Monday, December 31, 2007


(n,n+1 and MMS pairs notwithstanding-I will continue).

"I'm not trying to be Babe Ruth; I'm trying to hit sixty-one home runs and be Roger Maris."-Roger Maris


"The way a team plays as a whole determines its success.You may have the greatest stars in the world,but if they don't play together,the club won't be worth a dime."-Babe Ruth

Baseball Card Gum Rules!

That title is not relevant to anything that will be typed by my small finger instructed by my even smaller brain! (I just loved that gum that came with the purchase of a 5 cent purchase of a pack of trading cards back in the early 1960's. It was a bonus for finding one more Jerry Grote card when you opened the pack).
Thanks to this local news site, which is on a DATA CENTER: rampage as of late, I can now find out anything and everything about the guy next door. What did he pay for his house;Has he had or is he pending a judiciary case in the court system;Is he currently locked up and/or a sex offender?I don't know about the guy that lives in the rental on my right,but the guy who owns the house to my left is a great,down to earth guy.One other thanks to the above site.I now know that I live in the average/median household in Wicomico County.If misery loves company, then I must have a lot of miserable compadres who live paycheck to paycheck as I do.Below are the facts:
Homeowner(66.5%)-That I am,but the bank may think differently if I fail to make a payment.
Household Income($41,185)-That's not what I make.That is the total household income.We hit it on the number with that $5 scratch off that I won in July.
Household Size(2.5)-That's right.It's me,my mom and my daughter spends 1/2 of her time here.
Average Age(63.5%)- I came up with this figure because I am over the age of 18 and under the age of 65.
White Persons(73.1%)/White Persons Not Hispanic(70.7%)-What happened to the (2.4%).Is it possible that that % represents the number of "Amish Taxi Drivers" in the county?Just kidding.

Speaking of the Amish,I have to give props to the commenter on this sites' News Update.I laughed my ass off reading "Here are a few things that you'll never hear an Amish man say".Here are a few:
1) "Get out of the left lane,you moron."
2) "I like it,but I'm looking for something with a little more bling."
3) "Jebediah,did you download this porn?"

P.S.-Jerry Grote Rules!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Coach's Corner


Let me see if I can get this right.
In the AFC, there are two teams vying for the last wild card.The Titans are in if they beat the Colts.If the Colts win,then the Browns are in if they win or lose(I think).
In the NFC,there are three teams in the hunt,Washington, Minnesota and New Orleans.If all three lose today, then my Skins are in.If the Skins and Vikes lose and the Saints win, then the Saints are in.If the Skins lose and the Vikes win,then the Saints are shit out of luck,no matter what they do.If my Skins win, then they are in!There is something about a tie that involves the Saints chances of advancin', but when was the last time that there was a tie in the NFL? The last tie that I recall was worn by Tom Landry.Speaking of coach's attire, I think that the Patriots coach needs a fashion consultant.A hoodie with cut off sleeves is inappropriate for the C.O.O. of a business.But hey,if it works and they win 16 games, I guess the guy could dress like Marilyn Manson.

Crown Who?

Shall we crown the New England Patriots and be done with the season right now? Hell No! The real fun is just beginning.If I was a "short term investor",I would put my money on the Pats.I would only win pennies on the dollar,so why take the chance. A better bet would be to take an NFC team if making money is your thing.If you want to make a bundle then pick Washington to take it all.The next bundle to be made would be to take Jacksonville from the AFC.According to the pundits,those are the two teams that the favorites do not want to face.

Maybe there is room for a college coach in the NFL.Spurrier was a flop for my team.Some have made it and some haven't.I can think of two NFL teams that this man would feel welcome.It would not be a stretch for him, because he would still be coaching "kids".One is in Georgia and the other is in Florida.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


I am sequentially impaired!

Actually, I am O..quentially impaired as far as youtube is concerned. If you read my last post first, then this post may make sense... but I doubt it, as nothing that I do here makes sense! Youtube informed my blog that it may post any video that starts with an O. I better get started as the sun is quickly setting!I have searched and found One Of my favOrite grOups frOm the 1970's. The O'Jays are awesome. However, I prefer the last two songs myself. harOld melvin and the blue nOtes are Off the tOp! enjOy>>>

Where Do I Want To Go Today?

Microsoft dropped that tag line over 10 years ago. I have been blogging for about 4 months. It seems like 4 years. Today, I went to youtube and the message on the screen read: WE ARE SORRY, BUT YOUR REQUEST COULD NOT BE PROCESSED. ACCORDING TO OUR RECORDS, YOU HAVE REACHED THE END OF THE INTERNET.IF YOU WOULD LIKE A COPY OF THIS AFFIRMATION, PLEASE CONTACT THE ADMINISTRATOR. HAVE A GOOD DAY-THE WORLD WIDE WEB.

I don't think so! I called a local franchise that specializes in ripping off the poor and ignorant. A branch is located in every strip mall from here to Montana. To find the nearest location just dial 1-800-PAY US FOR OVERPRICED MERCHANDISE THAT YOU WILL NEVER EVER OWN.

I called them and they were at my front door before I hung up the phone.The only problem was a communication problem. Printed on the side of their van was the phrase: HABLAMOS ESPANOL. I always thought that this was an advertising tool. I had no idea that they were serious!

Language barriers aside, I got my new system hooked up and I am ready to blog again.I can blog for at least 90 days more. That is the payment free period that 1-800-PUFOMTYWNEO advertised for the month of Decembre. However, if payment is not received on this exact day, Pedro and Marcos will be at my front door at 5:59:59 a.m.

Now that I am back on line with a computer system that "shakes" the entire house every time that I turn it on, I still need to deal with youtube. I need to find one song and one group that I have never posted. This is gonna be a trick to pull this off. Let me go search...

Friday, December 28, 2007

All Things Considered, I'd Rather Be Here Than The Alternative!

The Perfect Season?

Perfection and perfect are not one in the same. A lot of pitchers in baseball have pitched a perfect game, i.e. : 27 up -27 down. In football, only one team has run the table, so to speak. That would be the 1972 Miami Dolphins. They were undefeated during the regular season with 14 wins. They went on to win the Super Bowl that year when they beat my team 14-7. If the New England Patriots run the table and win the Super Bowl they can only tie the 1972 Miami Dolphins in NFL perfection. In my opinion, there has only been perfection in sports once in my lifetime.That was in 1973. One competitor broke all the records and accomplished perfection.Seeing is believing!

