audio and video versions are not embedible. Embedible,that's not even a word.Kind of reminds me of high school. Like I was going to embed the captain of the cheerleading team who also happened to be the Homecoming Queen.I YouTubed "Cheap Trick" and found the "Homecoming Queen" version(4:40), however she was not bedable. I found another version(4:12) , and you know what? The more I got to know her, the more beautiful she became. It justifies that old saying: "Beauty is only skin deep". Here is my Homecoming Queen and she is beautiful:

KEEP THE FAITH ! (pt. 2)

Maybe I should believe more in the words that I post.Maybe I should have more faith in MY team.Maybe they don't SUCK.Maybe, just maybe, if the Orioles had an owner who cared less about the almighty $ and more about returning a once great franchise to becoming a contender in the American League East again, I would have more faith.Come next April, I will keep the faith. But I digress. I must admit that my "hunch" in (pt1) of KEEP THE FAITH was not holding much promise in the early innings of last night's game at Camden Yard. The Red Sox did their part, but the Yankees were having their way with the Orioles. But the Orioles battled every step of the way. They tied it up in the bottom of the 9th.The 10th inning was something to behold. With a man on third and 1 out, Oriole manager Dave Trembley instructed reliever Chad Bradford to walk the bases loaded.A smart move, considering A-Rod was at the plate.It worked. In the bottom of the 10th,with the same scenario(1 out with a man on third), the Yankees used the same strategy and it may have worked also if someone else had been at the plate. Melvin Mora must have been salivating when he saw the third baseman playing way back.He dropped a bunt up the third base line that scored the speedy Tike Redman to win the game and seal the deal for the SOX.Final note:Actually my faith came back in the middle of the 10th inning.I came back to my blog and wrote a new post titled:" How 'bout them Orioles!". The second Redman crossed the plate, I clicked PUBLISH POST !

Friday, September 28, 2007


(for an) AMERICAN (league east) GIRL.

Performed at the Concert for NYC - Sept. 2001.


It ain't over 'til the fat lady screams (and this lady don't play) !


Hopefully around 11 p.m. tonight, The Boston Red Sox will have won the American League East Division Championship. First they need to beat the Twins. Second the Yankees have to lose to the Orioles. I think that tonight's pitching match ups in the two games are the best chance for this scenario to happen. Why you ask? Just call it a hunch. The O's are 8-7 vs. the Jankees this season. Even though my team SUCKS, I would love to say just one time this season and hopefully tonight the following exclamation : " How ' bout them Orioles ! ".

Thursday, September 27, 2007

One way out

All dressed up and no where to go!

I have the whole wide world at my finger tips, yet I stay here close to home.I could venture into town, but what is there? A naysayer who constantly bashes a hermaphrodite and trolls that exclusively bash the naysayer. Been there, done there.I'll stay here at home, where it's safe and warm.


This song, that is a hymn of praise to the joys of the Oldsmobile "Rocket 88", is considered by many to be the first "Rock 'n Roll" song ever.The original version was credited to a band that did not actually exist, Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats. Brenston was a saxophonist and vocalist for the group Kings of Rhythm, who first recorded the song. "Rocket 88" was written by the headliner of that band: Ike Turner.

Wouldn't You Really Rather Have a Buick?

Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats

Yes! A '53 Buick Special !

i go by GOO GOO, but



Cable T.V. needs to think outside the BOX.

Here is an idea for a cable channel that just might work. An all porn channel that also scrolled the sports news and scores at the bottom of the screen, like ESPN does. I even have a name for this channel that utilizes the aforementioned "4 letter network", with the addition of 1 letter. Whadda ya think?

I Can't Do This Alone/ Oct.21,2001

It ain't easy coming up with ideas for new posts on a daily basis. I spend all morning searching the internet, T.V. and radio for any thing that I think my readers will find interesting and "NOW". Today I got nothing, nada. Actually that is not true. The previous post (which I have not posted yet) was the only thing that I came up with for today's post. Thanks to a commenter the day was saved! However,I have three questions for creepy.
1) What clues are you talking about?
2) Who says that this blog can't rerun a video( I think it has been done before) ?
3) What song(s) did the Goo Goo Dolls perform at United Stand We (see your 2nd comment) ? After all you were there!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

For What Shall It Profit A Man, If He Gains The Whole World, And Loses His Soul!