The Family Christmas Card Is...

a tad late this year, as I was unaware that the postal rates had gone up(that's what happens when you find a cave and hermitize yourself). It was returned to sender for postage due. I have added the extra postage and resent it. Here it is:

It has been a tough year. My well ran dry and that cost me a bundle (and a few days of smelling bad and 3 months of buying bottled water). We got through that nightmare. I was reimbursed for my expenditure. I thank the state, the county and the Peter Griffin lookalike for helping us out.

Granny thinks it is 1937, so she is spared the horror of WWII, JFK's assassination and 9-11. Good for her!

Unkie remembers everything, but is self medicating himself with medicinal herb. Great for him!

"Eye-dee" got a new contact lens for his vision problem and is tickled beyond belief!

"Ear-dee" had a severe sinus infection in early December, but a 55 gallon drum of ear drops cleared that up in no time!

"Baby 2" has been asking about "Baby 1" and sends his/her regards!

As usual, I am hanging in there, as I have no other option. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Once upon a time, in a frequency way,way, way back in time I had a moment as a D.J. I assume that my broadcast is still traveling at the speed of radio waves into the universe that never ends. It is way past Uranus and speeding towards a black hole coming to a galaxy near you.

I had the equipment(a pre-amp?). I had the song(a cover by the Rolling Stones).I had the time and the voice for a 3 minute broadcast to help my friend impress his girlfriend.

My friend had the "know how" and the transmitter to pull this thing off.I have no idea how he was able to pick this up on his car radio.But he did know how.Somehow it worked and his girl was impressed.

Here is my broadcast that is still traveling to the outer limits:

"This is The King Toad Show and I would like to send this request out to one of my listeners.I hope you are parked on the street behind my house,if not you may not hear this song.The temperature is 77 degrees and the skies are partly cloudy.News at the top of the hour. On with the show".

Several years later, I met a lady that had a fancy for me and visa versa.However, 30 years ago,cultures did not mix.I will reprise "The King Toad Show" one more time in reverence for that olive skinned queen:

I'M BACK...thanks T.

I must admit that I have been in a "funk" the past few days. I could not write a post, much less a check to the multitude of creditors that fill up my mailbox on a daily basis. Christmas is for children.That is my opinion. And there is no child in the house this year. And, I am damn glad of THAT. THAT, being the fact that my child is now an adult and she is on the road to bigger and better things. Does not every parent hope that their child does better in life than they did? That's a no brainer for me. Yo, Creepy: What's the name of this song? "Teenage Wasteland"?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Here's Your Fuckin' Christmas Card,Now Fuck Off!

Google Chet Fitch. Now that sounds like something that I might do.Strange minds work alike.

Sorry for the "f" word. Here is the real deal...

Little Drummer Boy

When I was in the second grade, my class had a Christmas party.There were cookies and candy and even a trimmed tree. Under the tree were wrapped presents.One for each child, as we had exchanged names. I assume my mother took me shopping for a toy for the child whose name I had picked out of the hat. I don't remember what toy that she purchased, the name of my fellow classmate or if that person was a he or a she.It was probably a toy car or truck for a "He" or a rag doll for a "She". Either way, I am sure that not a lot of money was expended.

Every town has a right and a wrong side of the tracks.In every town there is a good side of town and a bad side of town. The good side has the money and the bad side barely gets by. I was fortunate to live on the good side, even though my family was not rich or poor. The town that I grew up in was so small that it had only one tenement building and it was literally on top of the railroad tracks.This is were Gerald lived.

When my second grade class arrived for our Christmas party, the room was abuzz. Under the tree were 26 wrapped boxes with To: and From: tags attached. However, my class had 27 students. It was that 27th wrapped box that had the room abuzz. "Look how big it is." "What could be in there?". "Who is it to?". "Who is it from?".

What was in that huge box? It was a toy drum set!
Who was it (addressed) to? Me!
Who was it from? Gerald!

Seven years later my family moved away from my hometown. 39 years later I still remember that Christmas. I have no idea what ever happened to Gerald. He could have passed away. He could still be living in my hometown. He could be a Silicon Valley millionaire. I have no idea. I do have a few questions to ask Gerald if I was ever to see him again. How and why did your parents spend so much money on a gift for a second grader that they did not even know? If Gerald is like me, he probably does not remember any of the details of that second grade Christmas party, what gift he gave or me for that matter!

I now know how and why Gerald's parents did what they did. Somehow they found the money that they could not afford to spend on me. But they did not do it for me, they did it for Gerald!

Monday, December 24, 2007

... bless us everyone...

ZuZu's Petals

I had a wonderful childhood. I had parents that loved me . I had aunts, uncles,cousins and grandparents that came to visit during the Holidays. But most of all, I grew up in a town similar to Bedford Falls. I grew up in a small town in the 1950's and 1960's. Back then, a kid could leave the house in the morning and return home at dinnertime without a search party being organized. I am glad that I was born when and where I was and to whom I was. I really have had a wonderful life!

Christmas Eve is a special day to every child. It is a day of anticipation. What will tomorrow bring? Will I get the gift that I have dreamed of or will I get the gift that I needed?

Christmas Eve of 1983, I got the latter. That night I got ZuZu's Petals and it has been wonderful ever since!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Just Some "Blues On The Menu"

I have been in a "bluesy" mood lately. It must be that time of year. It must be the holiday season. Before I forget, I want to wish my baby (she's an adult now,but she will always be my baby; I will never forget the day she was born. I held her in my arms before anyone and carried her to the nurse's station.She was such a beautiful baby. And she has matured into a beautiful person, inside and out) a Merry Christmas!
There will be no b.s. today! No stories of concerts that I attended! No stories of women that I dated! No stories of stories that I may or may not have made up!
Today there is just "Blues on the Menu"!


Main Course:


Brandy,a good cigar and great conversation:

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Update from Yesterday's Posts: I'm Brain Dead

Not always... only on occasion. I still have more sense in my little pinkie than the yahoos that I work with and they are half my age. Sometimes I think that is my problem. I have to think for my co-workers during the day, and then I come home and have to think for my 88 year old mother. She has an excuse: She suffers from dementia.
Yesterday, I stated that the Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival that I attended was in this millennium. However, I did add the disclaimer: don't bet on it. If you bet that I was correct, then you lost. I found the ticket stub and the date was May 9, 1998 (I was off by 2 years).
My next post about a song ("Smokestack Lightning") that my brother had inquired about in regard to the band was even further off in years. I thought that the song that I remembered hearing was from the late 1990's. Actually the song was recorded in 1991, but I recall hearing it in the late 90's, so technically I was correct.In my defense, I never heard the song "Darktown Strutters' Ball" until earlier this year and it was recorded before my mother was born. I was right about one thing, it was performed by a band with "southern rock influences". I am not brain dead because I misjudged the date of a concert by 2 years. I am not brain dead because I misjudged the recording date of a song by 5+ years. If anything, I am brain dead for not remembering who did the version of the song that I recall (it may not be the version that my brother is asking about). I apologize for not remembering my #2 favorite southern rock band. Never again! Here it is + more:

Friday, December 21, 2007

Smokestack Lightning?

I need a little help from a friend. This song has been done by many, but I am looking for a particular version for my brother. He inquired about it today. I remember this song from a decade ago, but I do not recall the artist. Everyone and their brother has covered this song. I am looking for the version that had limited airplay in the late 90's.It was a very fast paced version and I believe it was done by a southern rock influenced band.A little help,please. Until then I will go with the best thing that I can find.

A Day To Remember?

Unfortunately, my mind is wired differently than other members of my family. I guess if I had been born 25 years later, the good doctor would have put me on Ritalin.I have put a call into my older brother for ALL the details concerning this day.Heck, I bet he even remembers what parking space we were in. Until he returns my call, I will wing it with what I do recall.

What: Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival
Where: Sandy Point Park in Annapolis,MD.
When: In this millennium (but,I would not bet on it)
Who: More than the following that I recall...Buddy Guy,Jonny Lang, Koko Taylor...???
Why: Why? Why Not!.If just the three that I can remember were playing less than 2 hours away,would you not go?

My brother and I drove from near Salisbury to a park 'n ride east of the Bay Bridge. There we met several "bro's" who had driven from our original home town to experience the WHAT. All continued across the span for a day of great music.The weather sucked, it was cold and very overcast(unusual for the time of year).We had general admission tix and where not allowed in the V.I.P. section up near the stage. After several hours, and more than a few VERY expensive adult beverages, I wanted a better view. I surreptitiously worked my way up towards the stage just in time to hear Jonny Lang. I made it all the way up to the stage and to my amazement and to my right was a "bro" from my original home town.He had the same surreptitious idea that I had.I was eventually thrown out of the V.I.P. section, but for a song or two, I was a "non-paying V.I.P.". After all, does not V.I.P. stand for "Very Important Payer". When the bonehead with the security badge on questioned me for my V.I.P. pass I told him that I had lost it. He replied "Don't Lie To Me". My reply: A big grin from ear to ear!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Here Is My Present To Myself

"That's Good".

I guess each day you are one day older. And once every 365 days you are one year older. Today is that day. I have had a good day on this day of my birth. Oh yeah, I am a year older, but I want to think that I am a day wiser. I got enough gifts today to satisfy my spirit. It is time to regift.

Father: "I can't wait till the Army gets you, they will make a man out of you".
Father: "Where have you been?"
Son: "I went to take my physical."
Father: "What happened?"
Son: "They didn't take me."
Dad: "That's good."

This is for my dad(me) who loves this song!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

mamie said...thereismoretocomestaytuned....

High School Confidential !

Confidential:done or communicated in confidence;secret.

To this day, I believe that my senior class was ripped off in their chosen choice for class song. After the popular choice of two songs was defeated, the "talk" started: "The Administration" counted the votes and did not like what it saw. I can hear the conversation in the Principal's office:The Principal:"We can't have an anti-war song as a class song!This will not do.What was the other choice?" The Vice Principal:" Some song by Chicago, I listened to part of it and I don't think it is anti-America." The Principal:"Okay then,I don't like either song, but we'll go with that one you said.What's wrong with these kids now days? Can't we just tell them that a last minute write in vote chose "Sentimental Journey"?

Before I disclose the two choices, I will disclose the following winners on the ballot that day.

COLORS: Sunshine Orange and Lemon Yellow (google Orange Sunshine and see where I'm going)

FLOWER: Yellow Rose (Cannabis sativa L was more appropriate)

MOTTO: "Keep On Truckin" (Rolling papers come to mind...banana flavored even)

SONG: "Where Do We Go From Here"(google this and you will find a song by Filter or another Michael Jordan highlight)

Before I post the real winner in the SONG category, you do the math. Would a bunch of teenagers, knee deep in the drug culture of this era, vote for those choices for COLORS,FLOWER and MOTTO and then vote for a lame ass song by Chicago that I can't even find on youtube? Hell No! I still think the votes were "rigged"!

You decide...Here is the song that I and every one I talked to voted for....(I had no problem finding this one on youtube)

Monday, December 17, 2007


Animal Control Officers Rock...

....And Cops Suck!( all but one).The few times that I have had the misfortune to come in contact with the uniformed public servants whose salary is paid by the uninformed public has not been pleasant. However,the two times that I have had contact with Animal Control Officers I felt like my tax dollars were well spent.

One day I came home from work and saw out my back door a mound of dirt by my shed. I grabbed my shovel and walked towards the shed thinking that the rabbits that lived under it had gone mad and opened up the place for a party. I reached the shed,scooped up the dirt and shoveled it back into the hole.The dirt immediately came back at me. This was no ordinary rabbit under my shed. I called Animal Control and he came out.He informed me that I had not one but two dogs stuck under the shallow space under my shed.He tried for a half an hour to lasso the varmints with no luck. Not until my neighbor brought over a hydraulic jack to lift the shed a few inches, were the vagrants extricated and carted off.

Part of my divorce settlement was the custody of a cat that I did not want in the first place. The first week he was here cost me the price of an exterminator to fumigate the house for fleas. That cat was freaky from the get go.One day he freaked out completely.I thought he was rabid. I called Animal Control and she came out.It took her almost an hour to catch that crazy critter with her lasso. The cat was quarantined and found negative for rabies.However, he did not return to my home. If it wasn't rabies...was it something worse! I did not want a psychotic cat living under my roof. I did not want to put a deadbolt on my bedroom door or keep a loaded pistol on my nightstand.

Now, can I find a video to accompany this sad ass post.