Subtitle: Whose business is it anyway/Who cares?
I was very lucky to get my first taste in business from two uniquely opposite men.Man #1 had the philosophy that to make money you had to spend money.Man #2 had the philosophy that a penny saved was a penny earned. I learned lessons from both men.To be successful you must meld both of these ideals together. However, I learned much more from man #3. He was hired as VP of operations. He practiced both business philosophies of #1 and #2, but displayed by his actions a more valuable business philosophy: treat your employees with respect and value them, for they are the ones that will make or break your business and your livelihood.
To:Larry the Liquidator- "Kiss my ass and rot in hell"!

Where do I want to go today?

Earlier today, I typed those same 7 words in the title box and then cleared them. I did not know where I wanted to go today. Most days I don't. For some reason a name popped up: Robin Trower. That got the ball rolling. Kind of like a little kid who goes bowling for the first time. They pick up the heavy ball with two hands and from between their legs they let it roll. It goes real slow and moves from one side of the lane to the other. With any luck, they avoid the gutter and knock down a pin or two. With a lot of luck, they knock them all down and record a strike. Well, I don't think that I have bowled a strike with this post, but the following is where Mr. Trower took me today.

When I was in grade school (1-6), I had one teacher for all subjects all day long. When I entered Jr. High School, that all changed. I would move from class to class and from teacher to teacher. One class appeared to present a problem. It was music class. I had no problem with music, but I had a problem with the music teacher. Why, you ask? Because the teacher ( Mr. M ) lived three doors down from me and my family. He was meaner than a snake. We played baseball in the field behind his house. The fence around his garden was the right field foul line. Occasionally, someone would send a ball into his garden. Whoever hit it would have to jump the fence,retrieve the ball and run like hell to get back over the fence. It seemed that Mr.M was out his back door at the crack of the bat and was yelling "you damn kids,get outta my yard". We lost many a baseball in that man's yard. I was a little apprehensive when I entered Mr. M's music class the first day. However, I was flabbergasted at what I found. Mr. M was not this old,pudgy and always frowning ogre that I had expected to encounter. Instead, he was a very happy and always smiling man(still old and pudgy). My theory in a nut shell: the ogre was his wife and music was his life.And Mr. M shined when in the presence of the "love of his life". Everyday, class ended with the playing of a 45 rpm record that one of the students had brought from home. When my day came, the following 45 rpm record by the Troggs was played and Mr. M just kept on smiling.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

If I am crazy,hear the reasons!

If I am crazy,hear the reasons!

If I am crazy,hear the reasons!

If I am crazy,hear the reasons!

If I am crazy,hear the reasons!

If I am crazy,hear the reasons!

Biased Reporting?

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are Redskins haters. They have nothing positive to say about the 2-0 Redskins.The are gushing over anything positive that the 0-2 Giants have done today.The Skins are up by 7 in the 3rd qtr. at 8:53. The Giants have the ball and I hope the Skins kick their asses all over the field 'til the game clock reads 00:00. Then, you boys can cry like that "fairy on NBC" cried on the steps of the Supreme Court , when Gore's challenge was denied! How many times do we have to count those Florida votes. Oh by the way, Shawn Taylor just intercepted Eli's pass. Just 'cause your daddy and your bro were good, it don't make you good. I'm outta here as the 4th qtr. is near.GO SKINS!

Prescience,Precognition, or Premonition ?

I know that this has happened to everybody before.It has happened to me quite a few times before. It happened again this morning on the way to work. I was listening to FM radio and a song came on that did not sound familiar, but the group did. To me it sounded like The Police. I immediately thought of my favorite song by them,"Message in a Bottle". That song conjures up visions of the English Grill, a Reuben Sandwich(chips and a pickle), a tabletop jukebox and lunch dates with an old girlfriend. The Police sound-like song ended and I hit another preset button on the radio and guess what song was playing? Another order for a Reuben Sandwich! I don't think that it is any of those "PRE" things, just stuff that happens!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

End of the Line

If there was a better actor in American cinema it may be THIS man, who was THAT man's best friend.

However, even though THIS man was always my favorite actor,THAT man would have to get my vote as America's best actor.

Red River Valley

The Ghost of Tom Joad

I'll Be There...