P.S.- I think that I am done with punctuation marks they take too much time

There's Something About Ha(i)rry.

P.S.S- They remind me more of the (hairy) Rolling Stones. Wasn't that drummer in a GEICO commercial?

P.S.-Gasolin' has always refused to reunite.

Gasolin' was a Danish rock band formed in 1969. The members were influenced by Jimi Hendrix,Bob Dylan and the Beatles.In Denmark, during the 1970's they were considered the "Danish Beatles". Every album was a landmark event and like the Beatles they broke up at the pinnacle of their success.Kim Larsen, one of the founders of the band, went on to success as a solo artist.In fact, one of his albums is the best selling album to date in Denmark.

I happened to find this song on YouTube yesterday.I needed a song to accompany the previous post titled "Perfection v. Imperfection". I keep hitting replay on this song. I think I found a gem, even though the video is a bit rough."This Is My Life"by Kim Larsen fits the thoughts of my post to a "T". I need to google this Kim Larsen guy and find out more about him.

Let me go look:

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Perfection v. Imperfection

If you were given one chance in life to pick between being "perfect" or "imperfect", which would you chose? That's a no brainer for me. I would pick "imperfect" and continue to live my life as I have done for 2 score and 13 years.If you are deemed perfect, then you have the "bad" kind of hope.Because, if you fail you have no where to go but down. On the other hand, an imperfect person has the "good" kind of hope. I would rather look "up" than "down".

Today, in the NFL, the Patriots (perfection) won again. However, imperfection (the Dolphins) did not lose. When both games ended, the winning teams had different reactions. "Perfection's" reaction was a sigh of relief. "Imperfection's" reaction was uncontrolled jubilation. You would have thought that they had won the Super Bowl. I don't want to live life hoping the "other shoe doesn't drop". I want an occasional moment of "jubilation".

Now, can I find a song to include? I really don't need to, but I usually do. Let me go look:

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mind Games

Tim, an amateur archaeologist, was digging in the frozen tundra of the far north when he stumbled upon the perfectly preserved body of a man. Upon examination, Tim was convinced that he had found the body of Adam from the Garden of Eden. What was it about this body that convinced Tim that this was Adam?

You are on death row in a concrete cell.There is a steel pipe 25 centimeters in length cemented in the center of the room. The pipe protrudes about 15 centimeters. The Governor has dropped his lucky ping pong ball in the pipe.There is a fraction of a centimeter clearance around the ball and the pipe.He promises to commute your sentence if you can return his favorite ping pong ball to him undamaged.However, the only items available to you are a wooden ruler, a ball of string,a pocket mirror,a paper clip and a small magnet. How can you get the ping pong ball out of the pipe and save your life at the same time? There is only one solution and you better come up with it because your life is on the line!

The day before yesterday,Mickey Carsotabel was 49 years old.Next year he will be 52. How is this possible?

"Therein lies the secret",said Bug Linkwood."For you see,there is a seven-letter word in the English language that contains eight words without rearranging any of it's letters." What is that word?

A carpenter and a plumber were waiting in line at the checkout counter at Slowes, the local home improvement store. One of them was the father of the other one's son. How could this be possible?

A survey was conducted of all various mechanical modes of transportation people use to get to work each day. What did it find was the most common method of transportation?

Cornelius B. Rinky, the proprietor of a local "watering hole" was tossing a coin in the air and noting how many times it turned up tails.C.B. had tossed the coin eleven times and each time it had turned up tails. His cousin and his first customer of the day was Rinky B. Cornelius."R.B., if I flip this coin and it doesn't come up tails then the beer is on me.If it comes up tails, then you have to pay double for all your drinks". What is the probability that R.B. got drunk that day or had one drink and left?

Friday, December 14, 2007

- - -...New... - - - - - - - ... - - - -

What's New?...there is nothing new! There never has been since the dawn of time. Sure, the wheel was invented (it was just a pebble that rolled); and that led to the tire and we had to have a contraption to place on top of those wheels, so we could roll from place to place. And that rolling contraption needed some entertainment, so the radio was invented. But we wanted more. We wanted to "see" what we were hearing and we wanted to hear and see it in the comfort of our homes. But that wasn't enough. We wanted to interact with sound and sight on a world wide web. Well... here I am... just a pebble that rolls. But one day this old pebble will stop. But this old pebble has a new pebble that will roll on in my place, as I have rolled on in place of those many pebbles before me.Enough with the pebble metaphor. There are only two things on earth that are new:
Hope and Life itself. I Hope that my - - - - - - rolls my life on.

Old...- - - ... Borrowed...Blue

"Little Martha"

Pat Benatar

"Stormy Monday"

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Votes Have Been Tallied And The Winner Is...

Drum roll, please...Read-Only Memory. Just kidding. In any event, I will take the cautious route and combine all of my thoughts for today's posts into one. This just may be a keeper or it just may supplant my post of the other day as the "Worst Post Ever".

Chuck Berry has been crowned the Father of Rock 'n Roll by "my blogger nation". You've got no problem from this "hunt and peck(er)".

When I was a kid I must have wanted to be a star, a showman or a profiteer. Or maybe I just liked to recreate some of the things that inspired me, via the three T.V. stations that our roof top antenna received on a good day.I remember selling tickets to a movie that was held in a friend's basement. Me and two other buddies popped a hell of a lot of popcorn and waited at the cellar door for customers to arrive and pay the admission. I don't recall one red cent of profit or even one customer. But, the three of us got our fill of popcorn and the three of us did watch those boring WWII movies.

I was the featured attraction at a friend's birthday party.I was recreating Harry Houdini's Great Escape Act.My hands were bound and I was put in a crate in the front of the room and it was locked.The curtain was closed for less than a minute.When the curtain and the crate were opened,I was not there.The guy that had tied my hands said "Where's he at"? From the back of the room, I replied,"I'm right behind you".As a ten year old, I should have known my future vocation.A magician and a lawyer are one in the same: You never ask a question that you don't already know the answer to.

I did have an audience in my friends garage for my performance of the following song.I guess you could call me a "Garage Soloist" as I had no band. The song that I sang is possibly the only song that I ever did remember the lyrics to and I still do.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A rolling stone gathers no moss...

The Father Of Rock 'n Roll

Ike Turner died today at the age of 76. In my opinion, the man got a bad rap. I don't give a shit if he did or did not abuse his wife, Tina Turner. If I was a woman, and a man layed his hands upon me the first time, I would be out the door! The point of this post is a no brainer. Most people probably consider the following song to be the first Rock 'n Roll song ever. I was one of those people until a few few years ago.I will let my (2) readers decide. Which song do you consider as the first R'nR song? Moreover,which one is more Rock 'n Roll.I have unlimited votes and the winner will be revealed in the third selection(earphones are suggested as the audio is not the greatest). I feel a landslide is in order.

Count 1...2...3...4...Five

It was a long day at work. I came home and dealt with familial obligations. While talking to my older brother, this song came up. Of course, he had it on vinyl. I still do not remember the name of the group, but after YouTubing the song, it sounds familiar.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Worst Post Ever!

It's been a real slow news day. The media is beating the Michael Vick story like a dead horse(see,I didn't go there). The next big news is that 67 yr. old Alex Trebek had a minor heart attack. Like I am going to include him in my prayers tonight. My prayers are "Family" specific. They include relatives and deceased pets only(Yes, inanimate, stuffed animals are included). I, personally, like Art Fleming who was the original host of Jeopardy. I used to catch his show during my lunch hour back in the summer of 1972. That summer job was the most "tedious and boring" three months of my life. I worked on an assembly line that assembled books and magazines for local distribution.I was #2 on a line of 3. #1 would pass to me a stack of books and mags that she had assembled, along with a manifest of picks for me to include. I would then pass our picks to #3 who would perform his duties and then a 4th person would bundle the order up and the package was distributed to local retailers.There was a big clock on the wall and I used to play a little game with it. I would not look at it until I thought 1 hour had passed. The trick was on me. I think the closest guess was 40 minutes. Those 3 months passed oh so slowly. In September I started college. You would think that after this work experience, I would have "buckled down" and gotten an education and a "white collar job". YOU WOULD THINK!

Cary Grant
Tony Curtis
Joan Crawford

Who are three people who've never been in my kitchen?

Carnak The Magificent would have known the answers even if they had been kept in a mayonaisse jar on Funk & Wagnall's porch for a month of Sundays. And so would I...

Monday, December 10, 2007

I Am The Sad Man...

More Petty, Please.

Pay It Forward

A very good friend of mine made the front page news today ( at least on the online version of The Daily Times). "DRH" had his high school ring returned to him recently by a man in North Carolina. The man was an antiques dealer who found the WiHi class ring in a chest of drawers that he purchased over twenty years ago. The man tried to find the rightful owner by contacting the school, but he misread the last initial "H" as a "G". The ring remained in his jewelry box until his granddaughter deciphered the last initial. Last week the ring was returned to it's rightful owner."DRH", said "It takes a good person to go through all that effort". I'll go one step further; It takes one to know one, and "DRH" is one good person. I have known him for 30 years. He would give you the shirt off of his back if you needed it more than He did.We have very little communication nowadays.However, back in our "heyday", we partied our asses off. I recall a concert in Philly in the early 80's that we attended with two bimbos from Dover. Bimbo #2, my supposed date pissed me off before we got to Smyrna.All she wanted was a free ticket to the show.I went off on my own after entering the arena and left the other 3 . I was here to enjoy the show.I will do my best to find the "Best" song from this artist that me and my good friend heard back in the day!

A Real Quick (Trick?) Update. I must have meant...A Real Sweet Treat!

The best team did win. Will they ever lose? I assume so, but what NFL team is going to do it? Maybe a team of Pro Bowlers (no, not keglers), absent the New England Patriot Pro Bowl picks.I would guess the line on this game would be "even" or "you pick 'em".
I attended several excellent outdoor concerts at The Bottle & Cork in Dewey Beach. They opened in 1936 and are still going strong (in the summer months). Hell, even my parents and their friends went there back in their day. Back in my daze, I saw Los Lobos and Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes. I also saw another band at that venue and will post a video of them with this post. I would love to go there again and hear an excellent concert, but I would need to find a dd, as I tend to enjoy the music with the cork out of the bottle.
I think that John Steinbeck is one of my favorite American authors, alongside William Faulkner. I just love the ending scene from "The Grapes of Wrath". It is life in a nutshell.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

A real quick trick...

I want to see the upset that may take place on my T.V. today. It is not happening at the moment and it may not. If it does not happen today, then Mercury Morris can eat the shit that he has been shoveling! I am going to combine two posts into one."We're the People" and the "Bottle and Cork". May the best team win.

I SAY- Oh No: "william & mary won't do"!

It has come to my attention that the 2nd oldest college in America has buckled to the pressures of political correctness. Actually, they buckled to the NCAA and the almighty $. "My" forefathers are rolling over in their graves ("my" forefathers arrived from England in the early 1600's in the area of Williamsburg,Virginia). It seems that the NCAA informed the college that unless they shed the two feathers from their logo (the feathers are offensive to Native Americans aka Indians) the college could not participate in any NCAA events. I guess S.U. is next. Their mascot has feathers. This INSANITY must cease. But, please cease the cessation for a tad longer. I think that I may have a lawsuit in the works. The last time I got a haircut, I was offended by the "stylist". She said that my hair color was "salt and pepper". Oh Hell no! I want my contingency law firm:Dewey,Cheatum & Howe to immediately begin proceedings on The Morton Company.I want them to change the names on all of their shakers to read: Sodium chloride and Piper nigrum shakers. Correction: To hell with the pepper lawsuit. My $25 payroll deduction for a contingency lawyer ain't gonna take on Al Sharpton, the "Jesse" and Orca.

Friday, December 7, 2007

I Need To Try Out My New Sneakers

I Need To Try Out My New Speakers

TODAY (in History)

In 1787, Delaware was the first state to ratify the Constitution of the United States.That is why the state's motto is "The First State". I bet, if you asked 10 random Delawareans what that motto meant, the majority would not have a clue. You would probably get answers like: "The Pilgrims landed at Dover Air Force Base to hold the first Thanksgiving". "We leads the country in cases of teenage pregnancy and chlamydia". And here's my favorite: " It's the first state you come to after you leave The Centre At Salisbury". Don't get me wrong. I love Delaware. I was born and raised there and I currently work there. However, I do not reside there. That will come sometime in the future. I may just move back to my hometown sooner than I think!