If there was ever a better actor or a better scene in American cinema, I'd like to know who or what!

Post script

Hose and Burr-head/PeeWee also got home safe and sound with help from some young, black gentlemen from Baltimore.They "hot-wired" Dirty's car. The keys were in Dirty's pocket the entire time!

1979...Hitchin' a ride !

(as God is my witness, I wrote these "timely " posts with the intention of posting them last to first. I have in the past screwed this up,but not this time!).

I was on vacation and decided to take a day trip back to my home town. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect it to turn into an all day, all night and well into the next morning trip!

6:10 am

I'm home and I sleep most of the day. Luckily I was on vacation!

5:11 am

I have wheels.

5:02 am

We have wheels!

4:03 am

There's a car and it stops! The elderly, black gentleman was a retired State Department employee who was going on a fishing trip in Lewes. He was not that familiar with the eastern shore, so Dirty gave him the short cut to Lewes (which just by chance went right by his parents house where another car was available).

12:40 am

Lucky again (I guess). We got picked up by some rednecks in a hippie van (nonetheless) and they took us over the bay.They stopped at a bar on Rte.50 and there we parted company. We walked down Rte.50 to Rte.404 to a phone booth,where Dirty tried repeatedly (with no success) to contact his girlfriend, Puppy.We stood at 50 & 404 for a good 2 hours.There were not many cars on 50 and even fewer making that turn onto 404.

12:22 am

Now all we needed was a ride across the Chesapeake Bay and we would be in God's country.

11:50 pm

We got lucky again. Some chick picked us up next and actually went out of her way, after we told her our story.She took us down Rte.2 to Rte.301,almost to the Bay Bridge.Now,at least, we were heading EAST.

11:14 pm

The only thing left for us to do was to stick out our thumbs.Some dude picked us up.He wasn't going far,but he was headed SOUTH.I remember two things about this ride: He had half a joint in the ashtray that we smoked and the song "Drivers Seat" by Sniff 'n the Tears came on the radio.

10:51 pm

Still looking for the car, any car.We even entertained the idea of stealing a car and actually tried several door handles for unlocked cars.We finally hailed a taxi and were driven to a business on Moravia Rd.The owner was the only person that I knew in Baltimore.It was Saturday night and of course the owner wasn't working.

10:06 pm

Searching for Louisiana St.We asked a cop where it was and he replied "What city, there is no Louisiana St. in this city".

7:00 pm

The game starts,is played and ends.I don't remember who the O's played or if they won or lost.It is not relevant to this story.However,I do remember Dirty heckling Ken Singleton in the on deck circle ( that's Dirty).

6:01 pm

Arrived and parked several blocks from Memorial Stadium.At this point Me and Dirty got separated from Hose and Burr-head/PeeWee and never saw them again.I asked Dirty as we walked toward the stadium if he saw what street his car was parked on.He said Louisiana St.

4:03 pm

Me,Dirty,Hose and Burr-head(or maybe it was PeeWee) loaded into Dirty's car and headed WEST to Baltimore.

3:13 pm

By chance,I saw an old friend filling his gas tank at a store.They were headed to see an Orioles game and had an extra ticket.My answer:"Hell Yes!"

2:05 pm

Left Salisbury and drove NORTH to Houston.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Country music sucks!

I've wasted way too much time searchin' for some good country music to only find two. And to think I use to listen to this crap. I musta lost my girl,my car and my job in the course of a week.I had the real deal on an 8-track tape all along.Listen up and enjoy some good crap!

I fuc

ked up



Put on the headphones and try to get the "buzz" out. A great song that is old,so I have searched for the best audio version.I did my best.Sorry no video,but if you go to Youtube you will see why.


Well, I hope Neil Young will remember...
Southern Man don't need him around any how!

Mouses? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Mouses!

I am an Internet Idiot.I am an Internet Imbecile. I am Incredibly Internet Inept ! However, my children's children may not need a mouse to access the Immense Internet.In the future,I see a device that will enable the user to search the world wide web by thought alone.Sound far fetched? Well, so did the world wide web 30 years ago.I could use that device now!

Are We Alone? ( I was looking for Pansy and Michael dancing in the street to this song, but could not find it without viewing 5 minutes of credits).

Case # 1

Case # 2

Case # 3

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Quit !