In 1941, "A Date Which Will Live In Infamy". Yeah,yeah,yeah. We were attacked by the Empire of Japan and we kicked their ASS. It's kinda like the Chicago Bears vs. the New England Patriots. Yeah, Devin Hester took the opening kickoff 80 yards for a touchdown(extra point good). Score: Japan 7 USA O. I'm thinking final score: Patriots 52 Bears 10. More important to me is the fact that this weekend was a "watershed event" that resulted in yours truly breathing oxygen. My mother and father had their first date the previous (Saturday) night. I assume that the next day, December 7,1941, while she was working at The Washington Post when this event unfolded, her mind was on that tall, light and handsome(and charming) gentleman that had taken her out the night before.I know where her mind was because I am currently breathing oxygen.

In 2007, I celebrated Christmas. Why? Because my "family" is going away for the Holiday Break. I got some new speakers for my computer(and they sound great) and my "family" got some cash (which I hope they will spend on their self). What I enjoyed most was just spending time with my "family".

Thursday, December 6, 2007


My all-time favorite! You can't beat this one with a stick! Go ahead and try ...


Fuck corporate america!!!
It is as worthless as tits on a bull frog.
Greed is Good?
Maybe for you!
How many expensive cars do you need to park in your 6 car garage?
Don't forget the front line.
Don't forget who makes those "Widgets" that line your pockets.
I think that I am a little to late for this rant.
All I can say is this:
Fuck corporate america!
P.S.- No I did not make a grammatical error(have I ever), america does not deserve to be capitilized when prefaced by corporate!!!
This thought will be continued.
But dinner is ready and I could give a flyin' fuck if my boss' boss' boss got his year end bonus.
I hope all 3 choke on their (just) desserts.
Make Our Day!!!

Opposites Are Not Attractive...

Beautiful/Ugly... Kind/Unkind...Famous/Infamous... So it appears that R.a.H., the 19 year old who killed 8 and wounded others before taking his own life at a mall in Omaha,Neb. wanted to be famous and "go down in history". As always, your ilk always gets it wrong(actually,backwards or opposite).You will not go down in history and you will not be famous.You were a high school dropout and a loser. A monkey with a note in his paw could matriculate from most any public high school in this country(what was your excuse).Let me guess; you were "bullied", had ADD, the music teacher made an assumed sexual pass at you or were you cut from the chess club because you showed up at tryouts with a checkers set. You won't even make the "Infamous " list, because the media did not include your middle name, only the initial "a". Let me guess, "a" stands for "asswipe", "antisocial" or "a little fuckin' twit that couldn't function in society because society owed him something that he couldn't achieve on his own". I think your problem was that you couldn't get laid (the "a" will forever stand for "a"bsolutely unlayable). No one(sans the family of those 8 that you murdered) will ever remember your first or last name. Harvey, Wilkes and David are memorable, but neither are famous,just infamous. To all future wannabe mass murderers. Take a note from this "a"sshole's suicide note and work your plan in reverse: put the gun to your own head the day before. As far as the media goes, in propagating future incidences...You gotta move those color T.V.s!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"[something something],freedom comes from within"...

I believe those words to the very depths of my soul. I have been at a loss for cogent words and posts as of late. I need to get my shit together to make a great post come this Saturday. Not for anyone or anybody, but for me. I need to go to the well one more time. I hope that I can find my muse again and real quick. I call on a higher power to help me guide me towards that goal.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Letter to the Editor

I saw a Letter to the the Editor on the Daily Times online website calling for the need for a Food Critic. Now, I'm no critic but I know what I like. I like a nice, quiet atmosphere. Great service. And food that is better than what I can cook at home.I do not want to spend $25 -$30 on a microwave dinner courtesy of a food supplier. I use my microwave to pop popcorn. I go out to eat in sit down restaurants very infrequently.I go to fast food restaurants like, never( I wanna live to see tomorrow). I will be a food critic for the purpose of this post. I will say that I have never eaten a steak in this town that could compare to what I can grill up on my tiny charcoal grill on my back deck. It's all about "marination" and "observation"! Here are several of my best picks in and near Salisbury:

Waterman's- If you want seafood, you can't beat 'em. I have never had a bad meal there. Just don't sit in the bar area( way too much smoke) if you want a nice, quiet atmosphere. The service was sub par, but we were there for the food.
Atmosphere: B+
Service: C-
Food: A

Boonie's- I was skeptical because it was off season and they are a tad bit outta the way, but we were pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere was quaint, even though the lighting was sparse( I could have used a flashlight to see what I was eating). The food was good. It probably would have been very good, but I ordered the special steak with onions and peppers etc.-my bad. The service was adequate, as was her tip.
Atmosphere: A
Service: B
Food: B+

Station 7- This place is in Pittsville and is rather new. It is in the old fire station. My daughter and I went there for lunch a few months ago and were impressed.The food was great,the atmosphere was good(we ate downstairs,but took a tour or the upstairs which is very impressive) but that day the service was lacking. The service was lacking because we just happened to pick the very same day that "Mabel" was celebrating her 88th birthday with her 88 friends and family. If I was the waitperson I would have ignored me and my daughter also. What are you gonna do with 88 nickels- old people don't tip worth shit. Flash forward 2 months: We(add Z) went for dinner and had a great experience(sans the shits from the Remoulade sauce for yours truly).
Atmosphere: A-
Service: A+
Food: A

Monday, December 3, 2007

My Favorite 7 Movies

7 is the best that I could come up with. The previous post was #4, so I will not revisit Paul & Joanne.
I have posted videos of all 7 minus one. 7-1=6.
#6 is A Raisin In The Sun

My Favorite Movies

A favorite movie, to me, is one that you can watch over and over again and never be bored even though you know the ending. Here are a few scenes from one of my top 10 list.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


His woman and his best friend - in bed and having fun.


This dude introduced me to the following band and the following song(circa 1973). Circa 1983, lookin' for love in all the wrong places,I found my worthless *** in ******,Delaware staring at a wall of records. The ***** that I was hoping to **** and she had given me promise months before told me to pick a record, any record.I went to that wall of records and pulled this album and thus this song out of the darkness.Here it is... mOtT tHe HoOpLe...(updated).Sorry for my crassness, but I call a spade a spade, and if you are offended then...

A Dignified Silence

This is for Hollywood, Bird, Snowball , Twink and me(Rat).Snake was somewhere else. The 5 of us witnessed the #1 song in the country shivering outside of Holloway Hall .It was well worth the cold discomfort, because it was LIVE!!!