Hey you old gray-haired bitch..Do you wanna live 'til next year to teach another class of 6th graders? You old Bitch!


Merry Christmas everyone. Today,your children will perform the hippest tunes on the charts.Please refrain from any loud applause as Mrs. B ,our 6th grade teacher has a "nerve" problem.Now,on with the show!

What our first choice was.

That is, until the old gray-haired teacher listened to this song and replied,"No,no,heavens no.We can't have this sort of thing in our program.You boys will have to find another song".

What we opened with.

What we played second.



It was 1964 and the kid who lived across the back fence from me had a big event planned.We shall call him "Humpurple" for purposes of anonymity.He gathered all the neighborhood kids in his basement and put the album on the turntable and the needle met the first groove.Not too many grooves later, someone said to "Hum": "That's not the Beatles!" "Hum" replied "I know,but I think they are better".

THE REST of the STORY...

The Buggs were a short-lived pop band of the mid-1960's which attempted to cash in on the Beatles craze.The Buggs only album,"The Beetle Beat", consisted of inferior covers of Beatles songs. The Buggs actually were from Omaha,Nebraska. A later re-release of the album was titled "Meet The Buggs" and featured the band in an exact simulacram of the Beatles pose on the cover of "Meet The Beatles".


A lifetime ago I found this note on my kitchen table.

"Dad, I have gone to an anime convention in Va. Be back Sunday. luv, ****"

I was freaking out. What the hell is anime? I called ****'s mother and she had all the details and she calmed me down. She was always much calmer than I was! Maybe that is why **** left the note instead of telling me before hand (no sh!t,sherlock).

**** returned safe and sound on Sunday as promised.

P.S. - **** , I'm glad you went! luv, Dad


Shouldn't the word for a word,phrase,verse or sentence which reads the same backward or forward, also read the same backward or forward. I think so! I am going to lobby the library in Congress to have this situation corrected. I can't do this alone, so please send your donations to my website: include on your check in the memo section in the lower left hand corner the following phrase: "a toyota's a toyota"). This will let me know that you read it here.Thank you.

The pre(view) game

Does Dell have a new computer(that reads defenses) ?
"MAYBE"...but I did not see it on the field last night!

THE game

Does Campbells have a new soup?
"CANNON" soup

THE post game

Does Subway have a new sub?

Monday, September 17, 2007

New Order F@ckin' Rocks! (too many "I thinks",C- : Mrs.G/ 10th grade English).

Excuse my language,but this band fu$kin' rocks! I had never heard of them, before I Youtubed the song Crystal in order to complete my "scary" post. I think I like scary and I think I will make it a daily habit. I think that I have found a nugget today,but I will not bore you with any fool's gold.I think that the gold rush may be just starting!

"monday multiplied" ( squared).

Did you ever get a song in your head and just ran with it? Well, I just did. Kinda scares me!


But, remember tomorrow is "REQUEST DAY"; which means one thing: I am broke 'til the middle of next week! P.S. - Zimere , you have created a monster!

September 17, 1862 (Sharpsburg).

Antietam, near Sharpsburg (Maryland), was the bloodiest one day battle in American history. 23,000 were killed,wounded or missing after twelve hours of savage combat.

"The woods are lovely,dark and deep.

But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep."

Poetic Explication ( aka : way over thinking a simple poem ).My thought: Life is full of responsibilities,but we all need a break every now and then.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

SALES is the what was your QUESTION ???


Everclear is not a (1) hit wonder,but here are (2).

I was searching for the song that I posted about searching for earlier,thinking that I could find it by searching "one hit wonders".My friend came thru and rather quickly (to my amazement).I did find these two "one hit wonders" in my search and posted them.Now I am going to search for dinner. I am going to google: Ham,potato salad,coleslaw and chef.I found the first three.I guess I am the chef,as usual!


a little help,please?

I heard a song on the radio the other day and tried searching for it. I don't know the artist or the song title, but I know a line or two(I think). " Swim out near the breakers, and leave the world behind" and "I don't wanna be your(something?)".I think the song was from the early to mid 90's and possibly the writer's brother had committed suicide? Any help, please!

With A Little Help From My Friend2

I Have Broadened My Horizon (by one blog) Today !

I was clearing my bookmarks today of the multitude of local blogs that I never go to any more, sans the 3 I have previously mentioned. I came across 1 that I used to read and his blog gave me an idea for today's post(s). I will now have 4 blogs that I currently visit on a daily basis. This blog will move from 0 to 3 with a *(a star) , 4 being the best and last read. I do not mention other blogs, without their permission, as they may not want to be affiliated with the nonsense that I post here.My blog always was and will always remain the following: For my amusement only. Back to 3*. He had a post and a vid of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" on the anniversary of his death. I have always considered this song one of my favorites. I had heard the origins of how this song came to be, but I searched Wikipedia because I like to be ( obsessively) accurate. "Ring of Fire" was co-written by June Carter and Merle Kilgore, while she was falling in love with John and agonizing about her feelings for this man despite his drug and alcohol addictions. She gave the song to her sister,Anita, who recorded it in 1962. The story goes that Johnny liked the song, had a dream about it(with the inclusion of Mexican horns) and told June and Anita that if the latter's version did not go anywhere that he would record it his way. It didn't,he did and it became his biggest hit! "Ring of Fire" has been covered more than 60 times,since 1962.Here are 3 + the best. I always save the best for last!

No Horns, No Fire and A Questionable Voice.

No Horns (but a lot of tootin') and Questionable Fire.

Horns and Fire.

The Real Deal !

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I need some blues to take me home.

"Down By The River" by Neil Young/ I know it is boring to watch an album cover etc.,so turn it up and go clean the toilet or something.

"Alright Cat , Get your Package and Scram!"

I had a ball during the Clinton Administration occasionally playing, but mostly watching my kid play these games. And she was damn good at it! I only played one of them (CTR) and on occasion did beat her. The best part was watching her play. Hey, we could not spend all day driving that cat insane, now could we?

Back to the Music.

For "Grace".

Dang Cell Phones!

According to a commenter ( yes that commenter, my only commenter) , Verizon Wireless had a communication breakdown last night. Now how in the hell are you supposed to get your Ma off the roof if both your cell phones are not working?

Communication Breakdown

Friday, September 14, 2007

These ( Overweight ) Men Can Bring It !

I heard from two anything is possible

Thank You Amazing Grace !

A Prelude

More Scenes( from the Movies) with Theme(s).

If you took a pol and asked 100 people on the street what their opinion of lawyers was, I would almost guarantee that the lawyers would not come out on top.Why is this so? If we are a nation of laws, then do we not need people to interpret these laws? If you say no to that last question,then defend yourself if you ever have the misfortune to end up in court before a judge. What is that old adage? A man in court,who represents himself , has a fool for an attorney!




RAIN (from Lookin' In) : hope you don't mind?

I heard from a very close and dear childhood friend of mine today.She took me back 10 years ago.This is what she said:

"I am so upset about whatever the hell it is that is happening to my face(skin) that it's driving me nuts.Didn't know I was so vain- don't even want to be seen by anyone I know or don't know! "

" Crawling out of my skin, taking 4-5 downs a day-cannot deal with an abscessed tooth.Can't afford it-mom can't,and it's not like anybody wants to spend money in futility.I mean,what would be the reason.I can't think of any. Don't have No: Life;Kids;Job;Joy;Love. Can't see spending money on living.Just have to make it Painless!"

I hope the next time that I hear from you I can post some of your Fire!

Fire and Rain

Summer of '71

The summer of 1971.I was off school for the summer until the day after the Jerry Lewis Telethon.I got my first summer job, I was listening to AM radio and I am quite sure that I was playing a lot of tennis (remember this was Salisbury 36 years ago). I found an old tattered notebook in which I had logged my work hours and what songs I was listening on AM radio.My first week of work(3 days) was: 23 hrs.-$35.65(gross)/$30.45(net).Week 2 was: 44 hrs.-$68.20(gross). Week 3 was:49.5 hrs.-$76.72(gross).It was in the agricultural sector so overtime was not applicable,and possibly labor laws.But I was not complaining because I had money in my pocket for the first time.I saved almost all of it,except for 2 purchases from Drug Fair. A small cassette player and one cassette tape: "Live at the Fillmore East" by the Allman Brothers.Not a bad first choice,if I do say so myself.The following(go back a page or two) is a glimpse of what I was listening to in the summer of '71. All 3(Carole King,The Who and The Moody Blues) still sound good to me all these years later!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Will the last one to leave please turn off the lights!