Verbal: 480 / Math: 520

That's right. Grand total of 1000 on my SAT's. If GW Bush is a moron(V:566/M:640- Total of 1206), then I am basically retarded. I am sorry, then I am basically mentally challenged(P.C. enabled). Go to http:// to see why the Scholastic Aptitude Test may be flawed(Dec.2 post). I voted for Bush twice.I believe his heart is in the right place, but his brain a different story.I'll not go there, because I don't need a knock on my blog from Homeland Security.Concerning my previous post that gave me the genius rating from The Blog Readability Test website, I just wanted to prove that I was not hallucinating several weeks ago. I was surprised that I was able to copy and paste to my blog. I did erase a commercial for low interest loans that also appeared on my blog. So that's what it's all about. Anymore commercials and I will erase any mention of the BRT rating. I need some tunes...on with the show!!!

Am I as Dumb as You Think I Am? (No, I am much dumber)

cash advance

One Man Down

I just heard that when the Washington Redskins' defense takes the field for their first play, only 10 defenders will be on the field. This is their way of paying tribute to Sean Taylor. How will the Buffalo Bills respond. I hope, like Terry Bradshaw hopes, that they will take a knee. I am sure that they will.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

The true origin of

Notwithstanding the need to abandon the vitriolic blogs that dotted the local blogosphere here in the vale of smallsbury and the need to amuse myself as I performed my part-time job( I now have part/part-time job), I would like to explain the real reason that this blog is titled "afterthegoldrush". It probably should be titled "lookin'in". In 1970, my brother,who always had great taste in music, gave me and my sister each a great Christmas present.He gave the gift of music...a gift that lasts a lifetime. I still have my gift and I also have Sis's gift in my possession. My brother gave my sister the album After The Goldrush by Neil Young.In my opinion, it was his greatest accomplishment. Under the tree, with my name on the tag, was the album Lookin' In by Savoy Brown.I had never even heard of Savoy Brown.But,damn, I wore that record out.I had an acoustical guitar,that I had received several years earlier as a Christmas present.I never learned to play it, as my instructor passed away after only 2 lessons.I had A.D.D and small hands at that age and I did not like the chord work. I wanted to play lead.I did continue to play and I did do a competent version of Sunday Night and Leavin' Again and even Southern Man. So that is the real story, as to why this blog is titled "getyerya-ya'sout", I mean "afterthe goldrush".

Friday, November 30, 2007


I did it. 2 posts average per day for the month of November! December will be more of the same or less of something different. Who knows? I know 1 thing...I have more nicknames than the sky has stars...If Blogspot wants to change the game...I say...bring it on!!!

(Therefore,Tomorrow Is Only Yesterday's)Today In History: December 1

1945, 1 Dec.
Bette Midler is born in Honolulu, Hawaii.
1954, 1 Dec.
My mother, 3 weeks shy of her delivery date, is ordered to "bed rest" by her doctor to insure the health of mother and child.She is tended to by a Mennonite girl named "Ne Ne".
1955, 1 Dec.
Rosa Parks, a black Montgomery,Alabama seamstress, refuses to give up her bus seat to a white man, sparking one of the critical events in the U.S. civil rights fight.
1982, 1 Dec.
Michael Jackson releases Thriller, to date his most popular album.
1983, 1 Dec.
I am in seat 3, row J, section 118 at the Wicomico Civic Center at 8PM. Cost: 10 bucks

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Today Is Only Yesterday's Tomorrow

The Bridge Vid ?

I got another idea from the T-man. He posted a couple of vids by R.E.M. I really like this band, however, I have none of their music in my stock. I guess I don't need to go out and purchase any of their wares at this point in time since YouTube is just a click away. I remember this video from the mid 90's. I always liked it. I am not sure if the theme is Suicide, the Rapture or something else.If it is something else, then I have not a clue. If it is about the first two, then count me out.I have no problem with suicide. It is a personal choice.However, I chose to take this life that I was given to the very last breath. If the Rapture is involved, then I will be curious to see who does and doesn't show up for work the next day. In my chosen profession, I would almost guarantee 100% attendance.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

GOODGOOGLYMOOGLY...i need a shot in the arm:


the gong show:me,you and my ex-wife-not necessarily in that order

"Just the facts, ma'am."

I think that I will pre-write my own obituary. Now, I am not anywhere close to death(that I am aware of). I do go tomorrow for my semi-annual physical exam.Tomorrow is the complete physical exam.Any guy around the age of 50 knows what this entails.I dread it.I don't know how "They" enjoy it, but to remain P.C. I should include the following disclaimer: Not that "There's" anything wrong with it. My blood pressure is good(avg.=122/76) for a man over 50 who smokes,drinks and works in retail.I have had episodes of "Ocular Migraines" and will ask him about them.Back to the "meat" of this post.

Part of my daily routine on the "Weird Wild Webb" is to peruse the local obituaries. Unfortunately, at my age, I recognize more names than I care to. Most of the obits are the parents of friends and schoolmates. These dearly departed are mostly octogenarians and I say "Good at Ya".You have lived a long life. But does your OBIT need to be so long and verbose.Some of the Obits that I read have way too much information included. This is why I think that I will pre-write my own obituary.Actually,I will pre- edit my own obituary right here and now.(Bookmark and save this post family members).

The local paper and it's subscribers need only the following information:
My name
Date of death
Age at death
Parents names
Siblings names
Survivors names
Date of services

It is not necessary to state that I worked for the XYZ company for (blank) amount of years. It is of no importance that I was the captain of the Tiddlywinks team in grammar school.Who the fuck cares that I enjoyed collecting stamps for 6 months just to appease my Grandfather. And the name of one of my pets better not appear in my obit or I will come back and haunt you.

This last request has already been dealt with, if my child remembers. If, my demise is the result of a traffic fatality,which the odds are better than a heart attack or stroke since I travel "Dump Truck Drive" every day(Connelly Mill Road). I DO NOT WANT A ROADSIDE MEMORIAL! I was never "tacky" or "tawdry" while alive, please don't make me so in death.

As Joe Friday(Jack Webb) of "Dragnet" used to say "Just the facts, ma'am." That's all I want. Just the facts!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I really like Simon and Garfunkel. I think this is my favorite by them. This song reminds me of Little League Baseball, pretzels with mustard and frozen Snickers candy bars. And most important, it reminds me of the innocence of my youth. Without "googling" the song, I would have to pick the year as 1966. I may be off by a season or two, but I enjoy this song as much now as I did then.

Sean Taylor (1983-2007)

A bright candle is snuffed out. This guy was awesome as a football player for the Washington Redskins. He had his troubles in the past, but since the birth of his first child he had become a different man( I know all about that). The following words are from an interview and are Mr. Taylor's. I don't care if you are a Pro Bowl safety in the NFL, making millions or a ditch digger making squat. The following words are words to live by.

"I just take this job very seriously. It's almost like, you play a kid's game for a king's ransom. And if you don't take it serious enough, eventually one day you are going to say,'Oh, I could have done this, I could have done that'. "So I just say, ' I'm healthy right now, I'm going into my fourth year, and why not do the best that I can?' And that's whatever it is , whether it's eating right or training myself right, whether it's studying harder, what ever I can do to better myself".

Words of wisdom from such a young man. I heard similar words of wisdom from a wise lady many years ago, when I had to pull myself up by my bootstraps. In a sense, I had taken a job as a ditch digger and was not happy with the idea. She, in her wisdom, replied: "Don't you want to be the best ditch digger in the whole company?". My initial answer was "No!". But, I was never a quitter and she knew that. I did become the best ditch digger and remain so to this day.

Monday, November 26, 2007

bluesky/my cross to bear..but i have promises to keep and miles to go before i sleep

my brother is dying. he wants the song "blue sky" played as his ashes are scattered over a pond in delaware. i don't even know where this particular pond is.but i will find it and i will bear this cross that has been placed upon my back, as i have done in the past with my sister. if i make a promise, i keep it!

Music is what feelings sound like.(author known)

I Guess I Almost Have To Continue With This Video, Don't Ya Think?

Post # 499 (Life is an Amazing Gift!)

Life is an amazing gift! It is the ultimate Christmas gift, wrapped in pretty paper with a bow on top and a card attached with your name on it. You hurriedly unwrap it with anticipation, not knowing what is inside. Life is an amazing gift! You never know what is around the next corner or bend in the road. I have always had an imaginative mind. So much, that I even think that the most minuscule variance in my life could have changed where I am today. 27 years ago on this very day,I may have stopped at the corner store for gas, even though my car had over a 1/4 tank and did not need a fill up for several days. Who is to say that if I had not stopped for that unneeded gas, I would have been in the middle of the intersection and T-Boned by a Dump truck when it's brakes failed.Life is an amazing gift! I have been affiliated with the same LLC for almost 1/2 of my life. I never would have applied in the first place if a friend of mine had not gotten a trial subscription to the local paper and read the ad.Life is an amazing gift! I would never have experienced the greatest joy of my life if I and another buddy had been responsible "late twenties" somebodies and been at home instead of out drinking and driving and roaming the dorms at SSC.Life is an amazing gift! If one day, about 2 years ago, I had not stumbled upon the blog: Justice For All(?), I would not be typing this post(my 1 shy of 500 th post). This blog, in regards to viewership is a complete failure (as some could grade my life as). However, I regard it as my saving grace. Like I said on Day One, I am doing this for me.Possibly the only totally selfish thing that I have done in my entire life. It's a Wonderful Life!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Baker's Dozen

An Old Song (for an old man)

This song rattled around in my noggin' on the drive home today. I picked this version because it is a lot like me: Old;Vision a tad blurry and it takes awhile to get going. But, there ain't nothin' wrong with my hearing. So turn it up and enjoy!

Cut to the Chase

For some reason I awoke last night during the 2nd quarter of the game of the week. I stayed up and watched the rest of the game.To hear the hype it just as well could have been billed as the game of the last century and a half (aka the Civil War part2). There were speeches in locker rooms about raiders and abolitionists and massacres that were intended to inspire hatred for the opposing team.I was pulling for the visiting team and they did win, even though it went down to the wire. So what have we got? What should the headline read? #4 upsets #2! Mizzou to KU: FU! Quantrill('s Raiders) 36 - (Osawatomie) John Brown 28. It was a great game. I am glad I awoke and watched it. The real question is: who will the BCS ordain as #1? Will it be Missouri or West Virginia? I'd put my money on Missouri. This season is the ultimate reason why College Football needs a playoff system.The "business sponsored" Bowl games remain and even more money is generated due to fan and non fan interest. Just my opinion. In conclusion, I hope my great-grandfather is not "rolling over in his grave" because I was rooting for #4, Mizzou or Quantrill('s). After all, he was one of six men who opened up the town of Osawatomie, KS.

Is YouTube down ?

Or has my ability to access it been compromised? I was at another blog and got a message from my internet provider denying said blog from asking me to download software. From that point on I have not been able to access YouTube on my blog or any other that posts YouTube vids. What's up with that? If I can't access YouTube then "I guess I'll have to find a cave and hermitize myself" (Ernest T. Bass).

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Post 1.7 in 11

Words to Live By (in with the comet,out with the comet).

What a Nightmare!

I will wake up tomorrow morning with this song in my head.

Watching the Reels

I have a shoe box full of 8mm films that were taken by my father in the late 40's and early 50's. The majority of these films center around my older brother, the Holidays and my older brother. Very little content contains yours truly. I assume the novelty of the Brownie camera, as well as a third child had worn off. No problemo. I need some help from my vast conglomerate of readers. Anyone with technical wisdom, please chime in. I would love to transfer these 8mm movies to a format that would allow me to view them and post them on my blog. I assume that this is possible, yet expensive. It would be well worth the dinero. Does zomeone know the answer?

Today in History: November 24,1928

At a soiree hosted by orchestra leader Paul Whiteman, Joan Crawford broke a heel on her clear lucite peeper shoe (is that even possible) , spilling a martini on musician Bix Beiderbecke. Bix was never the same after this incident, however Joan went on to fame and fortune. At the time, rumor was that it was intentional, but no substantiating evidence ever came to light. In 1954, Cornelius B. Rinky purchased Ms. Crawford's 1928 Packard at auction. During restoration, he found a small hacksaw wedged behind the back seat. Carved in the handle were the numerals 666. Eighteen days later, while driving his newly restored Packard, Mr. Rinky failed to negotiate a bend in the road and the car plunged into a creek killing the operator. Hmmm!?