I heard a man from Yale talking in the background...

...never trust an Ivy Leaguer when their lips are moving.

Where's That Confounded...




...helps them that help themselves.Right On! should have flash cards!

The flashcard that should have popped up on my screen when my post about the summer of '71 was not saved or posted should have read as follows : HEY DUMBASS, YOU CAN'T HAVE A 250+ WORD TITLE WHEN YOU HAVE "EDIT HTML" HIGHLIGHTED! (YOU DUMBASS)!

Let Me Entertain You (while I retrieve my lost post).

Do u have caller ID?

If you do and your phone rings and Sunmarketing is on the line,pick it up.They are trying to sell you a black and white TV.Be honest with the person on the other line-they are only trying to make a living.To the media outlet that is paying for this, I have this advice: For the love of God,give it up!


test- see comment

So Far Away (Carole King)

Won't Get Fooled Again (The Who)

The Story in Your Eyes (The Moody Blues)

Let Your Soul Shine!

After my chores(the one that keeps me from living in my car and the other one that keeps my conscience clear) are done for the day, I settle down at this keyboard (it keeps me sane-but that's debatable) and go thru my routine.I check my email,the news(national and local),the stock price for chore #1 and the obits. Then I check out the 3 blogs that I read.The worst first and the best last;always save the best for last,kind of like dessert. Today,Dessert had a video titled SOULSHINE.I had never heard it before but I liked it. However, the word, words or some such combination did ring a bell. I did my search and came up with the following 3 vids. The first one that I posted and the last one you will see is from the blog that got me started today.I like the acoustic version myself.These are 3 different songs,2 with the same name and 1 that is a stetch.I like all 3 of them. Please listen and enjoy.


Collective Soul - "SHINE"


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lordy,Lordy! I can't forget this one,now can I ?

Some Scenes from Some Classics from...

"It's A Wonderful Life". Sorry for the bullshit,but it was the only vid I could find.

"Lonesome Dove". I was looking for Gus' death scene,but could not find it.

"To Kill A Mockingbird". I found what I was lookin' for.

"Shawshank Redemption". One of the greatest actors of my time.

A rare early morning post.

I don't know anything about Bastard!(the animation). I was looking for this song by The Alan Parsons Project and this was the best sound I could find.It is hard to find some older videos with good sound. The song is "Games People Play".

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11, 2001

(my)" Beginnings"/ Comment #1: Haha,what took you so long?Could not find those tattered old pages in that messy room!

A tasty recipe from The (stinkin') Lincoln Daily.

Dick Coonfarthart's "Fancy Flea Fricassee".

1- large cat(flea bitten)
1-flea collar
1-large crock pot
1-pair of tweezers
1-jug of oil
1-piece of string(10" or longer)
1-mason jar and lid

Heat oil in large crock pot to a boil.Tie string around cat's neck(as tight as possible-when his eyes bug out,that's tight enough).Place cat,butt down into hot oil(be careful that cat doesn't scratch).When fleas reach flea collar,they will walk up string and into mason jar.close lid and discard.Serve cat with green beans.

Any resemblance to actual persons,living or dead,is purely coincidental.

I found the following tidbit in the personal columns of a bi-weekly called The (stinkin') Lincoln Daily.

Leroy B. Slemons
No kids,no car,no job.Have gold tooth on layaway.
Seeking SBB(itch) w/ big butt,no weaves,tatoos or children named Vagina.
If you have stamps, Gov't assistance OR an engine for '68 Pontiac,please call Leroy.

As Promised.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Rest in Peace

John Prine : Hello In There

If I don't know what I am going to post next,you don't have a freakin' clue.So we are both in the same boat!

One of the real things (Ya'll Rock).

Put the toy down and listen!

Politics is all local!


(WOW) In a nut shell

Here is my WOW post, that I alluded to yesterday.There is nothing WOW about it. I answered my own question in the course of one hour. Here is the post in a nut shell.A month ago I was not happy,yet on the other hand,I was not sad.Today, I am mostly happy, yet on the other hand , I am sometimes sad. I know why this has occurred, but I was not sure if the trade off was equitable.I want to be happy,however I don't want to be sad.Here is my answer to myself: Life is a series of trade offs, and I will accept the good with the bad, as long as the good out weighs the bad. From the previous video come words of wisdom. "Yes I told you that the light goes up and down. Don't you notice how the wheel goes round?".

Two headlights

Tomorrow is the 6th anniversary of the horror of 9-11.I read on another blog (one of the three I still check out daily), that in remembrance of Tuesday,Sept.11,2001,we should all turn on our headlights during the day.Whether your political beliefs are to the left or to the right;whether you want out of or want to remain in Iraq;whether you hate or love our President, these things are all irrelevant. This is not about politics,this is about a tragedy that befell OUR country.I remember that day as it unfolded on television and on the radio.I was off that day and had just gotten got out of the shower and gotten dressed.I had errands to run and I needed a haircut.I turned on the TV at about 8:50 am and saw the smoking North Tower of the World Trade Center.It was a feed from the local NY media.They were saying that a plane had hit the tower at 8:46 am and they did not know why.The weather was clear and they were searching for answers.At 9:03 am, with the image of the smoking North Tower still on the screen, United flight 175 came in to the picture and slammed into the South Tower.The news reporter exclaimed(to the best of my recollection) "Another plane has hit the South Tower.Is the Radar system down over New York City".I said to myself,"Hell no,We are being attacked"! I stayed glued to the tv as long as I could and then left to run my errands.I heard on the radio that all schools in Maryland were closing, so I drove to JMB to pick up my daughter.They were not closing but she came home with me nonetheless.The rest is history.That is part of my for the rest of the story.Why is it my days off and OUR country's tragedies seem to coincide? Case(s) in point: Monday, March 30,1981. Tuesday, January 28,1986. Saturday(a rare weekend day off),February 1,2003. It is coincidence of course, it could not be anything else. PS- If you are not aware of the significance of those three dates, please utilize Google.

One Headlight

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Daughter and Father

HOPE (pt.2) The Party of the Year...

The party is going on as I type.I am sure a good time is being had by all.If you ever attended this party and went away unhappy then there is something wrong with you.Good food,great music and the best of friends.WE could not attend this year.But,maybe WE can make it next year.I HOPE! God Bless You Wayne,You Were One Of A Kind!!!

HOPE (pt.1)

Deja Vu (all over again)/(with any luck).

BRING ME A ( copy of your schedule from the) HIGHER (institute of learning) LOVE(dad)!

1981: Seems like a lifetime (x.5) ago!

Let's see if I have any brain cells left ( on the memory side, any way).First of all, this blog flies by the seat of it's pants.I get an idea for a post and I search for a video to match it.But in my search, I often stumble across another video and "Eureka" the thoughts for something totally different come rushing in. In this case, it is only .5 correct.I was searching for "Under My Thumb" to add to the other Stone's songs that I posted the other day. How could I have forgotten this song,being one of my favorites ( recap of the game: 1st inning - Brain Cells: no hits, no runs,one error). When I started watching this video my first thought was that I was in the stadium.I saw the green/blue shirt with the white football pants(Eagles) that Jagger had on and said to myself "Philly... 1981". I do not remember what song they opened with that day(but my brother would), but at :34 seconds ,when I saw the mountains I knew it was not the concert that we had attended.WE was myself and the girl that was living with me,and my brother and his "French Fiancee" (if you catch my drift).WE started out in the morning for Philly, with a traveling breakfast of ham n' biscuits and caprisun juice pouches courtesy of my girl ( recap: 3rd inning - Brain Cells: 2 hits, 1 walk, 1 HBP, 1 error and 1 run).WE stopped by the package store for some packages.My brother was driving and took it easy on the alcohol(he always was level-headed).My girl,who never met a drink she didn't like,also for some reason remained some what level-headed.But me and "Frenchie" were a different story altogether.We got to the stadium and the show began.The opening act was George Thorogood and the (Delaware) Destroyers(local guy).They were good. Then the roadies cleared the stage and set up for the next act.It took forever! This may be when "Frenchie" barfed and was never heard from again.The next act was Journey.Never one of my favorites.So it was a good time for me to pass out.I heard a few songs they did and I thank god that I passed out,or I too may have barfed.Sometime during the clearing/setting up for the main attraction,which took really,really freakin' forever(thank Jebus that it did) I woke up (recap:6th inning-Brain Cells: 1 hit,1 sacrifice,1 player ejected and no runs). FINALLY, on stage appeared the ROLLING STONES! And yours truly was as sober as a priest on Christmas communion.I must admit that our seats and the sound were not the best,but WE were witnessing THE GREATEST ROCK 'n ROLL BAND of alltime and it don't get any better than that! THEY hit a grand slam, which makes the final score: 5-0 a shutout!

Under My Thumb

Friday, September 7, 2007

A Day Off.

I decided to take a day off from posting. One post + one vid IS taking the day off.I was looking to post a vid of the weighted/mechanical bird that filled in for Homer at the computer, when he got so fat he was considered disabled and had to work from home. I could not find it so I chose the following.It too is appropriate.If I keep up this manic pace,I may end up like (Hurricane) Neddy.

Ooh. Kicking and screaming,please.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I've got one cigarette left,and I'm saving it for after this song.

You get what you deserve.

It's just a shot away,it's just a shot away!

Please to meet you...hope you guess my name.


give me


If I have posted this song before,I apologize.I don't want to be redundant(haha).I like this band,I like this band a lot.

Method to my madness

Believe it or not, I do know what I am doing.Why you ask? Because I am methodical . I always wanted to write a novel from the ending to the beginning.That would be a trick in itself.I had the idea for a blog months ago.There were two sides to it,like images in a mirror.I have shown one side, After the Gold Rush.Here is a glimpse of the reverse image.Can you figure it out? I doubt it.There is only one other living being on earth who possibly could,and he ain't participating.Again,here's the glimpse!

I may be running out of paint,but i still have a box of crayons ( i knew that they were in my desk the entire time).

If you won the lottery, what would you do?

Would you want the whole wide world to know?Or would you want to remain anonymous and only share the wealth with family and friends? No, I did not win the lottery. However I am at a crossroad in regard to this blog.I need a friend or family member to give me some direction.Right,left,straight ahead or stop! I feel like I'm in kindergarten and have painted a picture that I think is beautiful.I showed it to my teacher and to my family and a friend or two and they said "That's nice".So I put it in my desk. I continued to paint,but no one saw my pictures.I am almost out of paint now.Should I buy more paint or should I close the desk forever?I need some direction.

"Dirty" MC/dc

The next 4(four) are for(4) M(ickey) C(arsotabel)/d(ICK) c(OONFARTHEART) aka "dIRTY".You know who you are damn it!



I could be f@cking wrong...

...but I doubt it!

Everything Sucks (part 2)

Catch 22

Several years ago I canceled my long distance service because I had an employer furnished cell phone with free long distance.I was paying a small service fee on my land line and never used it.I have since changed jobs and I want to make a long distance call.Thinking I might be hit with some "fee" if I just pick up the phone and make the call,I decided to contact my land line provider to see what my options were.The only phone # in the phone book for residential customer service required me to speak Spanish or Chinese(which dialect?).Next I called customer service for the company that I had canceled to see if I could still make a long distance call and at what rate.When prompted to enter my 10 digit #, "Chatty Cathy" the talking computer informed me that there was no such # on record.Back to my land line provider.I called there wireless division's customer service and spoke with a very nice young lady.I believe her name was Chamanikita(?).She too found the Spanish/Chinese #(no help there).The only other customer service # for my area code was in Baltimore and it was not toll free.Back to the initial dilemma.True story.I could not make this up! PS- I am sure there is a simple answer to my dilemma and I think I know what it is: Buy a damn cellphone!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Day in the Life


see definition below.

Before you judge,walk a mile in their shoes!

Back To the Show!


Did anyone try the Echo Effect?

It is pretty cool.Start one video for about seven seconds and then pause it.Start the other video and when it reaches 7 seconds restart the first video.Like I said,it's pretty cool.I think I will try this with In-A-Gada-Da-Vida. PS- The use of lysergic acid diethylamide or psilocybin mushrooms is not necessary or recommended.But that is your personal choice.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Check This Out

If you start these two vids at almost the exact same time,it is like an echo chamber.It is a trick my brother told me about.He and a friend did it with the album Abraxas on two separate stereos while on LSD.I've tried it a few times (the echo effect,that is) but I just can't get it right.I guess you have to be tripping.

The Boxer

the answer

..'. .. ....

..'. .. Turn

..'. My Turn

It's My Turn